Photo Book Design Secrets From The Pros

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Your photo galleries are sublime. You’ve spent hours sorting and editing your shots into individual masterpieces, and are ready to take the next step —— publishing them into a printed collection of your art.

Before you jump online and start pouring your pictures onto the blank pages of a photo book, take a look at this video from Blurb. In this video, learn graphic design secrets to create a clean, high quality photo book —— such as how to avoid falling into the “gutter”. Blurb will help you turn your photography into the magnum opus that graces your coffee table, as opposed to just another book of pictures.

Ready to start publishing? Save 20% on photo books with code OCT20%, which is great news if you’re thinking ahead to the holidays and making your work of art into a gift to send.

Special offer for new customers only —— save 25% on photo books with code OCT25%… even better for those of you who are new to Blurb books. Don’t wait because these deals end October 31st!

This is a sponsored post, and if you click on any of my links and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission.


Photo Book Design Secrets From The Pros — 32 Comments

  1. WOW! That looks like it’s fun to make and it is a terrific gift to give to someone special! I love it! I would love to get a photo book like that from my daughter with my grandkids! Thanks so much for letting all of us know about learning how to make a terrific photo album from the Pros! It’s a fantastic thing to do! Thanks again, Michele 🙂

  2. I made a photo book once for my brother and father. It was just so neat to see the family pictures in the slick paper like a real book.

  3. This is really nice. Thank you for sharing, this would be a really great present to give.

  4. I can think of a few people that should check this out. I’ve seen some photos of people where they use the bright light under their face. It usually just makes them look like they have a long chin.

  5. There are some great tips in the video to help make your photos and photobooks fantastic. My cousin has made several and she has a great eye for layout, but I need all the help I can get.

  6. What a really cool idea. This is something I would really enjoy doing. Right now I’m trying to save up enough money to get myself a DSLR so I guess the camera needs to come first, lol but having this in mind will help me to add a tone or story to my photos later.

  7. I love photo books for the holidays and also for gift giving, this looks like a great site to use for your photos.

  8. I have photos all over and this looks great. I am glad everything isnt totally digital there is nothing more fun than looking through old pictures

  9. This is going to be incredibly helpful. I have tons of photos and I’ve been meaning to make photo books for myself and family but I’ve never gotten to it yet. Now I’m actually glad because I can get these expert tips!

  10. Photo books are wonderful! Gone are the days you go to the drug store to get your pictures printed. This is a much easier and more professional looking way!

  11. I want to do photo books of all my children one day. I want to bookmark this to learn more about it

  12. Everyone takes photos with their phones or cameras and they store them all in files on their computers or on drives. I think it’s a great idea to take all of those photos and create a photo book. Thank you for sharing these great deals.

  13. I’d love to do something like this! great ideas. I already started scrapbooking for my first daughter but i’d like to do it again or this too

  14. Thanks for the Terrific Review on Photo Book Design Secrets From The Pros! This is really a great idea! I love that you can take the photos from your phone or computer and have them put into a photo book! This makes a wonderful grandparent’s gift! I really love this! I bet that they are really neat when you get them! Thanks so much for sharing your review and the information on photo book design secrets from the pros! I truly do appreciate it! Thanks again, Michele 🙂
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