Last Day To Get Happy Meal Books!

Happy Meal Books

If you haven’t heard yet, Happy Meal Books have returned to McDonald’s — providing more than 17 million books to families across the US.

Through a collaboration with HarperCollins Children’s Books (one of the leading and best-regarded publishers of children’s books) and Reading Is Fundamental (the largest children’s literacy nonprofit in the U.S.), families will be able to enjoy a collection of 4 classic Happy Meal-sized books.

My son loves the toys that come with a Happy Meal and I think having books in something he already loves will help him love books even more. With Happy Meal books, kids are encouraged to not just think about feeding their bodies but also their minds.

Available books include If you Give a Mouse a Cookie, Big Nate: In a Class by HimselfFlat Stanley Goes Camping and Pete the Cat and his Magic Sunglasses.

Thing is, today’s the last day that these Happy Meal books will be offered so if you’re interested in these Happy Meal books, then head over to your nearest McDonald’s today!


Last Day To Get Happy Meal Books! — 36 Comments

  1. Thank you for reminding me I will have to stop by . ( I need a cheeseburger like I need a hole in my head LMAO but my son loves these)

  2. Ya I’d much rather get books then some little plastic toy that will break or get thrown out in a couple days and I totally missed this promo at McDonalds and I think we are going on Sat for Dinner hopefully mine will still have some

  3. I agree! Books are an Educational plus for Children. Some toys are educational too. But not usually the ones you get in a Happy Meal! I wish they would still keep putting the Books in the Happy Meals!

  4. Happy Meal Books are such a better idea then a toy, love this way better. Wish they would stick around forever.

  5. I think it’s awesome that Mcdonalds gave these books out. It may be the only books some children have. But in all fairness. all children love the fact that they get a TOY with their food, or a surprise in general. So whether it’s books, toys, or stickers, I think it’s great that they still do this for kids.

  6. I didn’t know that they had these, I hope a lot of people got to get these books. Thank you for sharing.

  7. I didn’t know that they ever had books in the happy meal. That’s so much better than a small toy that usually gets lost or broken.

  8. I think it’s great that McDonald’s is supporting reading by including books in their Happy Meals. Thank you for sharing this post.

  9. I missed this and really wish I wouldn’t have. We were just at McDonald’s yesterday. These would have been great for the grandkids.

  10. They should keep the books. That’s something that a child can read and enjoy for a while.

  11. I am not a McDonald’s customer, but this is really cool. Books are the perfect happy meal toy. I love the flat stanley book, so that would be extra fun to get.

  12. I wish they would repeat this offering.So much more longer lasting than cheap toys that break easily and go from bringing joy to disappointment

  13. I agree books for the kids are way better than toys. They need to do this more often. Educate the kids this way. Have them learn to read too. They all love to eat out at the McDonalds .

  14. I would love to grab some of these books for the grandchildren , wish I had seen
    this post earlier,, Next time

  15. When my kids were younger they had a bunch of VHS movies and I had my dad get them all for Christmas for a gift. One of the movies was Charlotte’s Web which they watched over and over. This is a great selection of books for kids.