Let’s Hear It For The Girls… And Dove! #GirlsSelfEsteemMonth

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I mentor a group of teenage girls at our church and I love seeing them grow in different ways. They are achievers in school, they volunteer at church, and they love their family and friends. They also know that true beauty radiates from within. But I know that they won’t always feel confident, that there will be times when they won’t feel good about themselves. That’s why I try to consistently encourage them and show them the many ways they can be confident in themselves.

Open and honest discussions are important in helping girls develop a positive self esteem. They need to hear that beauty and confidence can come from many places other than outward appearance. It can come from personal achievements, education, friends, hobbies, sports and family. This is the message that Dove wants every girl to know through their self-esteem campaign that has reached 15 million girls.

Dove Self Esteem

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Dove Self Esteem

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Let’s Hear It For The Girls… And Dove! #GirlsSelfEsteemMonth — 22 Comments

  1. It is so important for young ladies to feel good about themselves. You are right, beauty comes from within. God made us all beautifu in our own way. It is so nice of you to mentor these young women. I really love Dove products. It is so gentle on the skin. Thank you so much for sharing

  2. This is a great message for girls and women, but I love that Dove is targeting teen girls. I hope my toddler daughter grows up confident in the knowledge that outer appearances do not determine a person’s worth. I hope she feels her esteem comes from her actions, not her looks.

  3. I am a HUGE fan of everything Dove. I have been using their products since I was kid. I love their hair products, body wash, deodorant, and their beauty bar is absolutely wonderful as a face wash!

  4. Girls can be so catty and run each other down. It’s great that you spend time with them and listen. A positive role model is important.

  5. Girl’s self esteem is so important. I’m glad there is an awareness month for it and I’m also glad that Dove is doing this self-esteem campaign for girls and women.

  6. I feel so sad for women growing up in today’s world. It is so hard to have self confidence when everything in the TV, social media, and other people, are all telling you that you are not good enough. Good for Dove for trying to change that.

  7. Teenage years are tough for girls and boys. They’re emotions are hormones are running wild and they don’t have the maturity to cope with it.It’s important that they have an adult to turn to.

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