Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans Perfect For Your College Kid

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Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans @FamilyMobile

I’ve been on the Walmart Family Mobile network for over a year now. The signal strength, as well as internet speeds, won me over so I eventually decided to terminate my other phone’s contract. And though I paid a hefty Early Termination Fee, my husband and I consider it as one of the best decisions we’ve made.

You see, nothing irritates my husband more than a choppy call. So Walmart Family Mobile’s clear calls and their lowest priced unlimited plans, make it so easy for us to enjoy talking to each other for hours on the phone and yet save so much money.

Walmart Family Mobile - lowest prices

Now that many of my cousins are going back to college — and away from home — it’s important for my aunts and uncles to make sure they have a phone that runs on a network with clear calls and amazing internet speeds. I mean, parents can get a little too paranoid for their kid’s safety in college so they need to make sure they can reach one another anytime.

And what better network to check than the one with the lowest priced unlimited plans, right? Imagine that, unlimited talk, text and data for as low as $34.88!

There are lots of full-featured phones offered on the Walmart Family Mobile network that can be purchased at an affordable price. I found the shelf at the Entertainment section of our nearest Walmart, and since almost all Walmart stores have pretty much the same layout, be sure to check out that area for any promotions and rollbacks.

lowest priced unlimited plans - Instore #Phones4School

Speaking of rollbacks, Walmart Family Mobile currently has the Nokia Lumia 521 on rollback for only $49.88. I’ve been using a Nokia Lumia 925 for a few months now so I can easily teach my cousins how to use a Windows Phone. Here are some features of the Nokia Lumia 521:

  • Runs Windows 8 mobile operating system — it’s really pretty and smooth
  • Live Tiles from Windows that automatically updates news and more — makes it easy to spot updates
  • Airtime balance display — track your minutes right on your phone
  • Vivid 4″ color display  — ideal for viewing life-like photos and video and beautiful graphics
  • Super-responsive screen — yes, you can keep your gloves on
  • 5MP Camera — one of the best things about Nokia Lumia phones
  • 8GB of internal storage + expandable storage — enough room for apps, music or whatever you need to store
  • Battery talk time: up to 9.6 hours — you can talk for hours on end
  • Standby time: up to 360 hours — or you can just leave it on standby for that long

Nokia Lumia 521 One Note #Phones4School

One of my favorite apps on the Windows Phone is OneNote. With this app, one can easily make checklists. Whether it’s a to-do list, a grocery list, or a travel plan list, you can easily add more items and check off the ones that are already done. You can even add pictures and audio, and access your list from any device.

I must say, the Windows 8 mobile operating system is a beauty! I love how you can change the color scheme just like you can change the color scheme on a Windows PC. My husband knows I always change the colors on my phones so this is one of my favorite features. I just really love it when phone themes are customizable!

Nokia Lumia 521 #Phones4School

Another good thing about the Nokia Lumia 521 is WiFi Calling. With this feature on, you can enhance your phone’s coverage and have clearer calls as long as you’re within WiFi range.

But I think the best thing about the Nokia Lumia 521 is the camera. College kids will love how they can take photos even in the dark! It also has a Smart Camera that allows you to take multiple photos with one click, and even edit your photos so you can take and share only the best pictures.

I think the only drawback for having a Windows phone is that there aren’t as many apps available on the Windows Mobile App Store as there are on Android or iOS. But browsing through the list of apps, I’m sure you’ll find ones that can replace any app that doesn’t have a Windows version.


At an affordable price below $50, you’ll get such a pretty and feature-packed phone with really fast internet speed and excellent coverage! Parents won’t need to break the bank just to make sure they can reach their college-bound kids anytime! And kids… well, they won’t have a reason not to call or text their parents!

Connect with Walmart Family Mobile on Twitter — @FamilyMobile — for regular updates on promotions and products!


Do you need lowest priced unlimited plans for a someone going back to college? Which feature of the Nokia Lumia 521 do you like the most? Let me know in the comments below!



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  1. These prices sound really good. I need to go and see what kind of phones they have next time our contract is up.

  2. This looks like a great phone, my favorite features of the Nokia Lumia 521 are the airtime balance display and the battery talk time of up to 9.6 hours. Thank you for sharing this review.

  3. yeah, my phone plan is really high as well, and i am also going to college so this may be a good option for my parents to keep up with me. ill have to look into this.

  4. It is amazing how expensive college is and anything that can help defray cost should be investigated. This would be a good choice for college kids.

  5. I didn’t know that walmart had this. It seems like they are getting into a little bit of everything.

  6. The features i like most about the Nokia Lumia 521 is the camera and storage space.

  7. I enjoyed reading your review on the Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans Perfect For Your College Kid! I’m not up to date on cell phones! We only have one which was free and get something like 250 mins a month. We only use it if we are away from home and need to contact someone or if there is an emergency! I was not even aware that Walmart carried them. You are right though that parents that have kids going to college, they should have a cheaper plan to get in touch with their college student and visa versa whenever they want or need to! Thank you for all the information you provided on the one phone that Walmart covers. I honestly don’t know much about them at all! Thanks again, Michele 🙂
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  8. We recently dumped our cell phone carrier to go for a more economical plan. With two teenage sons and all their gadgets, our bill was out of control!

  9. I didn’t realize the talk and text plan from Wal-Mart was so inexpensive. I love that you can get the phones for such a good price too. Thanks!

  10. My contract ends soon so I’ve been comparing which plans are best for me and this sounds like a steal! Will definitely be looking into it. Thanks for the info!

  11. My daughter is heading to college next fall, and I want to upgrade her phone and her plan so she has no problem staying in touch when that happens. Thanks for the info!