Get Back In Your School Routine with Best Food’s Squeeze Bottle! #SqueezeSweeps

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Kroger Hellmann's Best Foods

Get back in your school routine with help from Hellmann’s new squeeze bottle! Making kids’ lunches can easily become a long, boring chore; but thanks to Hellmann’s new squeeze bottle, you can save time and add some fun and creativity to your sandwich-making routine.

Here are three of my favorite time (and money) saving tips and tricks for back to school lunches:

  1. Create a meal plan for a week (maybe even a month) so you can plan your trips to the grocery and stay within budget.
  2. Make sure you have the right cookware and all the ingredients you need before prepping or cooking.
  3. If you know tomorrow’s going to be busy, prep or cook your meal the night before.

Of course, one of the things your fridge should never run out of is mayonnaise! And with the new squeeze bottles, life has just become a lot easier because there’s less waste (we can squeeze more out!) and less mess (it has a clean lock cap!).

Best Foods and Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise Squeeze Bottle are available in three varieties — Real, Light, and Olive Oil — and are available in Kroger and Kroger-owned stores (Ralphs, Smiths, Dillon’s, Fred Meyer).

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Hellmann’s/Best Foods brings you the best squeeze experience EVER! The Hellmann’s/Best Food’s squeeze bottle lets you get more mayonnaise out. The unique design allows you to get more mayonnaise out without all the shaking, banging and mess. All with the same unmistakable taste of Best Foods!


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Get Back In Your School Routine with Best Food’s Squeeze Bottle! #SqueezeSweeps — 22 Comments

  1. Mayo really is a great kitchen staple. It’s saved me a few times when I didn’t have eggs for baking; since it has eggs & oil within, it’s not quite the same, but can help in a pinch!

  2. My husband loves helmanns! I alternate between it and Dukes since he loves one and I love the other haha

  3. I just love the squeeze bottles. My grandchildren are getting to the age where they want to fix their own sandwiches. I feel safer with these bottles. Thank you so much for sharing

  4. even in new zealand we have best foods 🙂 My fav way of eating it is to make and egg salad and you guessed it my special ingredient is best foods mayo

  5. Unfortunately I am the only one in the family that likes mayo! But it is definitely something I always have in the fridge. Hellmans is a great brand too, I buy the one made with canola oil.

  6. I love their squeeze bottles…no mess, no utensils, no hassle…and with the opening on the bottom, no priming, pumping or spooning for the last drop. I also agree about getting everything ready before starting to cook too…can’t tell you how many times i was ready to make something and lacked an ingredient (or didn’t have enough of it) that either sent me to the store or had me scrambling for something else. now i always check not just that i have the ingredients, but that i have the right quantities too.

  7. Love these squeeze bottles, no mess, easy to use and store and no waste…can’t ask for more than that.

  8. I don’t know why every single condiment hasn’t adopted the squeeze bottle! It makes so much sense, and is the only way to go!

  9. I prefer a squeeze bottle for all condiments. Less product is wasted, and it’s much cleaner.

  10. I Just read your review on Hellmann’s Mayonnaise and Best Foods Mayonnaise new squeeze bottles. This Great! The only mayonnaise we ever use is Hellmann’s. We love it!! To know it now comes in a squeeze bottle is awesome!! Will be much easier to put on sandwiches. Don’t have to use a knife and it is not so sloppy! Lol! Thankyou for this very informative Review!! :0)~~~

  11. Sandwiches would taste a whole lot different without Mayo.

    Thanks for the Post, I will definitely get the squeeze bottle the next time I buy some.