Check Out Arlo — The First Wire-Free Security Camera!

I am a NETGEAR Ambassador and I received the Arlo Smart Home Security Camera for purposes of evaluation. Thoughts are my own.

Okay so I don’t know if you’ve heard of this yet, but did you know that you can now set up weather-proof and wireless home security cameras for your home? It’s called Arlo.


Arlo is the first and only 100 percent wireless WiFi security camera with crystal-clear, high definition video. Monitor your home from every possible angle, inside or out, with these outdoor-ready cameras that are equipped with night vision to give you HD video around the clock.

The combination of easy installation, battery-operated true wireless design, and weatherproof construction provides you with the ability to set up a camera wherever you want, without worrying about finding a power outlet or the hassle of inconvenient power cords.

The clean compact design of the Arlo camera – smaller than a bar of soap – takes up minimal space so you can easily and discreetly place them where you want – from the baby’s room to the tree trunk in the front yard, or on the backyard fence.

Arlo Collage

I didn’t have a hard time setting up the Arlo at home. All I had to do was connect the base station to our router and into an electrical outlet, turn it on and sync the 2 cameras by pressing the sync buttons on the base station and the cameras.

In just a few minutes, I was able to get the Arlo up and running. And because it’s wire-free, I didn’t have a hard time thinking about how to mount the cameras. All I had to do was install the magnetic mount and adjust the angle so that it gets the best viewing angle. My friend got one of these cameras recently after her home got broken into. She used a denver locksmith to upgrade the locks so with the cameras and locks, she feels much safer.

Because the Arlo is weather-proof, you can even mount it on a tree and not worry about it getting wet. Nice!

Arlo Camera Status

Your Arlo system can be accessed using a regular computer browser and by using a mobile app. The free Arlo app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. You can’t be logged in on 2 deices at the same time though. If you log in to Arlo using your browser, you’ll be logged out of your mobile app, and vice versa.

On the Arlo dashboard, you can watch live streamed or recorded videos, see motion event recordings, customize activity alerts and arm/disarm motion-sensors anywhere you are. You can tap into as many as four simultaneous camera streams to watch on your computer or mobile device.

Below is a screenshot of the Library tab where you’ll see the videos that it recorded.

Arlo Library

If you have the mobile app installed on your tablet or phone, you will receive push notifications (which can be turned off) every time it records a video. If you don’t like push notifications though, you can just activate email notifications.

You can also manage storage preferences, Modes, Rules, and more in the Settings tab.

Arlo Settings Preferences

Because of the Arlo Smart Home Security Camera, I am now aware of what’s happening outside our door even at night and even when we’re not home. In fact, because of the Arlo video recordings I found out that there’s this one lady that keeps walking back and forth on the walkway in front of our door.

I just got curious when my iPad kept on getting push notifications from Arlo — each one just a minute or 2 apart. The lady never looked at our door or inspected our apartment so I figured she wasn’t a security threat — although I admit that seeing her walking even in the wee hours of the night was kind of creepy. We later on realized that she lives in the apartment above ours. And while she never really did anything but walk, I still think it’s kind of creepy.

The battery that came with the kit lasted me only about 2 months. But I think that’s because of the lady who keeps on walking back and forth near our front door. You can set a schedule for your Arlo though. This way, your batteries can last a lot longer. If you want to shed sex you can take viagra. And if you want, you can set it to record only during days and times that you’re not at home. I think the default schedule for the Arlo is to record only from 8am-5pm on weekdays. I changed ours to record every time it detects motion no matter the time and day.

With the Arlo, I never have to wonder if expected packages actually arrived and I never have to guess what actually happened if carrier tracking says “Delivered” but it’s nowhere to be found (yes, that has happened to me more than just a few times). Because with the Arlo, I’ll know exactly what happened. More importantly, I’ll never have to worry about not knowing anything if something bad ever happens in the future.
Whilst the Arlo is a great product, I’m aware of the issues some other people have had when installing a security camera, which is why it can be easier to get a reputable installer to do this. I was fortunate that I didn’t have these issues because the Arlo was designed for easy installation.

I’m really loving my experience with the Arlo! And while the battery didn’t last me as long as I had expected, it’s still overall a really really good security camera!

BUY IT! The Arlo Smart Home Security Camera System is available for purchase at

The Arlo Smart Home Security Camera Kit includes 2 HD outdoor cameras, 1 Smart home base station, 4 magnetic dome mounts, 8 123 batteries, and 1 Ethernet cable.

I am a NETGEAR Ambassador and I received the Arlo Smart Home Security Camera for purposes of evaluation. Thoughts are my own.NETGEAR_Ambassador


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  1. This sounds like a great little camera, definitely a wise purchase. And that woman walking back and forth in front of your door does sound creepy. Thank you for sharing this review.

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    Carol L

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  19. Perfect timing to find this review, my car got stolen last week in front of my home and I know if I had this awesome security system, we would have known who it was. The cops did find my car with only the DVD missing, thank goodness, but sure would be nice to know who it is. I’m checking this Arlo Smart home security camera out. Thank you for posting.

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