10 Alternative Ways To Use Baby Wipes

baby wipes
Baby wipes are a must-have item for parents – and with good reason. Eventually, though, the time comes when Junior just isn’t burning through quite as many of these quilted sheets. While this is definitely a time to celebrate, it’s also a time to wonder what to do with that one-year supply of wipes that you picked up from the bulk store.

Whether you’re the parent of a newly potty-trained toddler or just someone who finds themselves with a lot of messes, these wipes are extremely versatile.

Uses in the Home

  1. Dusting the Foliage: Wide-leafed houseplants, like rubber trees, have the bad habit of collecting dust. In nature, gentle breezes prevent unsightly dust bunnies from taking up residence in these plants. Domesticated rubber trees, however, may need a helping hand from time to time. Try to find a hypoallergenic or eco-friendly wipe; check out Honest.com’s baby wipes – they’re unscented and plant-based, since unnatural scents or oils can do harm to your greenery.
  2. Avoiding the “Barbeque-Chic” Look: Just because those grilled ribs were delicious doesn’t mean you need to walk around all day looking like you bathed in the sauce. Set a package of wipes out beside the napkins at your next barbeque, so that you and your guests can dig in and enjoy, fearlessly.
  3. Keeping Barbie Looking her Best: Poor Barbie. She stepped out of the box looking so stylish and put-together, if not a bit disproportionate. In a shockingly short amount of time, she was given a haircut, dressed in a new outfit (possibly made from toilet paper or some other less-than-ideal textile material) and a makeover. While you might not be able to reverse the ravages of time, you can at least scrub away the dirt and Crayola marker which someone so lovingly smeared all over Barbie’s face. This trick will also work wonders for mud-smeared toy trucks, peanut butter coated Legos, and almost any other plastic-type toy, according to KidSpot.
  4. Keeping You Looking Your Best: Was Barbie’s makeover just the latest in a series? Use these wipes to clean up the wet nail polish which somehow ended up on someone’s palm, the mascara that landed in someone’s eyebrow, and the eye shadow that the family dog is modeling.

Uses On the Go

  1. Crumb Duty: Are you in charge of the soccer team’s snack this week, or is it your turn to pick up lunch for the office? Whether you’re carting a van full of kids or a sedan full of co-workers, having food spilled in your car is somewhat inevitable. Thankfully, these wipes are compact and work on everything from those cookies in the door pocket to that half-caffeinated latte on the upholstery. If you have leather interiors, according to Bright Nest, you should test the wipes on an out-of-the-way location first, since some oils and scents can cause discoloration.
  2. Staying Fresh: Do you love trekking in the hills, biking in the country, camping in the woods, rafting in the river, or lounging on the beach? No matter how you enjoy the great outdoors, pack along some of these versatile wipes. A quick wipe-down can do wonders for removing mud, sweat, and sand. And if you’re planning on camping out in the wilderness for several days, your friends will thank you for thinking ahead.
  3. Staying Healthy: Baby wipes are a fantastic addition to any first aid kit. Keeping a package of wipes in a cooler can create a soothing cloth in case of sunburns or overheating. They can also be used for gently cleaning cuts and scrapes before bandaging, and washing your hands afterwards, according to Reader’s Digest.
  4. Keeping Fido Spotless: If your favorite canine companion tends to accompany you on your excursions, chances are that he’ll be twice as dirty as you by the time you head for home. Wipe down your furry friend’s paws, ears, and fur to keep him clean and happy, and smelling fresh. Just be sure to use unscented, hypoallergenic wipes, or your pooch’s skin may become irritated.

Uses in the Classroom

  1. Feeling Artsy: Watercolor pencils can provide students with the style of watercolor paint that can be blended without creating an unbelievable mess. Wrapping one of these wipes around your finger and using it to smudge a pencil sketch creates beautiful paintings with no messy cleanup.
  2. Becoming One With the Arts: Paint, glue, ink – being creative is a messy business. Luckily, these sturdy wipes are up to the challenge. Therefore, go ahead and finger paint! Use every rubber stamp in your collection and glue to your heart’s content. Once your masterpiece is complete, clean your hands, stamps, counters and brushes. You’ll be fresh and as good as new in no time.


10 Alternative Ways To Use Baby Wipes — 33 Comments

  1. WOW! That was a major list of things which you can clean with those baby wipes you have left over! I really enjoyed reading about all of them! I liked all the uses you have listed, however, I think my favorite is having the wipes out when you have a messy picnic with friends or family! That way everyone gets clean and if you are outside, no one brings their dirty fingers and hands in the house and touch the wall or door by mistake and then you have to clean that all up with wipes! I truly do appreciate all the things you have listed on what wipes can clean! Thanks so much for listing them all and letting us all know that there still is life in those baby wipes after the baby is potty trained! Thanks again, Michele 🙂

  2. We allways keep a pack of wipes in the car- spill a ,ilkshake? Mo problem its easy to clean up!

  3. There really are so many uses for these! We use them a lot for wiping sticky crumby hands after eating.

  4. I have always used baby wiopes for many other things once my kids never needed them anymore I keep them in my vehicle always and when we go out and I know I may need them I put them in my purse

  5. I carry the little container with baby wipes in my purse.(usually comes with big container as a freebie). I don’t have little kids anymore, but find lots of need for them. I need to try some of the ones you have listed. Some are new to me. Thanks for sharing ! 🙂

  6. I have to be honest I would never have used baby wipes as anything but a baby wipe. Now that I know there are so many other uses I will be sure to use them in different ways. Thank you for sharing this post.

  7. Thanks for the tips! I especially like the idea of cleaning plant-foliage, and I’ll be putting that into practice asap!

  8. i absolutely love baby wipes and my kids are grown 🙂 everyone asks why do you have baby wipes in your house because i use them for everything they are a life saver. I never tried them on the foliage though so this weekend i am going to try it thx for the tips 🙂

  9. Thanks for sharing these! I remember using a whole box of baby wipes to clean the inside of my car. They did a really great job and left it spotless.

  10. I love baby wipes for just about everything, they can be a huge life saver for road trips in the car. Great to always have on hand.

  11. i never thought about using baby wipes for anything other than babies.thanks for sharing these other uses for baby wipes

  12. Baby wipes are so versatile. We keep some in the car and are always using them. I hadn’t thought of keeping them handy when eating- that will come in handy when we have wings!

  13. I’ve been using baby wipes for years.And, my babies are grown up with babies of their own.

  14. I love baby wipes and although I do not have babies of my own I always have them in my car. They are great to make a quick clean of your hands and much gentler than hand sanitizer.

  15. I use baby wipes all the time and keep them in my car they are great for a quick hand cleaning and much gentler than hand sanitizer.

  16. Wipes are extremely handy. I have used them for quite a few of the things you mentioned.

  17. These are all great ways to use baby wipes, I thought I knew all the uses already because I use them for so many things, but you gave me even more.

  18. These are very good tips. I like the barbecue tip by using it on the grill to keep it clean form drips. I will have to try this!

  19. I always have baby wipes stocked. I use them but never thought to dust my silk flowers with it. Perfect timing too. I just ran out of the spray to clean them.

  20. I use baby wipes while traveling as its convenient and us it to remove my makeup too 😉

  21. Baby wipes are really handy to use. I really liked all the ways you had to use them.

  22. Hi! These are great! My favorites are using them to clean foliage and smudge the watercolor paints. Thanks!!

  23. I love using baby wipes. They’re safe and gentle to use. I didn’t think to use them for so many things. I like the art tip, wrapping one around the pencil.

  24. Thanks for the Terrific information on 10 Alternative Ways To Use Baby Wipes! I think it’s terrific that you can use them for almost anything from wiping dirty fingers and hands to cleaning up crumbs and messes! I love that you can clean off your plant leaves as long as they are all natural and don’t contain any harmful ingredients to harm the plant! I know when I was at my Daughter’s house when we were all awaiting the arrival of my granddaughter, Scarlett, I used some baby wipes to clean Nolan’s hands and to clean up some messes he made while eating and playing! These baby wipes are very versatile! Thanks for the great read and all the things we can do with baby wipes! I truly do appreciate it! Thanks again, Michele 🙂
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  25. I carry wipes with me every where I go. They have really come in handy on so many occasions. Thank you for sharing this suggestions.