New Year’s Eve Countdown With #KingJulien On Netflix! #StreamTeam

Worried about ruining your children’s (or your) body clock if you let them do the New Year’s Eve countdown at midnight tonight? Then check this out!

King Julien is hosting his very own kid-sized countdown special on Netflix! You and your family can use this special New Year’s Eve special to do a countdown no matter the time of day!

If your New Year’s Eve countdown is closer to 7pm than midnight, you’re not alone. According to a recent survey from Netflix, a third of parents (34%) admitted they either had or planned to start the party early and fool their kids into thinking its midnight long before the ball drops.

King Julien found out about this and said:
““I was totally bummed when I heard that some of my favorite little party people aren’’t allowed to stay up until midnight for the biggest party of the year. “But then I realized I’’m king; I make the rules! So move over, Ryan Seacrest, I’’ve got my very own on-demand countdown party on Netflix. That means the New Year’s Eve party is always on — just how it should be! What better way to ring in Julien-uary?””

Check out the trailer of King Julien’s NYE Countdown on Youtube! You can also find it on or stream it on your TV!

King Julien NYE Countdown

* I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team and I received a subscription as well as other perks for promotional purposes.


New Year’s Eve Countdown With #KingJulien On Netflix! #StreamTeam — 31 Comments

  1. That’s what I used to do. Start the countdown at an earlier time. Young kids don’t need to be up until midnight. Heck, I don’t even stay up that late.

  2. Why did it take so long for this idea! I think I might even use it to confuse my husband into going to bed early 😉 Happy New Year 🙂

  3. This is great, you don’t have to worry about the children staying up too late. Just stream King Julien’s NYE Countdown at whatever time you choose, and the children can go to bed at an earlier hour. Thank you for sharing this post.

  4. WOW! I really love this idea! It’s hard to decide whether to leave your child up or not. However, some kids can’t stay awake to usher in the New Year! Now that mine are a bit older, they want to stay up and that’s ok because of no school tomorrow. However, when they were younger, I wish they would have had this then, because I always hated to tell them they had to get their sleep and go to bed. This New Year’s Eve Countdown is terrific! Especially since it gets darker earlier, it’s easier to fool them as long as they can’t tell time! Thanks so much for letting all of us know about this wonderful Countdown! I really do appreciate it! Thanks again, Michele 🙂
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  5. I an sorry we don’t have Netflix and I missed this. My kiddos would have loved to have watched this. We are not be fans of the countdown shows on the TV so this would have been fun for them and they could be in bed at a decent hour.

  6. Wish I had seen this sooner! I babysat my granddaughter last night and this would have been fun for us. That is definitely something I’ll remember for next year.

  7. I had heard about this, thank you for sharing and I hope a lot of parents took advantage of this.

  8. wow i would have witnessed the event on netflix. i just missed it. i love watching anything on netflix as it has some of the best movies and shows.

  9. I heard about this from several sources, but never heard the part about King Julien hosting it! That’s great. 😀 It’s also a great idea for the kids. And I love Julien-uary! It’s my birthday month.Lol

  10. I love King Julien! He is so cute and ridiculous. I will have to go check out Netflix for this and have some silly kid fun as a full-grown adult (don’t judge me).