Be Safe While Enjoying the Final Days of Summer #StanfordChildrens

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Summer Safety Tips #StanfordChildrens

My son enjoying his time at a local water park

Summer is coming to a close soon, and I think it’s important to encourage our kids to make the most out of the final days of summer. With the sun out and the breeze not too warm nor too cold, I think our kids need to have more fun playing outside than in front of a TV, computer, tablet or phone.

While it may be a lot easier to monitor kids when they’re in just one spot inside the house, spending time playing outside has lots of health benefits. And even when kids have started school, we can still set some time for outside play. We just need to remember a few key things to make sure they’re safe.

Sun Protection

First, it’s important to put on some sunscreen to protect our kids from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. I read somewhere that SPF 15 is good enough, but I found some SPF 100 sunscreens at the grocery a couple of months ago and so that’s what I use especially when my son’s going swimming and he’s going to be exposed under the sun for a longer period. If at all possible, I try not to make him play when the sun’s at its peak. Or I just find a shady area where he can stay and play.

Crossing the Street

We’re blessed to live in an apartment complex with a park nearby. Because we have to cross 2 streets in order to get there, I make sure I always give my son instructions – yes, even though I’m crossing the street with him anyway. I just feel like even at a really young age, kids need to learn the right way to cross a street and see it as we parents model it.


My son loves playing in the water, but he’s scared of going to areas of a pool where the water goes above his chest. He doesn’t like it when he feels like the pool is too deep for him. It’s a good thing, I guess. Because then I won’t have to worry too much. Nonetheless, I still make sure I’m close to where he is and that I can always see him.

I recently read an article on the Stanford Children’s Health website with lots of summer safety tips from a Pediatric Sports Medicine physician. It was nice to read about how I can make sure my child is safe while he’s having fun and enjoying the last few days of summer.

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What summer safety tips can you share with me?

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