Listening To Family-Friendly Music On TuneIn’s Radio Disney

I received product to facilitate this review. Thoughts are my own.

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I love listening to music whenever I’m doing something — whether it’s cleaning around the house, taking a shower, and even creating blog posts. I don’t know why but music just makes me feel more positive.

I want to be able to share my love for music to my son, so I let him listen to music with me from time to time. But I can’t allow him to listen to just anything knowing that there are lots of songs with lyrics that aren’t appropriate for children. Good thing TuneIn has a wide variety of family-friendly music stations that can cater to children.

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TuneIn, which has 50 million users, is the world’s largest audio network, streaming radio from all over the world through one single app. TuneIn allows you clear access to over 100,000 radio stations and more than four million podcasts streaming from every continent. TuneIn allows you to search for what’s important to you.

I currently have 3 favorite TuneIn Radio channels, one of which is Radio Disney. TuneIn’s Radio Disney channel is perfect for entertaining children and is one of the best apps out there for family road trips. It is TuneIn’s #1 kid’s station (over 328K followers!) and has 24-hour content devoted to kids, tweens and families. Their playlist is driven by listeners requests and represents major labels.

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Wouldn’t it be better if you’re all singing along your favorite tracks instead of dealing with a crying child when you’re on a road trip? Absolutely!

During those times that I want to just listen to my music while my husband is watching TV or listening to his own music, I can just easily use these TuneIn-branded Urban Ears headphones!

And if you’re curious about my other favorite channels, those are A New Beginning and K-Love. I just love their positive and uplifting messages! There’s a variety of music and channels to pick from on TuneIn so you’re sure to find one that you’ll love! Be sure to check them out at!


I received product to facilitate this review. Thoughts are my own.


Listening To Family-Friendly Music On TuneIn’s Radio Disney — 48 Comments

  1. I enjoy listening to the radio while I’m online as well. I had not heard of TuneIn before reading about it here. I will have to check out the website. Thank you for sharing this review.

  2. Thanks for the Fantastic Review on Listening To Family-Friendly Music On TuneIn’s Radio Disney! This sounds like a terrific Radio Station for kids and adults alike! It’s terrific that there’s a radio station just for Disney and, when you are on a road trip, you don’t have to listen to “are we there yet” while they are rocking out to Disney! Thanks so much for sharing your fantastic review, the pictures, and your personal and professional opinions on Listening To Family-Friendly Music On TuneIn’s Radio Disney with all of us! You know that I appreciate all of your Reviews!!!! Thanks again! Michele 🙂
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  3. That is nice not having to worry about your child is listening to. I’m even a bit surprised by some of the song lyrics I hear.

  4. Klove is a great station!! Im so glad that they are available on this!! Sounds like a great way to listen to the radio and I love anything family friendly 🙂

  5. I have never heard of this app before. I would love the Radio Disney for my grandkids. Thank you so much for sharing

  6. Very entertaining for children, perfect for kids parties! And a awesome app! This would be a huge life saver for road trips for sure.

  7. What a wonderful idea! You’re right – there is so much on the radio that’s not appropriate for kids (or adults, for that matter!) Sometimes I am shocked when I hear some of the words in the so-called “music” that goes out over the airwaves. And I’m like you – I always need music on, even in the “background” – different songs for whatever I’m doing!

  8. Radio Disney is great. Kids love it. My niece & nephews (11, 9 & 6) all love the music & adults don’t have to keep their hands ready to quickly change the station!

  9. i’d never heard of TuneIn before, so thanks for the review. I have a little girl, and, like you, I enjoy having music on throughout the day, but I want her to be able to safely listen, too. Sounds like TuneIn has a lot of great options!

  10. I have heard of Disney Radio, but not TuneIn. I do like variety. We are usually listening to ITunes or Goggle Play on the pc. I am so glad that TuneIn has K-Love!! That’s what sold me. Thanks for sharing!!

  11. We love music at parties and ensuring every song if family appropriate makes things all the better.

  12. How cute and simple; I don’t dare go near the radio with kids in the car anymore – you don’t know what vulgar stuff you might hear.

  13. My son loves listening to music but I have to be careful because of lyrics like you said. I will have to check out the Disney one with him. Sounds perfect.

  14. This sounds great for the kids, I will have to tell my niece and nephew about it, thank you for sharing 🙂

  15. Love Radio Disney!! I love that my son and I can acually both listen to it and enjoy it!! We both even sing along 🙂 Too fun!!

  16. I, like you enjoy listening to music at different times and places. It makes what ever I’m doing a lot easier. It also calms me down. I’m sure it could have the same effect on kids. It’s nice to know there is a family friendly radio station out there. Thanks for the review.

  17. This would be great for my grandchildren. So much music out there today is not appropriate for our children. Thank you so much for sharing this