#EarthFootwear Bellwether Shoes: Comfort And Versatility

I received a pair of shoes from Earth Footwear for purposes of evaluation. Thoughts are my own.


Just like a lot of other women, I love shoes. I know I’m not the only one. But I must admit that I’m not too adventurous with the styles and colors of my footwear. That’s because I want to make sure that the shoes I buy are ones that I can use with more than just a few outfits, that they’re comfortable for walking (or at least for long periods of standing) and that they can last me a few years.

I have purchased one too many pairs of shoes that just weren’t for me — either they’re too uncomfortable or the materials used for it aren’t worth the price I paid for. Now I have about Earth Footwear in the past but I’ve never had the chance to wear one. So when I was given the opportunity to try them out, I jumped on it! I chose the Bellwether flats in black.

I know, I know. Too predictable. Too common. But I should add that black flats never go out of style. They’re very classy and very versatile.

Earth Footwear 2

In the weeks that I’ve had these flats, I’ve used it for doing grocery shopping and paired it with shorts and a simple shirt. I’ve worn it with cropped pants, a tan top and a blazer. And yes, I’ve also worn it with a cute dress at church. I just love the versatility of these shoes! And I wouldn’t complain if I had to wear these everyday because that means my feet would always feel comfortable in its cushion!

The Bellwether is part of Earth Footwear’s Fall Collection and retails for $94.99. While it may seem that the price is more expensive than others, I really think that footwear is one item in your wardrobe that one shouldn’t skimp on. That’s one thing my mom has taught me as I was growing up. She always told me that the price of shoes shouldn’t matter if it’s made of good material, if it’s comfortable on your feet and if you think it can last you for more than a year or 2.

Now Earth Footwear’s shoes feature a comfort footbed with multi-density latex cushioning, reinforced arch support and an over-padded heel that helps effectively absorb and displace shock. It combines contemporary comfort and style. And for those things, I believe Earth Footwear is worth every penny!

Earth Footwear

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#EarthFootwear Bellwether Shoes: Comfort And Versatility — 95 Comments

  1. I absolutely loved your review on EarthFootwear Bellwether Shoes: Comfort And Versatility! I’m with you, I have got to have a comfortable shoe to wear and be able to wear it standing, walking, etc. These shoes you received are really cute. Black goes with practically everything and I have to admit, I generally purchase Black or Brown shoes for myself! I love how these shoes have that “extra” cushioning and support needed to keep your feet comfortable! That’s what I expect out of the shoes I always purchase! I’m a SAHM with Disabilities, so I’m generally in sneakers. I do have shoes which I wear on special occasions and to church! Thanks so much for the review and the pictures of your shoes! I appreciate it very much! I am putting EarthFootwear on my “wish list” (getting awfully long these days) of things I want or need once this financial situation straightens out! Thanks again, Michele 🙂
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  2. These are cute flats, I have a pair of black flats and a pair of gold flats, they’re great for when you want to give your feet a break. Thank you for sharing this post.

  3. I love a nice comfortable pair of flats. The price really isn’t that bad for a high quality pair of shoes. I’d buy them.

  4. My criteria for shoes (or clothes for that matter) is COMFORT. These look very comfortable.

  5. These are exactly what I need and they do look very comfy, but I can’t spend $100 on shoes. I bought a $20 pair of sandals on clearance last week and am still wondering if I overspent. I agree shoes should be comfortable and durable, but if I can’t find any like this for less, I’ll just keep wearing my old ones.

  6. Thank you so much for this review. I have been trying to find shoes that where not only versatile, looked nice and COMFORTABLE. I love shoes, heels are my absolute favorite. Well I cannot wear them like I used to I have severe arthritis, Fibromyalgia, and we are talking to the surgeon about bi-lateral knee replacement in the next week or so. To find a shoe that still looks nice with my outfits is fantastic. Thank you for a great review. BTW I still cheat and wear my heels, I pay for it the next day but hey I love my shoes. I want to wear them not look at them!

  7. i won a pair of their shoes and did not like the style, so i have never worn them, trying to sell them, they felt comfortable when i tried on a different pair at the stores.

  8. I love shoes but they must be comfortable and cute before I spend my money on them. These look very comfy and stylish and I have to look for them and try them out.

  9. Those are so cute and look super comfy! As a 6 foot tall woman, I’m always in the market for adorable flats.

  10. I also love to buy shoes I can wear with more then just a couple of outfits, my shoes must be very versatile. I also love the comfort these flats offer.

  11. I really like these shoes. They look so comfortable. These would be a good work shoe, no achy feet at the end of the day.

  12. Thanks for the terrific review on #EarthFootwear! I’m more like you when it comes to shoes, however, I try not to spend too much money. I love shoes that are comfortable and versatile! That you can wear them dressed up and dressed down and they still look great! I do believe that it’s an awful lot of money to spend on a pair of shoes. I can purchase a whole week’s worth of groceries for that price! I think the highest I’ve paid for shoes was around $45. I do love the shoes that you received for the review. They look awesome on you! And, most of all, they are comfortable enough that you can where them anywhere and still not have aching feet! Thanks so much for the Great review and the pictures of your new shoes! I truly appreciate you sharing! Thanks again, Michele 🙂
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  13. You’re right – black flats never go out of style…and they always seem very Audrey Hepburn-ish to me – classic, timeless. And I need quality shoes because I have a lot of trouble with my feet. These look like something I could use!

  14. I have never tried flats because I have flat feet. But after reading about them, I think I’m going to give them a try.

  15. I love the look of the shoes and they seem soooo comfortable. Will check into them and thanks for your information on them.

  16. I love these shoes! They are both stylish and functional. I love that they have that feminine look, but also look extremely comfortable to wear. And these are just the type of shoes you can basically wear with any outfit! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  17. Just looking at those, i can feel the comfort on my feet. Not to mention they look great and would go with so many other looks.

  18. I have been looking into buying a pair of flats. I always wear boots during the winter, but sometimes I just want something lightweight that I can slip off. These do look super comfy. And I like that with flats, I can wear other nice pants and not just skinny jeans. I will check these out!!

  19. If there is one thing I appreciate is a comfortable shoe. It is impossible to keep your cool when your feet hurt.

  20. I’ve never owned a pair of Earth Footwear’s shoes but I’ve been wanting to try them. They look so comfortable and fashionable. I’ll have to put them on my Christmas wish list!

  21. these shoes look very comfortable, and I like a pair of shoes that I can throw a pair of jeans or slacks on with or use with a skirt or dress, I know I only find a few of them that I can do this with and this pair looks like one 🙂 very nice and thanks for share

  22. They look comfortable. And like you said black flats are always in style. Would definitely buy a pair based on your review.

  23. I wish I could afford a pair of these shoes. I love flats because I found them to be comfortable. I mainly wear jeans, but if I had to dress up, I agree with you that these shoes would be nice to wear at that time too.

  24. These are so pretty, and that fact that they are comfortable make them awesome! I could wear them with just about everything in my closet! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  25. I love those shoes. I would want them in black also. I can see how they would go with anything. Being diabetic, I need shoes that are comfortable and don’t hurt the feet. These sound like they would be perfect for that. Thank you for sharing this.

  26. I am such a flats person as I have a bad back. And I am always looking for some good-looking options and these look great!

  27. Those shoes are really cute. I’m always on the lookout for a cute, comfortable pair of flats so I’ll have to check these out.

  28. I live in flats due to a back problem and before I saw these didn’t know where to find those “predictable” and “common” everyday ones. These look perfect to me!

  29. I would love to have a pair of Earth footwear and especially the Bellwether. I broke my leg in 7 places on 7/24/14, had to have surgery and over a month stay in the hospital. I fell again not long after I got home and broke my hip of thd same leg. My feet and legs are so swollen that I can’t even get my shoes on, but the shoes you wrote the review about sound like they would feel great.

  30. Shoes are not really my thing but they do have to be comfy so these sound like they would work and they are flats cause I can’t walk in heels either

  31. The padding in the shoe looks like it would add to the comfort. I have also purchased too many shoes that are so uncomfortable that I can not wear them.

  32. I usually wear flats and these are so cute and look so comfortable to wear. I like you can dress them up or down with jeans or a dress too.

  33. Those shoes are cute and they look comfortable. I like them because you can wear them with jeans or dress slacks.

  34. I love those shoes. I could wear those. I have a back problem which resulted in walking issues. Those shoes would work for me,

  35. These shoes are cute and look cushioned and comfortable! I don’t think I can pay $100 for a pair of shoes though, even though I would love them!

  36. I’m buying a pair of these. I usually wear tennis shoes, but want something a bit dressier. These are cute.

  37. I have always had a hard time finding shoes that fit right. My mom used to call my feet “gunboats.” I too have bought shoes that didn’t fit or too many pairs of shoes that just weren’t for me – neither was the prices I paid for them! I would really appreciate a pair of comfortable slip-on shoes – THANKS!!

  38. These are absolutely adorable! I like that they are so versatile and so comfy looking I love flats!

  39. These look SO comfortable, every one of them! And as I’ve gotten older, comfort trumps anything! Nice to see cute AND comfy shoes!

  40. I love to look at shoes == especially pretty ones BUT COMFORT is the most important thing to me. Of course I want to look good but never at the price of feeling good, LOL! Thanks for the review, I will check them out! 🙂

  41. I really like the style of this shoe. It sounds so comfy. I would love to have a pair but this is something I will have to save up for. Thank you for sharing