Cuties In McDonald’s Happy Meals!

I received vouchers for free Happy Meals to facilitate this post. Thoughts are my own.

Cuties Happy Meal

Did you know that fresh, California-grown, Cuties Clementine Oranges by Sun Pacific are currently a new meal option inside McDonald’s Happy Meals?

The kid-sized oranges were introduced in December 2014 and will be available during their peak season until March 2015. This is part of the ongoing dedication of McDonald’s to help give access to fruits.

In 2012, McDonald’s added apple slices into Happy Meals and have since served 1.2 billion bags of apple slices. In 2014, they added Go-GURT low-fat yogurt in kids’ meals and have served over 50 million.

Because oranges are my son’s favorite fruit, we love that McDonald’s has decided to add Cuties as an option in their Happy Meals!

Now whenever we don’t have time to cook at home and just need a quick snack or meal on the road, he can have some sweet Clementine Orange on the side. I love that they’re very easy to peel and I don’t have to make such a mess in the car if my son asks for one. Plus, it’s an excellent source of Vitamin C!

Happy Meal Cuties

I just hope McDonald’s can offer Cuties all-year round because that would be awesome!

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* I received vouchers for free Happy Meals to facilitate this post. Thoughts are my own. I will be responsible for prize fulfillment.


Cuties In McDonald’s Happy Meals! — 92 Comments

  1. I actually enjoy apple slices, but my kids love the cuties! Sometimes it depends on the day too. I just love that they finally have healthy choices!!!

  2. My kiddo’s all prefer the apple slices! Sometimes they want a change, and then it’s the Go-Gurt. I think it’s great that they have such healthy options available and they love that they have a choice!

  3. My grandkids love Cuties and McDonalds but not sure I feel good about them eating their food too often.

  4. Well, They don’t like the apples because they say that they taste funny (like they put something on them to make them last longer or something). They do like the GoGurt and we haven’t been to McDonalds in a long time, so they haven’t gotten any Cuties yet! I know that the kids love oranges! So, I’m sure that the Cuties will be something they will choose! Thanks so much for asking! Michele 🙂
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  5. Thank you for the terrific Review on Cuties In McDonald’s Happy Meals! My kids love to get happy meals even though they aren’t little kids anymore! We haven’t been to McDonalds in a while because we are watching our money situation. I’m sure they will love the cuties that are in the happy meals! They both love oranges and orange juice! Thanks for the review and the information you’ve shared with us on cuties being in the happy meals at McDonalds! I really do appreciate it! Thanks again, Michele 🙂
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  6. My nieces like all 3 the same,but if they had to choose 1 I would say the GoGurt

  7. Every little step makes a difference – if a kid has to have a Happy Meal (and really, they don’t, but anyway) at least there will be some nutrition.

  8. We like all of them! But I never buy gogurt from the store so it’s a nice treat with the Happy Meal.

  9. If I’m with my granddaughter Anya, the choice would be GoGurt. But when I take my grandson, Soren, he prefers the Cuties.

  10. My Grandson prefers apples, but I prefer cuties, at least some of the time. My Grand daughter prefers cuties all of the time.

  11. My daughters like the apple slices – they really like apples especially my youngest one and love the other items too!

  12. (Cuties In McDonald’s Happy Meals!) This is a good idea that they start having more healthier food put into these happy meals.

  13. We hardly ever eat “fast food” but stopped in a Mickey D’s the other day when we were on the road & I was quite surprised to see Cuties on the Happy Meal menu. My kids usually opt for apple slices when we are road tripping but they were very happy to have another healthy option.

  14. It is wonderful that Mcdonalds has made great changes for the Happy Meals. These options were not available when my son was young!

  15. My daughter loves the little cuties. I have gotten her a happy meal a couple times and haven’t seen this option yet and no one has asked.

  16. It must be only running there. There hasn’t been any here.We are waiting for it to come. The kids love cuties. Thank you for the heads up.

  17. My son loves cuties, so for a special treat, I will take him to McDonalds.

  18. I love that they have the apple slices now. My son loves them. I wonder if the cuties are out of season…we do not have that option here 🙁

  19. It’s good that they offer fresh fruit. Kids love fast food, but in general it’s not the healthiest food. It’s usually a treat.

  20. They should add fruit in the meals as an option. If it comes in a happy meal, kids may think it’s a treat and eat more of it.