Create a Rubber Band Helicopter + 3 More Activities From Galileo


Summer is fast approaching and some of us parents are already thinking about what our kids can do over the summer break. Let’s face it, it’s a challenge to keep children engaged and learning when they’re not in school. But it’s so important to let children pursue their interests through creation and exploration. One way of capturing their interest is by doing some crafts and activities with them.

I did the Rubber Band Helicopter activity with my son and he loved it! I chose this activity in particular because I know he loves airplanes and helicopters.

Rubber Band Helicopter 1

I guided my son’s hand in drawing the helicopter silhouette on the card stock and I did everything that needed a scissor, but I let him fit the craft stick into the propeller and insert the rubber bands into the propeller hook and paper clip. He loves the fact that he was the one who put the helicopter together!

Rubber Band Helicopter 2

I love the look in my son’s eyes when he discovers new things. Or when he realizes that he can create new things out of paper and a few materials. And I want to see that smile everyday if I can.

Given that kids can easily get distracted by so many things like TV and social media, we need to start planning for our kids’ summer activities now!


A summer camp that that kids (and parents) love — that’s GALILEO!

Galileo Camps encourage kids to brainstorm and think like innovators through a variety of hands-on projects and activities. With weekly imagination-sparking themes and in-depth majors like Digital Photography, Fashion Design, Inventors Workshop, Go Kart Builders, Video Game Design, 3D Modeling and Printing, and Chefology just to name a few.



There are 4 activity sheets available on the Galileo Camps website! Feel free to download one or all of them so you can have some fun creative time with your little one!



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Create a Rubber Band Helicopter + 3 More Activities From Galileo — 13 Comments

  1. Camp Galileo sure sounds like the right name for this! There is nothing more satisfying than enriching your child’s mind, especially when it comes to science. I think the real value here, is that Camp Galileo leads the kids to WANT to learn – and that is a gift that lasts a lifetime!

  2. The camp sounds fun and educational. The helicopter is a fun craft. I remember making the rubber band airplanes and flying them. They’d usually end up on top of a house, or in a tree, but it was fun anyways.

  3. Thanks for the Fantastic Review on Create a Rubber Band Helicopter + 3 More Activities From Galileo! This Helicopter DIY sounds wonderful! I love that there is a camp that keeps kids learning while having fun! Your so looked very pleased with his helicopter! Thanks so much for sharing your fantastic review, all the pictures, and your personal and professional opinions on Create a Rubber Band Helicopter + 3 More Activities From Galileo with all of us! Also, thank you for sharing all about the Galileo Camp as well! I truly do appreciate it like I always do! Thanks so much again! Michele 🙂
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  4. I haven’t seen rubberband airplanes in years. This would be a great project for me to do with my grandchildren. Thank you so much for sharing this