5 Things I Love About The ReadyNAS 202 From #NETGEAR

I am a NETGEAR Ambassador and I received a ReadyNAS 202 for purposes of evaluation. Thoughts are my own.

As a mom, I love taking pictures of my son’s milestones, special occasions and even random moments. I feel like it’s my obligation to capture those scenes in either photo or video so that we can have something to look back to when he gets older. And I love the fact that it’s so easy to take photos and videos nowadays. I mean, almost every phone or tablet now has a camera that you can activate in just a few seconds so you can take multiple shots in high resolution.

But high resolution photos/videos take up so much space in our phone/tablet storage. And the once seemingly huge 8GB storage cannot quite hold all of my family’s media files — not just photos and videos, but songs too! That’s probably why some of the newer phones now have a minimum of 16GB storage.

Sooner or later though, you’ll find yourself needing more than just that 16GB (or even 32GB or 64GB) storage. So what’s a solution to this problem? May I present to you the ReadyNAS Connected Storage from NETGEAR.

ReadyNAS 202

The ReadyNAS 200 Series Network Attached Storage is powered by a dual-core ARM Cortex A15 1.4GHz processor with 2 Gigabytes of RAM, dual Gigabit Ethernet ports with Link Aggregation technology and delivers up to 200MByte/sec data transfer speed. It offers an industry leading 5 levels of protection on all your important files and data. The ReadyCLOUD web-based user interface works seemlessly on PC, Mac, smartphones and tablets and makes the RN200 the ideal network attached storage for consumers looking to create their own secure private cloud due to its simplicity and ease of use.

Is the verbiage too technical? Yeah, I know! But the short of it is that it’s a device where you can store and share data for multiple computers/users. I guess you can think of it as a huge drive storage that you (and your family) can access anywhere without having it physically connected to your device. So if I save a file onto our family’s ReadyNAS, my husband can just log in to our family’s “cloud storage” from his computer and use the same file I saved.

The ReadyNAS I received was the 202 model and it has a 2TB storage. So if your phone has an 8GB storage, this ReadyNAS can store 250 times more than that, which means it’ll take a long time for you to fill up all that storage! Unless you have a huge collection of high-definition movies at 2GB each.

In the weeks that I’ve been using the ReadyNAS, I’ve seen the many advantages of having your own personal cloud storage. Here are 5 reasons why I love it!

  1. Easy installation. Installing the ReadyNAS was very easy. Just plug in the right cords in the right ports, power it up, connect and voila! You’re ready to create and manage your own personal cloud!
  2. 5 levels of protection. Securely store and share all your photos, videos, and important files in ReadyCLOUD. You don’t have to worry about unauthorized access to your files.
  3. View, share and backup photos, videos and important files on your devices from anywhere. You can easily share your files with authorized people using the ReadyCLOUD mobile app.
  4. Stream movies and music to your computers or mobile devices with DLNA or iTunes. If your phone, tablet or computer is running out of storage, you don’t need to save a file just to be able to view or listen to it. Simply stream it from your ReadyNAS!
  5. 1.4Ghz processor and 2GB on-board memory. This allows for really fast data transfers.

One other thing that you might love is that you can set the ReadyNAS to do an automatic backup and sync from a Windows PC. This makes it very convenient for ReadyNAS owners because you don’t have to check if your files are all synced.

I’d say a ReadyNAS is a must-have for every household especially in this day and age when almost everyone takes tons of photos and videos every single day. This way, families can store, share and stream media files that capture moments that help make even more special moments for the family.

BUY IT! The ReadyNAS is available for purchase on Amazon.com. You can also purchase it at BestBuy.com.

I am a NETGEAR Ambassador and I received a ReadyNAS 202 for purposes of evaluation. Thoughts are my own. Post contains my affiliate links.


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  1. This sounds like a good device. I wish they had this years ago. I have photo albums full of pictures.

  2. This is a great idea. I am not sure I understand exactly how it works but I know my boys could figure it out for me. Thank you so much for sharing

  3. I love this! It’s like a time capsule vault. You can store everything one it including important documents, songs, photos, videos. It even syncs your folders. It have so many features!

  4. This would be perfect for my daughter who takes a lot of pictures and stores a lot of other information. She would love it.

  5. I think this is a great idea. That way, you don’t have to flip through & decide what to get rid of every so often, lol.

  6. The ReadyNAS Connected Storage from NETGEAR sounds great, perfect for sharing files on a secure network. Thank you for sharing this review.

  7. Thanks for the Wonderful Review on 5 Things I Love About The ReadyNAS 202 From #NETGEAR! This ReadyNAS 202 sounds fantastic! It’s a really great product to have if you are constantly taking pictures and videos! Thanks so much for sharing your Wonderful Review, the pictures, and all of your personal and professional opinions on 5 Things I Love About The ReadyNAS 202 From #NETGEAR with all of us! You know that I always do appreciate your reviews!!! Thanks Again! Michele 🙂
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  8. Awesome device to backup your pictures and videos, i love that it has 5 layers of protection and that you can Stream movies and music to your computers or mobile devices with DLNA or using iTunes. Great to invest in one of these.

  9. This would be great to have we have so many pictures and videos and just everything we need to store somewhere safe!

  10. I am going to request as a birthday present next month. I NEVER have enough storage for all my files. The automatic backup is a great feature, too – I’m always forgetting to backup!

  11. I do have old family photos which I do have saved on-line, but it would be a great idea to have another backup program like this; thanks a lot for posting!

  12. This is such a great idea. An easy way to store pictures and videos on a cloud and 2TB of storage is alot. I like that you can acesses from anywhere. My family uses many devices so that’s a necessity. Its a good way to keep up with pictures also.

  13. As a pro photographer, I have used many devices and software to backup and archive my photos. I think this is a great idea for home use but am wondering if they offer a much bigger counterpart for professional use?

  14. My hubby edits pictures as a hobby so we definitely lack in storage big time! We have yet to decide on a solution!! I will let him know about this 😉 thank you!!

  15. What a great product. I manage a apartment complex and have to take sooooo many photos. My phone is only capable of so much. I am doing further research on this and seriously considering purchasing it. Thank you for you detailed review.

  16. i thin k this: 1.4Ghz processor and 2GB on-board memory. This allows for really fast data transfers.” could be improved, but 2T is a enough, rally. i have a ton of music and video and photo [about a terabyte right now]. i think i could get by for another 5 years with a second T. thanks for the review.

  17. I need something for all my picture and video storage, this sounds perfect.

  18. I didn’t know that cloud storage was a real thing. I thought it was made up for a television ad.

  19. this sounds like an awesome device! will consider it for future purchase

  20. i like the idea, more than once when a HD crashed have lost everything and had no backup esp for things like pics….

  21. This is such a great idea. I love that it is easy to install. I am sure with help from my family I can learn to do this. Thank you so much for sharing this

  22. This is a great device and could really use one. Love taking videos and pics of my two year old great grand daughter but sometimes she won’t sit still long enough to get good ones. Thanks for sharing.

  23. You always put out a great review. The facts and opinions are there along with the information we need to check into or make a purchase. I also trust your opinion.

  24. If I took a lot of photos I would check into this. I haven’t taken a single photo in over a year.

  25. It’s always nice to have photos to look back at years later. Memories captured on film that your child can share with his or her children one day.

  26. I saw a cute yearly photo idea on someones blog. She bought a huge t-shirt with the kids graduating year on it. He puts it on once a year and she takes the picture.

  27. Oh man I am a picture freak lol I have over 3,000 pics on my phone alone, not even counting my camera! I could so use this! Love all the storage and the simplicity to install! Thank you for your great review 🙂

  28. You sound like such a good mom. You take great vacations, throw parties, bake…And you work too! I don’t know where you find the energy. I do know that your son will grow up with fond memories!

  29. For a person that takes a lot of photos this sounds ideal.There is something new every day.

  30. The kids would like this. They’re into all the newest products. I’ll pass it on. Thanks!

  31. This was a great review! My hubby and I have been discussing that we need to have a storage device. Definitely going to check it out 🙂

  32. Great review. I’m in the market for a new storage device, this sounds like it would fit my needs.

  33. This sounds like a great gift for anyone, especially for my MIL she has a lot of items on her computer.