Be Inspired To Create Your Own Destiny! #StreamTeam

I am a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam and I received a complimentary subscription as well as other perks. Thoughts are my own.


Netflix is a service my family simply couldn’t live without. On top of the usual streaming service, we also subscribe to a DVD plan that allows us to rent DVDs of some shows or movies. Some of my son’s favorite shows to stream are the Adventures of Pacman, Transformers Rescue Bots and Power Rangers.

Are you looking for more shows to watch on Netflix? Perhaps you’d be interested in shows that have a “create your own destiny” theme! Read below for suggestions then!

Storybook characters we grew up with like the Mad Hatter, Snow White, and the Evil Queen are parents now too! And their children are studying at the enchanted high school of Ever After High, a boarding school for teens destined to follow in their famous parents’ fairytale footsteps.

The all new original special Ever After High: Spring Unsprung celebrates the idea that the story of your life is not written in permanent ink. You have the power to create your own destiny. Get a sneak peek at the spell-tacular new Netflix original here!

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In two other Netflix original series premiering this month, there are kids also creating their own destinies. Teenage mermaids stand out from the crowd in Season 2 of Mako Mermaids. And Richie Rich (premieres 2/20), the same entrepreneur we grew up with, is back but this time his refusal to eat his veggies has made him a trillionaire.

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1. Ever After High
2. Mako Mermaids
3. Richie Rich (premieres 2/20)

The stories of these new original series sound really good! I can’t wait to watch all the episodes! In case you need more ideas, here are a few other ways to get your kids’ wheels turning:

Someday, I will…

For your little kids:

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1. Build and fix things: Handy Manny
2. Make a discovery: Sid the Science Kid
3. Walk on the moon: Justin Time: Blast off!: S1E13
4. Explore the ocean: Octonauts


For your big kids:

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1. Make sweet treats: Cupcake Wars
2. Get into show biz: Fame High
3. Represent Team USA: The Gabby Douglas Story
4. Master the kitchen: Chopped


And for teens and parents:

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1. Get the corner office: Undercover Boss
2. Travel the world: Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown
3. Walk the red carpet: Liz & Dick
4. Run my own restaurant: Wahlburgers


How do you encourage your kids to forge their own paths? And what are you currently streaming on Netflix? Let me know in the comments below!


I am a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam and I received a complimentary subscription as well as other perks. Thoughts are my own.


Be Inspired To Create Your Own Destiny! #StreamTeam — 22 Comments

  1. My daughter absolutely loves Ever After High. She has the books and a doll. I love this story line. She will be so excited when I tell her about this new movie. 🙂

  2. Oh what I wouldn’t give for a complimentary Netflix subscription. I got to browse some of the shows at my daughters house and they have a wonderful lineup. My hubby has congestive heart failure and can’t work. I myself am disabled , almost deaf, radial club hands. We enjoy our TV nights. Netflix really is a great service.

  3. I am always telling my grand daughter who is almost 5 to do what she feels right and just because the other kids are doing something does not mean she has to follow them. If she knows something is wrong then do what makes u feel good on the inside and to let some one know if the others are up to no good. She is a smart little girl and is not a follower and i am so proud of her. I have helped raised her from day one and i know she will be the leader of something great one day. She loves the movie Frozen, she can watch it day and night.

  4. I think it’s important to encourage children to be themselves, let them know that they don’t have to be like everyone else. Of the shows listed above the ones that I am currently streaming are Cupcake Wars and Wahlburgers.

  5. We have netflix also and we love it. The price is right and we get alot of enjoyment from it. Thank you for sharing these shows. We will be checking it out soon

  6. Netflix has some amazing shows! I do not have this service but I want to! I see so many great shows to check out and watch! I want to see Cupcake Wars!

  7. I’d love to have a Netflix subscription, but we’re trying to really watch our expenses right now. I like the idea of ‘Ever After High’ because I enjoy modern takes on classic fairy-tale type stories.

  8. No, I do not have Netflix! We just can’t afford to have it! I try to help my children to be themselves and make them happy on who they are! I tell them every day that I love them and that they are all beautiful just the way they are! I also make sure that they know: If a friend jumps off a bridge, are you going to jump off the bridge too? They tell me no. I always comment, that if a friend does something that you know is wrong, will you go with them and do it too? They tell me no! I just like to make sure that they are aware that there are kids out there that will do things, which is not good and that they should stay their ground and not go with them! Thanks so much for the fantastic review and all the information which you have shared with us! I honestly appreciate it! Thanks again, Michele 🙂
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  9. I’m not currently streaming anything in Netflix. The most recent was when I binge-watched The Walking Dead (about halfway through season 2 up to the end of season 4) to get caught up for the start of season 5.

  10. I absolutely love Netflixs, like last night we didn’t have anything on the DVR so we went to our list on Netflixs we ended up watching a very interesting documentary we otherwise would have never seen. You can’t knock the price paying just $8.95 for 2 TV’s. Sometimes I consider getting rid of Dish like every month when my bill comes in… I just haven’t done it yet!

  11. My son is an adult and since we have similar tastes in shows we do a lot of Netflix marathons together. We have been enjoying many of the Netflix originals for adults. Our newest obsessions are Peaky Blinders and Marco Polo.

  12. i encourage them to each do their own thing in life. I do not have a netflix account.