Car Seat Safety Tips From Safety 1st + Giveaway

There is probably nothing more important for parents than to make sure that our kids are safe and healthy. Given that car crashes are a leading cause of death for children 1 to 13 years old (and oftentimes deaths and injuries can be prevented by proper use of child restraints and seat belts), it’s imperative for us parents to make sure we’re buckling up our kids the correct way. You might think that you are a massive car person and know everything about the car. You might even be getting car parts to help build or redesign your car (if this is something that you are doing then you might be interested in checking out these discounts on JC Whitney). However, even though you think you know the ins and outs of your car, when it comes to you children and in particular their safety, you still have a lot to learn.

Car Seat Safety Tips

So here are some Car Seat Safety Tips from the experts at Safety 1st:

Importance of Rear Facing
In March of 2011 the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) updated their car seat recommendations advising that children should remain rear facing until the age of two. According to a study in the Journal of Injury Prevention children under the age of two are 75% less likely to die or be severely injured in the event of a car crash if they are rear facing. When a child is rear facing their head, neck and spine are better supported and in the event of an accident, crash forces are distributed over the child’s entire body. If your child is supported in the correct car seat, should you be in an accident that wasn’t your fault, both you and your very important passenger will be able to receive compensation with the help of a personal injury lawyer, like the Joye Law Firm.

Typically the center rear seat is the safest place for a car seat, and never install a car seat in the front seat. If your car does not have a latch connector for the middle seat, you can use the middle seat belt to properly secure the base. When installing, make sure the base of the car seat moves no more than an inch from side to side. An easy way to test this is to hold at the belt path.

Car Seat Expiration
Car seats do have an expiration date, it is recommended that car seats be replaced every 5-8 years, or immediately after a crash. The reason for an expiration date is because plastic can warp and materials can fray, which can make car seats not as effective in the event of a crash. Additionally car seat technology and state and federal car seat regulations change over time. Important warning labels may wear out and instruction books may get lost, which can lead to improper use of the car seat.

Safeguard the Car
Childproof the inside of the car and eliminate projectiles. Anything in the car that is not secured is a possible projectile – even a child’s toy, or a water bottle. In a crash, objects take on greater weight due to crash forces.

Safety 1st Car Seats

In the market for a new car seat? Here are some Child Safety Seats by Safety 1st:

A. onBoard 35 Air +Infant Car Seat
Air Protect + combines the advanced protection of the Air Protect® cushion system with patented GCell HX™ foam designed with hexagonal shapes for superior protection around the torso. TOGETHER they provide full body side impact protection.

B. Advanced SE 65 Air +Convertible Car Seat
For children from 5-65 pounds. In addition to Air Protect +, the Advance 65 Air + uses a steel-reinforced metal frame for extra stability and includes a 4-position recline for an optimal fit to your vehicle. We’ve also included color-coded belt paths and installation labels to help you install it quickly and correctly.

C. Summit® Booster Car Seat
Forward-facing: 22-40 pounds with Belt-positioning at 40-100 pound. Fully loaded with ease-of-use features that parents will appreciate: Like the 4-position QuickFit™ headrest which adjusts without the need for rethreading and a 5-point safety harness with Center Front Adjust.

D. Incognito Kid Positioning Seat
A new category for car seats. The goal for Safety 1st is to help educate parents that any child under 4’9” (57”) in height should still be in a belt positioning seat. The Incognito blends into the car and prevents slouching to ensure comfortable and proper positioning of the seat belt. The introduction of this seat has helped to extending child restraints to accommodate children 60 to 120 lbs. and up to 60 inches.

Did you know that September 14-20 is Child Passenger Safety Week? And September 20th is actually National Seat Check Saturday!

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the goal of Child Passenger Safety week is to make sure all parents and caregivers are properly securing children (ages 0-12) in the best car restraint (rear-facing, forward-facing, booster, seat belt) for age and size.

Get your car seat checked this week! Click HERE to find a car seat check near you!

Safety 1st Giveaway

Safety 1st Car Seat + Baby On Board Sign Giveaway

In honor of Child Passenger Safety Week, Safety 1st is giving away one of its child restraints plus a “Baby on Board” sign to one Bay Area Mommy reader!

Giveaway is open to residents of the continental US who are at least 18 years old. Void where prohibited by law. Winner can choose from any of the Safety 1st car seats mentioned above. Giveaway ends October 7 at 11:59pm EST. No Purchase Necessary. To enter, use the GiveawayTools form below. Good luck!
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  18. I would chose the Advanced SE 65 Air +Convertible Car Seat because I could use it for my youngest child.

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  20. The Advanced SE 65 Air +Convertible Car Seat because it’s for such a wide range of weight and age!

  21. i would choose the Advance SE 65 Air + Convertible Car Seat since its the right weight limit for my son.

  22. I’m mostly interested in the Advanced SE 65 Air +Convertible Car Seat because it includes a 4-position recline, love that feature.

  23. The car seat I would most likely choose is the Advance SE 65 Air + Convertible Car Seat. The comfort, safety, and flexibility features were the most appealing. Two of my grandchildren are infants. I could really use a new car seat, to keep in my car, for when they’re with me. That would save having to transfer their own car seats every time.

  24. I would most likely choose the Advance SE 65 Air + Convertible Car Seat – St. Germain if I were to win. However, I love the Summit® Booster Car Seat – Rachel also. Will be a hard choice to make.

  25. I’d choose the convertable one. My 9month old is really tall for his age so itd be helpful to have a carseat he could fit.

  26. I would choose C for the car seat, the belt positioning seat fits up to 100 IBS. Thank you for the chance to win!

  27. I would choose the Advanced SE 65 Air +Convertible Car Seat for my nineteen month old son.


  28. I would love the Advanced SE 65 Air +Convertible Car Seat, my baby is ready for an upgrade!

  29. I’m thinking I’d choose the Advanced SE 65 Air +Convertible Car Seat. My oldest daughter is having a baby in November and I think that carseat would be a wonderful gift for her.

  30. I would most definitely choose B. Advanced SE 65 Air +Convertible Car Seat for my little girl. I love being able to have her rear facing longer!

  31. Thanks so much for the Fantastic Review on Car Seat Safety Tips From Safety 1st! I have heard that they are definitely an awful lot safer in the newer car seats which are purchased now! This is an important fact when purchasing a car seat! I know my daughter has been through several of them now! I really enjoyed reading all the tips and information which you provided all of us! It’s really terrific how they are coming out with all these new safety rules and products to make car seats much safer! Thanks again for the Fantastic Review and the information! I honestly do appreciate it! Thanks again, Michele 🙂
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  32. I am so glad I came to read this. It has been years since I dealt with car seats for the little ones. Now I have to learn for the grandchildren. Things have changed in the last twenty years. Thanks for the course.

  33. All these tips are very good to know. Sometimes us parents need a refresher course too. It’s sad but there are parents out there that don’t know to put your child in the rear and have them rear facing. So, thanks for ll these great tips!

  34. You can never ever refresh your memory enough on any child safety tip, but especially the car seat safety tips. Your child’s safety should be on the top of your list. I think it is one topic that is not talked about enough. I’ve seen quite a few parents put there child in a seat that a- was not the correct size seat or b- was not positioned rear facing when it should’ve been. It doesn’t take any longer to fasten the seat correctly than it does to fasten it incorrectly. Thanks for the safety tips!

  35. Safety 1st really does make some awesome and super safe car seats! I love that there is so much car seat awareness out there, it is surprising how many parents are installing their car seats the wrong way.

  36. Thank you for the information on the booster seat. We were wondering about it for our Granddaughter. She has the height but not the weight.