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$125 Kohl’s Gift Card Giveaway | Fall Fashionista Event — 251 Comments

  1. My fashion tip for fall is layering, it is always in for the season. I also love my boots and wearing my leg warmers at the top of my boots. Very cute!

  2. My fashion tip for fall is not to be afraid of very bright colors, they look much better than grey/black/beige everyone is wearing…

  3. Google Fall fashion trends for 2014 or 2015 or whatever year it is, then see what colors, styles, even hair and makeup trends are out for that current season. Pay special attention to what has gone OUT of style and adjust accordingly. But as for what it is IN style.. do not be tempted to follow every trend, for example if skinny jeans or jeggings came in and you know those are not flattering to your body shape, then skip that trend and just pay attention to the ones that you do like and will flatter you. Don’t wear something you think is ugly or is not ‘you’ just because it’s a current trend either, you will feel and look silly if you do.

  4. My fall fashion tip: invest in eye-catching outerwear since it’s not yet too cold and I can still style coats before winter forces me to wear long thick jacket.

  5. Wear nice colorful scarves to brighten up any outfit. Wear a casual colorful scarf with sweaters. It really makes me feel cheerful when I wear a colorful scarf!

  6. My fashion tip for fall is to dress nice but comfortable like wearing a nice cable sweater with jeans.

  7. My fashion tip would be to add bright colors to your wardrobe. Fall colors are usually dark and it’s always good to add a splash of color like a bright scarf to the outfit.

  8. I don’t really have good fashion tips, but I like to wear cowgirl boots in the fall because they are so versatile. You can dress them up or down.

  9. I am not very fashionable but wear clothing suited for the season, dress warmer for colder temperatures and wear comfortable clothing.

  10. Leggins/jeggings + over the knee boots + long slouchy sweaters – Looks good on everyone in my opinion.

  11. Be yourself. Wear what is comfortable and don’t worry about what everyone says you should do. Fashions change each season. If you want to be trendy all the time and can afford it, fine. I’m not going broke just to appease the media perception of how I should look.

  12. Get a cute pair of boots!! You can dress them up and dress them down no matter the occasion…AND you can wear them through winter! They are the perfect accessory!

  13. Get a cute pair of boots!! You can dress them up and dress them down no matter the occasion…AND you can wear them through winter! They are the perfect accessory!

  14. Never sacrifice comfort for style. Be stylish, but make it comfortable. Because when you feel good, you naturally look good!

  15. Wear a sundress with textured leggings & add boots,a blazer, and a great accessory!

  16. boots with skinny jeans and a cute scarf and sweater is a fall go to easy outfut that looks great πŸ™‚

  17. avoid orange – pumpkin themed – items … light orange should only be for the summer

  18. Boots are great with skinny jeans and layer since the weather is usually pretty back and forth.

  19. Jeans, knee high maroon boots, oversized cardigan sweater, maroon or navy scarf, hair in a high messy top-knot, and dark red lips.

  20. Oranges, browns, and rusts look amazing for fall. Oversized sweaters and hoodies are great outerwear, for the ever changing temps. Love fall!

  21. I am the wrong person to ask about fashion. I like to wear black pants, they match anything.

  22. Wish I knew more about fashion but I have never been one to follow it. I purchased what ever I liked, not knowing if it was in or not.

  23. Focus on colors that look good on you. Don’t just use browns and cream colors. Experiment with reds, yellows, even fuchsia!

  24. check the clothing displays in the stores,pick the items you personally like and wear it,don’t go all in with the fashion trends they don’t work on everybody,if there is something here and there that you like you’ll feel good wearing it and that’s what matters.

  25. i think that in the fall they seem to always go to the dark bold colors.. i think we should still have the beautiful bright colors too just maybe in a darker shade.. everything seems to go to all red and i think would be better to have more offered..

  26. Don’t wear colors or styles that are unflattering just because they’re trendy…. you still look bad in them, so go with something that brings out your best!

  27. Scarfs are my go to item for fall. They are no only fashionable but they can help you keep warm on the chilly mornings.

  28. My fall tip is to use accessories to pull together your look and I love riding boots in the fall. Female/44/US

  29. My fashion tip for fall (or anytime really) is to buy what fits and forget what the tag says. I see so many women wearing pants too small which is so much worse that buying a bigger size and nobody knowing but them.

  30. Fall Fashion Tip: Choose cardigans and shrugs—maybe a denim jacket. These can be easily taken on and off as the weather gets iffy and changeable and can be worn with some Summer/Transitional clothes to stretch the wardrobe.

  31. My tip is to wear layers to prepare for weather changes. Nothing worse than being too hot or too cold.

  32. I don’t know much about fashion, but I try to keep up with the trends and what’s out. I would say don’t be afraid to layer clothing.

  33. My fashion tip is do not be afraid to wear white or bright colors It is what makes you yourself comfortable as you are your own individual person..

  34. My tip would be to make sure you are really, truly comfortable in what you’re wearing. Even if it’s cute you won’t feel good if it’s not comfortable, and that won’t be cute!

  35. This fall definitely calls for layering. Cold in the morning, but by mid-morning have to take off a couple of layers as the sun beats down!

  36. My fall fashion tip is to simply remember this… tights are NOT pants! There are some things that can’t be unseen…

  37. Make sure boots match clothes. An example is to not wear tan or light brown boots with black or dark clothes because it just looks bad.

  38. My best tip for fall is to leave behind all of the summer colors and use rich fall colors in makeup and clothing.

  39. Fashion tip for Fall,dress in layers, weather changes so fast it may get hot before the day is over or colder, scarfs can dress up most any outfit, but most of all dress comfortable, with comfortable shoes and socks..

  40. my fashion tip for you for the Fall season is to remember just because its Fall doesn’t mean you can add a splash of color πŸ™‚ like maybe from your scarf or hat or shoes or maybe just from earings πŸ˜‰

  41. The transition seasons (fall and spring) are always hard to dress for because it can be chilly in the morning and warm by the afternoon. I hate having to bundle into a coat in the morning only to be carrying it over my arm by the afternoon. Instead of a bulky coat, I like to use big scarves to stay warm in the mornings, because they can be carried more easily or tucked into a purse when I don’t need them by the afternoon. Wrapping a warm scarf around your neck or draping it over my shoulders really is almost as warm as a jacket. Plus, they’re cute and fashionable!

  42. My tip: Go for comfort and warmth. Don’t let fashion keep you from those two basics.
    Thanks for the contest.

  43. My fashion tip would be to make sure you have a couple of pairs of leggings and skinny jeans, a nice comfy sweater and a good pair of comfortable knee high boots!

  44. I would have to say for a tip that color, really BRIGHT colors are great in your outfits. I also love the new fingerless gloves, if you live in warmer climates they are perfect!

  45. Get yourself a little pair of booties, they look cute with leggings especially in the same color.

  46. OMG, my tip is have breakfast in the morning. Wow, kohls gc is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity.

  47. boots, you can never go wrong with boots, they are always in style if you stick to the classic styles and long hair and braids are in….

  48. My fashion fall tip is wear something comfortable and cozy. With the cold weather approaching, best way is to layer. If you have a favorite jacket and long sleeved shirt, go ahead and wear it! Utility jacket and leather moto jackets are going to a huge teend this fall. Wear bold prints like plaid, houndstooth, polka dots, etc. to stand out! Add a cute scarf or beanie as your best accesory

  49. I like to invest in quality basics and pair them with less expensive, trendy pieces. Thanks for the chance to win!

  50. Add a colorful scarf, a pair of boots, just remember to keep warm! Dress for comfort also, not just fashion. You CAN do both! Ask a man, they do like frilly, poofy as my hubby would say! So I try to add a little POOF!

  51. Make sure you have one of each, grey, black, navy blue cardigan sweater. That way you can grab a sweater that will match your outfit for those chilly mornings, and cool evenings.

  52. Not really, I am fashion challenged. I think skinny jeans, oversized sweaters and tall boots look good on just about everyone. Thank you!

  53. Buy pieces that can get multi use wear. Buy staple pieces and change it up with accessories.

  54. I like to get a few classic pieces in navy, black, brown and add trendy current fashion items with it to create a new look. The classic pieces can be used year after year, which saves some money.

  55. I am not much of a fashionesta. I guess my tip is, “don’t dress like me”. πŸ™‚ That would be a good tip πŸ™‚ For instance, today I went to the store with a t-shirt, capri pants, white socks and black sandals, oh and a stocking hat πŸ™‚

  56. My fashion tip is always to dress in layers. Morning here are usually chilly and then afternoons can be blazing hot.

  57. Wear hats and boots! If you will go for layering, then use light clothes. Too much accessories is a no no for me. try to wear earthy colors, i think its really good for the fall

  58. I’m not really a fashion person,but i always heard in the fall if your going to be layering to use light weight clothes so you dont look bulky

  59. My Fall fashion tip, light scarves (like the infinity kind, etc) make great accent pieces to bring in some fun color to drab colored clothing.

  60. I’m not much of a fashionista, so I may not be the best to give advice! LOL But I guess I’d say contrast colors and patterns as much as you can. Busy colors, fabrics and prints mean an eye catching outfit!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  61. Wearing boots with boot socks can really complete an outfit and using scarves to accessorize.

  62. I would say wear layers that make you feel good and keep you warm and comfortable. A great sweater, pair of jeans and boots are always a great look!

  63. Make sure you are wearing something comfy and have enough layers in case it gets colder.

  64. i don’t normally give out ‘fashion advice’…but since you asked, high heels are only for sado-masochists, find and wear a comfortable pair of flats or boots.

  65. I am not much of a fashionista but I like to wear light weight scarves in the fall. I love adding a pop of color to my outfits.

  66. My only fashion tip for fall is dont wear boots that are so high heeled that you fall down no matter how cute they are.

  67. Don’t cuff your pants or don’t wear cropped pants… they only make ppl look smaller than they are. if you want to look long and lean wear longer/regular jeans to your ankles and pointy shoes… it creates an illusion of ‘length’ or so those fashion ppl say…
    Caitlyn recently posted..:My French Connection Cravings:My Profile

  68. Mine is to layer where i live the day may start at 35 degrees but end up 60 for most of the day.

  69. Accessorize, a great scarf and hat can make an outfit if worn right.


  70. Fall Fashion Tip : loving the use of leather in the clothes, and even the faux leather comes in high quality, and is a good way to cut down on expense.

  71. My fall fashion tip is bring out all those wonderful scarves ladies, I love wearing mine-

  72. I am not one to ask fashion tips from. I am a sweatpants and tshirt or pajama girl. I have no fashion sense at all. I just got my first outfit and necklaces just the other day. I got everything the mannequin at the store was wearing.

  73. If you have the figure and the youth for them, check out the adorable boot socks with lace that peeks out the top of the boots.

  74. My recommendation is thick leggings and boots to go with any fall attire. Maybe a nice pair of earrings and necklace that goes with the outfit.

  75. Scarves can make a great accessory, besides keeping you warm it can add a nice shot of color in an otherwise monochrome outfit. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  76. Jewel toned long sleeved shirts look great and are comfortable. If not wear a tee and match it with a cute sweater!

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  78. My fall fashion tip is leggings are NOT pants! Girls seem to think they can wear just leggings with a little shirt and look good, NO! Leggings need to be worn under a dress, tunic top, or long shirt. Despite what many girls think nobody wants to look at your butt, so just stop abusing leggings and use them as they were intended! *Sorry this is a pet peeve of mine lol!

  79. I was just notified that all of my β€œlikes” from facebook have been wiped for the past 30 days. This is under my β€œMeelie Kuemp” profile. I am attempting to go back to all 110 blogs and β€œlike” under another account, but all updates I liked or shared will remain under that profile. Additionally, while I can usually hit edit on the giveaway form and make sure a page is liked under my other account, I can’t update the facebook name. My other facebook page is under my full name, Ce-li-na Lun-din Ku-em-per. Hopefully this will not disqualify me, as I spent so much time entering, I look forward to it each year! Thanks either way for the great event!

  80. My fall fashion tip is to add a scarf to your outfit, it can take any simple outfit (dresses included) and add a little spunk to it, and even in warmer areas you can wear scarves that are made from lightweight materials. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for having this giveaway! πŸ™‚

  81. My fall fashion tip is to add a hat to your outfit. It really adds a touch of flair to the outfit!

  82. You can recycle old sweaters to make boot socks (that just peek over the top) – super cute & keep your legs extra warm!

  83. A fashion tip for fall would be to wear layers and cute sweaters, I like hoodies, with nice boots!

  84. One thing I have learned about this falls fashion is that lace is in! I am crazy for lace it adds a feminine delicate touch to all outfits but especially for fall . The fall colors tend to be on the masculine side so it is great to soften the hard fall colors with a touch of lace.

  85. My best fashion tip for Fall is to invest in several different colors of leggings. I love being able to wear some of my summery garments into the cooler months by layering them over leggings.

  86. Try the dress over pants trend. It’s a great way to extend the wearing time and vary the look of short dresses.
    Thanks πŸ™‚

  87. Fall fashion tip…. hmmm…. jeggings and leggings are a favorite of mine, paired with boots! And layer because weather in fall is so crazy that it may be cool in the morning, warm in the afternoon and cool again in the evening! And if you layer, you can be comfortable, no matter the temp!

  88. My fashion tip is you can save money by buying accessories that can be worn with many outfits to dress it up or down, necklaces, scarves, handbags etc.

  89. I don’t really know any fashion tips, for me being comfortable is the most important thing. I wear a lot of black because it’s slimming.