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What is MyCausora?

MyCausora is a new free fundraising solution, which can be easily integrated in any website via an embed code. MyCausora enables users to support a cause AND receive an equal amount of gift cards from over 150+ merchants for every dollar they donate! It’s a win-win!’s mission is to help raise more funds for charities by rewarding donors with free vouchers from their network of socially conscious merchants. When you donate to causes like the American Red Cross, Boys and Girls Clubs, and Habitat for Humanity through Causora, you get $20 in thank you rewards for these merchants’ products and services for every $20 you donate.

If you check my sidebar, you’ll find the Causora widget towards the end. ┬áMy chosen charity is the American Red Cross because donations will go directly to the funds for Typhoon Haiyan victims.


Helping out the Typhoon Haiyan victims is very important to me. First, because I too am Filipino. Second, because I have friends whose families were directly affected by the tragedy. And third, because almost everyday I see on my Facebook newsfeed the struggle of the people in the affected areas and it just really breaks my heart.

People there are still trying to rebuild their lives. In fact, some say it might take them years to get their lives back — and perhaps some families’ lives will never be the same given that thousands have died. I have personally pledged to support some students on a monthly basis so that they can try to continue their studies despite what happened to them and their families. And I urge you to consider giving as well. You’ll get your donation back anyway so it’s like you didn’t really lose any money. Not only will you feel good because you got rewarded, but you’ll also feel good because you know you were able to help less fortunate people.

So take a look at the Causora widget on my sidebar and donate now!

I was compensated for this post about Thoughts are my own.

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  1. I’ve never heard of this so thanks for the overview. I’m always wary of fundraisers and want my money to go to those truly in need.

  2. What a great idea. I checked out their website and only wish that there were more merchant GCs. Amazon would be awesome. I could not find your widget.

  3. Donating to good causes is always a good way to help those in need. I like helping out with boys/girls club whenever I can. Gives the kids somewhere safe and how to socialize. Keeps them out of trouble too.

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