I Am Grateful (Plus $100 Cash Giveaway)

A couple of months ago, I mentioned in a post that my husband and I have decided it was time for me to start working again. To tell you the truth, I didn’t feel confident at all because I haven’t been working outside the home for four years. It’s not easy to compete with other applicants who are currently employed. But I pressed on and told myself that someone out there will eventually hire me.

Now there’s this company that I really wanted to get into. I applied for two positions but I only managed to rank second for the first one. I must admit that I got really sad that I didn’t get it. But I’m thankful to have friends and churchmates who encouraged me during that time.

My friend Icar of My Charmed Mom (she’s awesome; you should check out her blog!) shared one verse that really helped put things in perspective.

I am Grateful - Proverbs 1921

Proverbs 19:21 reminded me that I don’t have to worry too much and that I can trust that God’s plan for me will prevail. So I lifted all my cares to God, decided that I’ll just do my best in my applications, and let His will be done.

And now I am grateful. Because I received a job offer for the second position I applied for in that company! Yay!!! And this position is even better than the first one because aside from the higher pay, I feel that I’m a better fit for this job in terms of the tasks I need to do.

These past four months, I believe that God was showing me that I just need to learn to trust Him more and to not lean on my own understanding. And with all the blessings that came after I kept the faith in spite of difficulties, there’s a lot of things that I’m grateful for.

I’m grateful, obviously, for the new job (which gives me and my family a new steady income stream and good medical/dental/vision coverage). I’m grateful for the gift of life because my husband and I are celebrating our birthdays this month. I’m grateful for my loving husband and my sweet little boy. I’m grateful for my mom who never stopped praying for me and my family. I’m grateful for my current church here in San Jose, CA for deciding to bless my former church in the Philippines.

And I am thankful to you. Yes, you. The one reading this post. Because you keep coming back to visit my blog. I want you to know that I truly appreciate you.

And to show my gratitude and to celebrate blessings, I’m giving away $100 cash! Yay!

Grateful BAM Cash Giveaway

One lucky winner will receive $100 cash via Paypal! This giveaway is open worldwide. Ends September 21 at 11:59pm EST. To enter, use the GiveawayTools form below. Good luck!


I will be responsible for prize fulfillment. Void where prohibited by law. No Purchase Necessary. For questions, feel free to email me at alice(at)bayareamommy.net.


I Am Grateful (Plus $100 Cash Giveaway) — 325 Comments

  1. I’m grateful for so many things – wonderful family and friends, my job – but right now, I am VERY grateful to have gotten recently engaged to a wonderful, caring man. After a few rough years in the relationship world, I decided to not worry about it anymore. God would send me the person to be with when I was ready for that in my life. I’m so glad I let go back then, because now I am going to be married to the man who is perfect for me! BTW, thank you for sharing Proverbs 19:21 – perfect, perfect, PERFECT words. They comfort the heart and soul, even when there is not a particular struggle going on.

  2. I am grateful that my son and his family moved back home a few years ago, and I am blessed to be able to watch my little grandson grow up everyday! Even though somedays is hard as I have a 24 hour shadow…yep..hes grandmas boy…..I wouldnt miss it for the world! So blessed!

  3. I am grateful for my beloved cat, who has managed to live 18 years…so far! As well as great relationships with my family…including my soon-to-come nephew!!! I can’t wait to meet him!

  4. I am greatful God gave me a second chance at life, after being ran over by a car to be able to continue seeing my family and continue my life, I was able to marry my high school sweetheart.

  5. I am graeful that my dad is in good health after having an emergency quadrouple bypass. It was scary but i am greatful everyday that he is here with us.

  6. I am grateful for so many things, but right now, I am grateful to you, Alice, for posting about Proverbs 19:21. I was at my wits end sitting at home and on disability with a negative bank balance, no food and out of medication. However, I know I will be ok because the Lord does have a plan for us all. Congratulations on getting your new job!

  7. Yay, I’m grateful for my family & this contest. Splendid. . Wow, prize $100 is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. 🙂 Pick me, pick me! Dear Santa: I’ve been nice. My X-Mas wish this year is to win this contest. Starving artist here desperately needs the cash to shop and eat. A life changing exp.

  8. I am grateful for a husband that loves me unconditionally and supports me in everything I do, even if he doesn’t understand or agree with it!

  9. I’m grateful for everything. I have had a lot of hard times, as we all have. But, that’s what makes us the person that we are.

  10. I am very grateful for my marriage. We have been married over twenty-seven years, have an amazing twenty-two year old son. My hubby is my best friend, very supportive and is my rock. 🙂

  11. On Sunday, my husband suffered a TIA stroke while we were out for an afternoon walk- he was in the hospital until Tuesday: I am so very grateful that he’s almost fully recovered, it surely could have been worse.

  12. I am grateful to have just found out that my husband was misdiagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease for 20 yrs!!! He is now being weaned off the awful medicine that created his horrible symptoms.

  13. I am grateful for the fact that my family is still alive and ok,even though we had to temporarily movce into a motel due to a house fire! Everyone ok

  14. I have a zillion daily reasons to be grateful. Today I am grateful that I have a husband that understands me and loves me dearly.

  15. I am grateful for my beautiful kids, and my granddaughter! I am so grateful that I woke up this morning. I am a work in progress, but I am thankful for everything God has blessed me with!

  16. I am so grateful for so many things in my life. It isn’t easy but I have been blessed with many thing from the bad.
    I am grateful for my husband even though he has been fighting a illness for many years.
    I am grateful for my son even though he was very difficult to be born.
    I am grateful for being able to walk again even though I’m still in pain ever day.
    I am grateful for my life everyday because I almost lost it.
    It is true that you end up feeling grateful for many things when you go though hard times. The small thing mean more..

  17. I am grateful for life & family. This proverb is excellent. There have been many rough patches, and trying to make ends meet, but I am not poor because i am rich In love of family and friends.

  18. I am really grateful that I have the opportunity to receive therapy through my insurance. I know a lot of people don’t and mental health care is important to me.

  19. I am grateful for the fact that you asked such a thought-provoking question, requiring me to reflect upon all the things I’m grateful for!! I’m grateful that my kids and I have made it through difficult times, which left us without a place to live for a period of 2 months last year… a year later, we’re happy, healthy and in a better place in our lives than we’ve been for several years, after making a bad financially impacting decision in 2010. 🙂

  20. I am grateful for my wonderful fiance who has been fantastic in helping to take care of my Dad. Dad moved in with us after having a leg amputated, and it has not been easy since he is elderly and quite needy.

  21. I am grateful for my neighborhood family. All of our family is all over the USA. My husband is deployed overseas right now & my neighbors help me out greatly.

  22. I am grateful for the opportunities that have presented themselves this past year to grow on all levels as a person,parent,and professional.

  23. I’m grateful that I’ve been able to get as much time as I have with my grandmother, who lost her loving husband last year (my grandpa) but has been fighting on.

  24. I am grateful for the good decisions my children continue to make as they navigate late teen, early adulthood. I’m proud of them.
    Congrats on the new job and I hope you love it!

  25. I am grateful for my familys health. I have diabetes but it is manageable and under control. When we are sick, I am grateful it is temporary and nothing serious.

  26. I am grateful for the gifts of life, love and family! I thank God for blessing me with a new job as well. I have been searching for a stable position for almost 5 years and just this year, i’ve landed to one that hase enabled me to support my family (Mama, Papa and 3 younger siblings). I thank God for the gift of love, for sending me an angel, my boyfriend, who is always there when I need more moral support. I thank God for my family, who have kept my hopes up despite the rough times we are in.

  27. I am great full to myself. Because I am lucky person. If I not get things I get support at last. I believe I am lucky.Thanks for keeping giveaway international 🙂

  28. I am grateful for my husband of 57+ years, my 3sons and their families and that we were not home when our mobile home where we lived for more than 17 years burned.

  29. I’m grateful for the ability to be a stay at home mom. I gave up my career as a social worker 9 years ago to raise my kids. I tried to go back to work last year and it was awful!!! The state of the child welfare system is so bad, I wanted to help the kids (my loves, they are) but the system is unbearable. I’m home again now and writing for a blog and reviewing products. I enjoy it very much!

  30. I had a mamogram last week and received a call this past Monday telling me that I needed to go back in for more images, they saw something suspicious. I had the scan done again and the results turned out good. Nothing to worry about, maybe just a shadow. So I am grateful that there was no cause for concern. Some women aren’t so lucky. Thank you.
    Kathleen Kelly recently posted..Go Set a Watchman: A Novel by Harper Lee | Summary & Analysis Kindle Edition by Instaread Review!My Profile

  31. Congratulations on the new job! I can certainly relate…I’ve been out of the work force for 17 years! I recently have applied for several jobs, just wanting to get out of the house now that my kids are older, and earn a little extra money. I’ve had NO luck whatsoever. It is very frustrating but I’m hoping something just right will come along.
    Kari recently posted..Fall Ankle Boots Under $50My Profile

  32. Definitely my children! At one point, I didn’t think I would be able to, medically, have children, so the fact that I now have four of them, is an amazing blessing to me!

  33. I am grateful for my friends, family, and dog that are always there for me and help me manage my stress and get through even the toughest of circumstances. I can’t thank them enough for being there. 🙂

  34. I am grateful for all my limbs being intact. I see images of soldiers coming home….limbs destroyed and I am thankful while being impacted by their sacrifice and trials.

  35. I am so grateful that we were recently able to travel 2,000 miles with my family to see my mom and brother. I wanted them to see my daughter at this age. We had so much fun!

  36. i’m grateful that I could communicate with my family everyday. its hard to work far away from them. Thank God for the good health

  37. This is for your non giveaways post I am grateful I got to work at all I have cerebral palsy told I could never work,but I did I got A BS in psychology became Director o f a homeless shelter I am so happy I got to work it was only 5 years till it burn down

  38. I’m grateful that, despite having a couple of chronic illnesses, I can still live alone and take care of myself. Also for my guardian and companion, Neo the rescued boxer. 🙂

  39. I am so grateful for my sweet sons and my awesome husband! I’ve been sick and in pain for a week and my husband has been amazing taking care of everything! He’s the best!

  40. I am grateful for my mother, who is my greatest supporter and someone who has not only given me life, but also has saved it. I am grateful for the air that I breathe and the people I meet every day.

  41. I just don’t understand why it is that I vote on the fence yet when I try to claim the entry it says this entry uses confirmation. I think your site is the only one that ever does me like this. Do you know of something I’m doing or not doing that causes this? Thank you.

  42. That’s a nice story.It can be very frightening going to work when you’ve been away for a while.You must be good at what you do, being hired that quickly after taking time off to raise a child.

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