3 Simple Ways To Conserve Water During Drought

Tracking Pixel California drought. It’s not pretty, to be honest with you. Not only because it affects our daily lives, but also because it makes me worry about how it’s going to be in the future. I hate to imagine the kind of California my son will live in in, say, ten years because at the rate we’re going, it looks bad. And I’m thankful to Scotts® for sponsoring this post about a topic that needs to be discussed.

Don Pedro Lake

This is probably not how a lake looks like in other states

About two months ago, my family went to a friend’s houseboat in Don Pedro Lake. While we were on the speedboat heading towards the area where they docked, I saw where the water level used to be — and it was so high compared to its current water level.

As you can see in the photo above, the horizontal lines show where the water used to be. And it’s so high up! Can you imagine the amount of water we’ve lost in the 4 years we’ve had this drought?

Now because of this, it’s important for us to make changes to the way we use water around the house. And these are the three basic things I encourage my family to do and remember.

  1. Don’t leave the water running. The only exception to this rule is if we’re waiting for the shower to get to the right temperature. We try to take shorter showers too because spending too much time in there can waste a lot of water. We also now use cups when brushing our teeth so that the faucet isn’t turned on the whole time.
  2. Only get the amount of water you need. It pays to be conscious of the amount of water we’re getting for whatever purpose we need it for. One example is when we’re doing our laundry. We need to make sure that we set it to the correct load level so we don’t waste all that extra water in there. Actually, I just wait until there’s a full load of laundry that needs to be washed. I think it conserves both water and energy.
  3. Make the most of available water. Maximizing our water means we try to use as little amount as we can for every task. If there is an alternative way of doing a task, a way that won’t use water, then well go with that.

Conserve water

One way of making the most out of our available water is by using Scotts® brand new EveryDrop™. EveryDrop™ is a water maximizer for lawns and landscapes, designed to help move water into the soil, consistently and evenly — even in dry, hard-to-wet soils.

EveryDrop™ is a unique blend of wetting agents that helps reduce wasteful runoff and pooling. Whether relying on rain, sprinklers or hoses, it can help water spread out and sink into the soil, allowing more water to reach the roots – where it is needed most – and hydrate the plants.

Scotts Every Drop

Yes, California homes can still have beautiful lawns and gardens when we use water in smart and thoughtful ways. Feed your lawn and plants with Scotts® and Miracle-Gro® and you could use up to 25 percent less water because when well-fed, lawns and plants are more efficient at using available water.


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Scotts® EveryDrop™.


3 Simple Ways To Conserve Water During Drought — 41 Comments

  1. I used to have to have the water on the whole time I was brushing my teeth, but I’ve stopped doing that. Every little bit definitely helps!

  2. Good to know no matter where you are. I’m in Ohio and we had a fair amount of rain this year, but you never know.

  3. I’m in California, too and the drought is worrisome. I think about the future for my daughter as well. I have never heard of this product- it’s great! I love using new technologies to solve problems!

  4. This sounds like a great product. I am in VA and we hardly ever have droughts but conserving water and other resources should always be something we do no matter what.

  5. Important tips that we should all live by. The water crisis is serious, not just in California but around the world. Good article.

  6. This does need to be discussed. I live in the midwest and we are not in a drought. So we are not careful, and waste. Just like California has tons of trees, so they are less “valuable” then they are here. I think we all need to stop wasting our resources, so that the next generation can still survive.

  7. Pushing for growing grass is probably not best (besides for Scotts). Rock gardens and tough brush decorations work better.

  8. I’ve never heard of this product before! That’s a great thing to use on your lawn. I honestly wish we just had pebbles instead of grass so I didn’t need to use any water at all, haha.

  9. Good tips. I try to save whenever I can. When I brush my teeth, I turn the water off until I’m ready to rinse.

  10. EveryDrop™ water maximizer for lawns and landscapes sounds like a great product, definitely something that everyone should be using. Thank you for sharing this review.

  11. So nice that there are products that allow for less water required for a nice lush lawn. I am not a lawn waterer, so although I have access to water (unlike CA) I think it is silly to water my lawn. Something like this would be really nice for me.

  12. I live in Northern California and it is very scary about the future of our water situation. We have cut back so much on our water usage. If everyone in California just did this daily it would really help our State.

  13. I’m always careful about water usage. We own our home and have to pay for it so if there’s a leaky faucet, I’m on it.The only good thing about a drought is that the grass doesn’t grow as quickly. Mowing is one of my least favorite chores.

  14. People need to re-think lawns and why they need them. Some ground covers are soft enough for kids to play on but don’t need mowing and don’t need much water.

  15. Although we live a long way from California ~ I am painfully aware of drought conditions and the basic shortage of water in SateO many places and parts of the world. I have spent time in African countries ~ and others where water is scarce and valued as a precious commodity. I honest believe the next world wars will be fought in part over WATER RIGHTS, ACCESS and OWNERSHIP.

    Here in the States (except of course California) we tend to water unlimited and inexpensive water for granted and we are almost obscenely WASTEFUL. Thank you for your post calling attention to this reality that will ultimately effect everyone and we all need to follow your tips and do more to conserve water in every way we can. It starts with be CONSCIOUS of this very real problem / potential disaster Thanks!

  16. Thanks for the tips, I think water conservation is a problem for everyone no matter where they live , we need to be more mindful of the environment we live in!

  17. Right now we have more water than we know what to do with. Luckily, the hurricane turned back out to sea but we have had heavy, non stop rain for about a week.

  18. People can be very wasteful.It’s good to conserve water daily. Just not under drought conditions.

  19. Thanks for the Fantastic Review on 3 Simple Ways To Conserve Water During Drought! In the past, we have had, here in PA, a few spurts with drought conditions. We make sure that the water (plus we pay for water here) is not running constantly when brushing our teeth. We take shorter showers, and we even use bottled water to drink (our water is horrible! you can really taste the chlorine in it!)I always make sure that I have a full load of laundry so that it saves time and water! If everyone does their part, maybe there will be enough water around when the kids get older! We’ve had so much rain this year that I don’t think we’re headed for another drought! Thanks so much for sharing your fantastic review and the information on this new product from Scott’s! It sounds wonderful! I truly do appreciate it! Thanks again! Michele 🙂
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  20. I try to save whenever I can. Every little bit helps. Also, in my area we are put on water restriction at times.

  21. I will have to try this for our lawn. I have never seen this before. It may just save me alot on our water bill. Thank you for sharing