Universal Studios Hollywood: 5 Reasons Why We Keep Coming Back

I received free passes to facilitate this post. Thoughts are my own.

Universal Studios Hollywood

My husband and I love going on vacations. We go on at least 2 vacations a year because we love to spend some fun quality time with each other and with our son. And one of the places we love going to is Universal Studios Hollywood.

We usually drive 6 hours to get there but recently we’ve decided that flying would be better for us so that he won’t be too exhausted. But one thing is for sure, there’s not a year that we don’t visit this park.

There are a lot of reasons why we keep coming back there but let me share with you my top five reasons!

#1: Because they have attractions and costumed characters for kids.


Whenever we go on vacations, my husband and I always choose places that will definitely be entertaining for our son. And Universal Studios Hollywood is one of those places we can’t not go to at least once a year. We already know that our son loves it there.

And with the addition of the Super Silly Fun Land and the Despicable Me MInion Mayhem, I don’t think my son will want to leave! Haha!

#2: Because they have the Transformers!


My husband and my son are fans of the Transformers so it’s such an awesome experience for them to interact with Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Megatron at the park! And I must admit I’m quite impressed with how they talk to the people taking photos with them. They’ll make you laugh! Then of course there’s the Transformers 3D ride which is one of my current favorites! It’s one of the rides I’d recommend you to go on, aside from Jurassic Park. 😉

#3: And they also have the classic favorite — The Simpsons!


If there’s one show that almost everyone knows, I think it’s the Simpsons. I mean, the show has been on air for over 20 years. And a lot of people, both young and old, love the show. And I think it’s awesome that Universal Studios has a whole area for Springfield!

#4: Because of the awesome shows.


I just absolutely love the shows at Universal Studios! And our all-time favorite is WaterWorld. Okay, okay. So we probably already know exactly where the characters will be coming in and the timing of the effects because of the many times we’ve seen it. But I love the way the cast engages the audience — it’s like every show is a different one because they interact so well with whoever is watching them!

#5: Because Universal Studios continues to offer something new.

Wizarding World

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter will open in 2016!

Attractions at Universal Studios are already amazing as it is. But I really appreciate the fact that they continue to offer new attractions — even though it can sometimes mean replacing an equally amazing ride or show. They just recently added the “Fast And Furious: Supercharged” in June, and they’ll be opening the “Wizarding World of Harry Potter” next year! I’m super excited about that!

Universal Studios truly is a must-visit theme park in Southern California. They have attractions that cater to kids and kids-at-heart, and continue to innovate to bring world-class entertainment for everyone!

What’s your favorite Universal Studios attraction?


I received free passes to facilitate this post. Thoughts are my own.


Universal Studios Hollywood: 5 Reasons Why We Keep Coming Back — 48 Comments

  1. We have not been there yet even though we live so close. We were waiting for the grandkids to get a little bigger. I think now is the time. They are ready. Thank you so much for sharing

  2. I was lucky enough to live in Orlando most of my life and Universal is still so much fun! You guys are lucky to get Harry Potter world like we have, it’s so amazing.

  3. I’ve never been to Universal Studios Hollywood before, but I worked at the Orlando location when I was younger. I love it, there is so much to do and the cartoon characters are awesome! I can’t wait for the Harry Potter attraction to open next year!

  4. I’ve been to Universal Studios In Orlando but never to the Hollywood one. I wonder if they have the same attractions, I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for the review.

  5. The “Wizarding World of Harry Potter” opening next year is definitely an attraction I look forward to visiting. I think I’d also enjoy visiting the “Fast And Furious: Supercharged” attraction. Thank you for sharing this review.

  6. (Universal Studios Hollywood: 5 Reasons Why We Keep Coming Back) This looks like a wonderful place for a family vacation. I know my young grandson would really enjoy it someday.

  7. I went to Universal Studios when I was 18 so 21 years ago, and my favorite was we got to see the Blues Brothers HA! I love it there though. So much fun!

  8. You’re not going to believe this, but I live in San Diego (about an hour and a half away in good traffic) and we’ve never been! We didn’t move here that long ago and my daughter is under two so it just hasn’t been in the cards for us. How old was your son when you started taking him? We’d love to go soon!

  9. I’ve never been to Universal Studios in California but I have been to the one in Orlando. It’s always so much fun! My grandson is almost old enough to go and enjoy it so we’ll be going again soon. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

  10. My family and I go on 2 vacations a year too. We go to Florida almost every year. We have been to Universal in Florida many times but never in California. My favorite part is the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Also, I love the Jurassic Park ride.

  11. I remember going a long time ago when I was younger and I remember having so much fun. I can’t wait to be able to take my daughter.

  12. That place must be huge. I imagine you really would have to get a room and stay over a few days to be able to see everything.

  13. I”ve never been there before but I’d really love to go there some day. The Harry Potter attraction that they’re planning to open looks like it would be really fun!

  14. I wish I could tell you my favorite attraction, but I’ve actually never been! We only live in Utah though so its not TOO far.. we will have to plan a trip once our littles are old enough to understand whats going on :o)

  15. I’ve only been there to see Blue Man Group at night so I didn’t get to visit the park. We plan on going this fall when the weather is cooler. Can’t wait!

  16. Great pictures, looks like you all had a lot of fun. I really want to see the harry potter world….i can’t wait…I can’t imagine a better place to be, that is the most imaginative ‘world’ i think any writer has ever created.

  17. I have never been to Universal Studios, but would love to visit, it sounds AWESOME, for Kids and Adults both.

    Thanks for the Post, Pictures and the review!

  18. It must be nice living in California. There’s so much to see and do. I’ve only been once, but loved it.

  19. I’ve never had the privilege to visit Universal Studios. I would love to go one day, and see the awesome attractions! 🙂