Ethel M Chocolates For The Holidays

*I received the products above for purposes of evaluation. Thoughts are my own.

The first time I got to try Ethel M Chocolates last year, I was impressed. I guess I wasn’t expecting it to taste so good, that it would just be like any other chocolate you’ll find at the store. But somehow, Ethel M Chocolates had me wanting more as I ate their chocolates.

Ethel M logo

Not familiar with the Ethel M brand? Here’s a bit about the company.

For more than 100 years, the Mars family has shared their passion and time-honored traditions for chocolate-making. It started back in the early 1900’s when Forrest Mars, Sr., one of the founders of Mars, Inc., learned about the art of chocolate making from his mother, Ethel Mars. Ethel Mars’s teachings about chocolate making, enabled Forrest Mars Sr., and Mars, Inc., to create one of the world’s largest chocolate companies, and beloved chocolate brands such as M&M’S®, SNICKERS®, DOVE®, TWIX® and more.

In 1981, after passing the leadership of Mars, Inc. to his children, Forrest Mars Sr., retired to Henderson, Nevada and created Ethel M.® Chocolates as a tribute to his mother, her recipes and chocolate making teachings. Today, Ethel M is a Mars, Inc., brand that strives to represent the very best chocolates that the Mars family knows how to make. The Mars family continues to be intimately involved in helping Ethel M keep the legacy of Frank and Ethel Mars alive by producing the highest quality chocolates available.

Ethel M

Ethel M sent me the Milk Chocolate Collection and the Classic & Chocolate Pecan Brittle. I specifically requested for the Pecan Brittle because the Almond Butter Krisp and Pecan Toffee Crisp (which are very much similar to the Pecan Brittle) were some my favorites in the collections I tried last year, and I remember wishing there was more of them in the box.

The chocolates arrived on a very rainy day. There was a storm here in Northern California yesterday and I didn’t even expect the mail people to deliver stuff. But maybe our Fedex guy figured I’d need my chocolate fix in such weather. 😀

I’m loving these chocolates so much that the Pecan Brittles are down to just 7 pieces now!

Ethel M Chocolates

Ethel M Chocolates are made with the finest, freshest ingredients and contain no preservatives. Some gift favorites include:

  • Peppermint Bark ($22). This handmade delicacy features crushed peppermint candies drenched in creamy white chocolate and covered with a layer of premium dark chocolate.
  • NEW Creamy Caramels in a Keepsake Box ($12) are ready to give in a decorative box topped with a red acrylic bow. There are 6 pieces per box.
  • The Nut & Caramel Collection ($28-$34) features toffee crisps, pecans, almonds and caramels, each drenched in dark or milk chocolate. (16 pieces in a Snowflake Holiday Box for $28; 24 pieces in regular box is $34)
  • The Holiday Cocktail Collection ($28), with retro designs that evoke the 1960s, gives chocolate lovers a new way to toast the holidays. Each of the 16 pieces is filled with real spirits combined in a crème center: Champagne Cocktail and Mucha Margarita in milk chocolate or Lemon Drop and Chocopolitan in dark chocolate. (Some state laws prohibit shipment of alcoholic products directly to consumers. See online ordering information for details.)

I recommend Ethel M Chocolates because these would definitely be great gifts for friends and relatives who love sweets!

BUY IT! Ethel M Chocolates are available for purchase at! Prices vary depending on the quantity, collection and combination of products chosen.


*I received the products above for purposes of evaluation. Thoughts are my own.


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  1. Yum! I think Ethel M. Chocolates would make a great gift for Christmas. I know I would love to receive chocolates. I need to stop by their website and take a look at their selection. Thank you for sharing this review.

  2. i’ve never heard of them but they sound and look delicious.i’ll have to check them out

  3. I had not heard of the Ethel M chocolates but they sound fantastic. I am a fan of the Mars chocolates. I am thinking of gifting them to my mother who is a chocoholic.

  4. The nut and caramel collection looks like a winner to me, chocolate is the perfect gift, and if you pair it with some wine it becomes a more awesome gift. YUM!

  5. My first experience with Ethel M was on a trip to Vegas, where we ventured out on a bus tour of Nevada. We took a tour through the factory, where samples were given. We ended up buying LOTS of chocolates. They are truly good. Your review has me missing them!

  6. This is the first I have heard of this brand of candy. I am glad you were able to share with us.

  7. I have heard of this brand, but have not seen it locally. I had no idea it was made by Mars.

  8. The NEW Creamy Caramels in a Keepsake Box is such a cute gift to give one of my family members for the Holiday. And the Peppermint Bark is one that I would love to try!

  9. You got me at Chocolates! lol Love to try The Holiday Cocktail Collection, I had never tried these before but they look so decadent and scrumptious. Now, I’m off to find them online, so they can ship it to me lol. Thank you for sharing.

  10. These look and sound delicious! I’m glad I read your post. I had never heard the Mars story before!

  11. sounds awesome, but is it possible to write a bad review on chocolate?? LOL… these sound especially yummy though.. thanks for the review and suggestion.

  12. It is interesting that this was started by the Mars family. I have never heard of this chocolate. I will have to check it out. I love good chocolate

  13. My family has been getting Ethel Ms chocolates for years. You have to try the lemon creme filled dark chocolate. I’m salivating just thinking of them!

  14. It all sounds good to me. I love toffee and chocolate. I’d try the nut and caramel collection first.

  15. These look and sound delicious! The Holiday Cocktail Collection is the perfect gift idea for my sister – she would love it!

  16. I have never tried these Chocolates, but last Year I did buy some Liquor Filled Chocolates which were very good, I will have to give these a try.

    Thanks for the Post and the Link.

  17. These chocolates are very popular. After reading your article, I am motivated to give it a try as they are more affordable than I thought they would be

  18. I lived in Las Vegas for 12 years, and Ethel M is in Henderson (a suburb of Vegas), and the tour of their facility is AWESOME! For those of us who have ever lived in Nevada, Ethel M is the ONLY chocolate!

  19. Ethel M makes our favorite chocolates especially the strawberry cream is the one I always buy. I pick up a box when were in Las Vegas to bring home. They use to be where we lived where so sad when they closed.

  20. The holiday cocktail collection sounds good. I wish I’d had seen it earlier. Oh well, there’s always next year. Hopefully they’ll bring it back.

  21. This is the first I’ve heard of these chocolates, and they look so good, I would love to try them!!!

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