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Like most of you, I love the holiday season. I love how most people seem to be nicer this time of the year. Plus, we usually get more time with our loved ones because almost everyone gets some extra time off from work. But the holidays can also be really stressful. There was one time when my husband and I decided to spend the holidays in Los Angeles. I made sure we had everything we needed. We were so excited to go to the theme park. But then I had my oops moment — I forgot our theme park tickets in our hotel room! My husband had to go back to the hotel to get them! I know my husband was really disappointed at first. And I understand that. But I’m thankful that we both recognize that we’ll both have moments like that. We both know we’re not perfect, but we know we’re enough for each other. #EvenThough…#ImEnough

So, maybe you’re wondering why I’ve told you my #EvenThough…#ImEnough story. There are so many plates spinning during the holidays that it’s easy to get caught up in the idea that you’re never enough. Mistakes happen, blood pressures rise, things get spilled, balls get dropped. Basically, that moment you had planned to go one way turns out the exact opposite.

In those moments, instead of crying, take a picture and share it with The Mrs. band on Facebook, on Twitter and/or Instagram. We can all lift you up! We can laugh about these things that make us imperfect and remind ourselves that we are enough anyway. Use #EvenThough…#ImEnough.

#EvenThough…#ImEnough is all about us. It’s no surprise that we get overwhelmed during the holidays. We know that Thanksgiving and Christmas is all about family and loved ones and celebrating with them, but we often get caught up in believing we have to find the perfect present and create the perfect holiday surroundings. We’ve seen so many perfect holiday decorations and meals on Pinterest and in magazines, and we think we should be able to replicate that in our home. What should be a peaceful, loving time of gratitude and celebration becomes crazed, hectic, and stressful. Together with The Mrs., we’re aiming to change that!

Here are some more #EvenThough…#ImEnough story examples, from members of The Mrs. band.

I was walking around my kids’ school carnival and sat down to talk with a group of moms when I noticed something was coming out of the bottom of my jeans. When I looked down, I noticed it was a weird bulge on my calf that went down my leg. “What in the world can that be?” I asked myself, and as I went to pull it out, I had this horrible realization: “That’s my underwear!” They must have hitched a ride with my jeans when I pulled them out of the dryer.

I was sitting with a group of moms, so I couldn’t just casually yank these out and act like it was perfectly natural, like I was a clown casually holding conversation while pulling a never-ending stream of scarves from out of my sleeve except it would be underwear and my pant leg. Even worse, I realized that I had just been talking with my daughters’ school principal and walking all over the school grounds. Did people see the weird bulge? I had on skinny jeans!

Luckily, my youngest daughter came over right then and asked me to come play with her on one of the rides. I went over with her, ducked down, and, thinking I was safely hidden, put my purse in front of my leg and pulled the underwear out. Just then another mom came over and asked if I needed bug spray because I was getting bit by bugs. “Oh, no, that’s okay” I quickly said, shoving the pair in my purse, not knowing if she saw me. All I know is that my calf was now panty free. I will never pull pants out of the dryer again without checking them first…thoroughly.


Underwear in Pants

#EvenThough I had no idea this pair of underwear was poking out of my jeans the entire time I was at my daughters’ school carnival, #ImEnough! #themrsband #theywereclean #mydryerisouttogetme #apairtospare — Andra from The Mrs. band


Some people drop 30lb bags of food for their dogs and spill it all over the kitchen floor.

Dog Food

#EvenThough this just happened, I still fed it to my dogs. And you know what? I’m not ashamed…#ImEnough! –Christie from The Mrs. band


Other people accidentally drive off of curbs and have to call for tow trucks when the car gets stuck.


I will NEVER live this down. #EvenThough I’ll hear about this for the rest of my life, I know I can handle it and laugh, because…#ImEnough! #yesmykidsareintheback #theythoughtitwashilarious — Nikki from The Mrs. band

So, next time you’re having a moment where you think, “Did this really just happen right now? Really!?! Do I laugh…or cry?”, keep in mind that we all have our #EvenThough moments!

So let’s be in it together! The Mrs. band has created something really fun that will have us laughing and cringing together. Even though you might be feeling low and frustrated and uncertain of how things will turn out…we want to be right there with you, reminding you that you are enough! From November 23 through December 13th, share and tag posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram of all the moments that did not happen the way you anticipated. The Mrs. will be sharing their moments, too…because we all have plenty!

Here’s how it works:

Share and tag posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter of all the moments that did not happen the way you anticipated. Use the hashtag #EvenThough and #themrsband and make sure to tell us “#ImEnough! *Photos not always necessary for Facebook and Twitter!*

Post as much as you want! Tell your friends! We’ll laugh together!

Plus…the winner gets a goodie basket FULL of prizes. That’s right, by sharing your #EvenThough…#ImEnough moments on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you’ll be entered to win a fabulous prize package from The Mrs. Band, valued at over $750! This $750 prize package contains:

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The Mrs. Band Prize Package

Just make sure you tag TheMrsBand on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram and use the hashtags #EvenThough, #ImEnough and #themrsband to be entered. And above all, remember this holiday season that you ARE enough, no matter what!

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of The Mrs Band. I hope it encourages you to remember this holiday season that #EvenThough things might not be perfect, you are enough!


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  1. I was trying to open a bag of M&M’s the bag ripped open they went all over the floor

  2. When I had my second daughter I was in the delivery room waiting to give birth. They told me it would take hours and even the next day but when I got up and went to the bathroom, I came back and said something is between my legs. They checked and the baby was coming. They were not ready and the doctor left so the nurses had to deliver my daughter. A doctor got there just at the very end when she was delivered. It took a whole 20 minutes.

  3. The birth of my daughter wasn’t what I expected…she was a week early and I was so NOT ready but my husband was so HE decided to have her the next day. I was lucky how easy childbirth was (considering endometriosis had made my life H-E-double hockey sticks since I was 12).

  4. I was going to the bank, went to step up over the curb and fell on my stomach. Luckily I saved my face.

  5. That’s a tough question. I’m sure there have been several things. I have to think about it and come back.

  6. I was hosting the September bunco when my AC broke and my toilet got stocked up with no plunger.

  7. Even though I tried to volunteer on Thanksgiving day, I showed up, and there were too many volunteers, and they thought they may run out of food by feeding more volunteers than patrons, so I went home, and spent it with my family.

  8. I went to 4 stores Sunday to find a newspaper for coupons and when I finally found a store with papers, there were no coupons. Boo.

  9. I was a big time couponer about 8 years ago. I filled 4 shopping carts that night and went to use my coupons. The lady said I could not use them so I left the store and had them put everything back up. Went back the next day to complain to the manager and he said I could use them and should not have been denied. Found out the checker hated couponers and actually got in trouble for denying me.

  10. Getting the dogs ready for a walk, I dropped an entire bag of treats in front of them and they all spilled out. I wouldn’t know who was more shocked, them or me, except I was fast enough to pick them all up while they stared at me, aghast. They realized the missed opportunity right when I picked up the last one and both frantically started licking at my hands trying to get that last taste. Joke’s on … them?
    Jackie recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Big dogs in small spacesMy Profile

  11. my birthday. everything was going wrong. we were supposed to go to dinner at the end of the night but by that time I was done with the day.

  12. How funny, we all have our moments. I like the way you put a positive point of view on it.I have so many of these. One happened when I was in my early 20’s. I was cooking my first thanksgiving dinner. The in-laws were there and I was nervous.I messed the whole meal up. Especially the turkey. I had no idea there was a bag in there that should have removed. I felt pretty silly.