Sofia The First: The Enchanted Feast DVD Review

I received the Sofia The First: The Enchanted Feast DVD for evaluation purposes. Thoughts are my own.

Sofia The First: Enchanted Feast DVD

As you may already know, I am a Disney Junior fan and my favorite shows include the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Doc McStuffins and Sofia The First. And that’s not mentioning the classic Disney stories I’ve come to love as I was growing up. And now Disney has released a new DVD — Sofia The First: The Enchanted Feast!

Sofia The First: The Enchanted Feast features a special appearance by Snow White, plus 4 additional episodes and a FREE Enchanted Mirror!

Sofia the First_The Enchanted Feast_10

Synopsis: The wicked fairy, Miss Nettle, disguises herself as a powerful sorceress and attempts to steal Sofia’s magical amulet. With the help of Snow White—Sofia must learn to trust her instincts and speak up when she suspects someone is not who or what they say they are.

I love that this new installment of Sofia The First features another well-loved Disney princess. They’ve already featured other classic Disney princesses in past Sofia The First DVDs and I guess it’s high time that they feature the very first Disney princess in one!

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The DVD also includes 4 additional episodes — The Buttercups, Tea For Too Many, Great Aunt-Venture, and Two Princesses And A Baby.

Sofia the First_The Enchanted Feast_4

As can be expected in all Sofia The First episodes, they highlight the importance of friendship and helping others when they’re in need.

BUY IT! Grab a DVD copy of Sofia The First: The Enchanted Feast at your nearest retailer! It’s also available on!


Sofia The First: The Enchanted Feast DVD Review — 59 Comments

  1. Will have to get this for my granddaughters. The old videos are starting to be boring. They grow up too fast!

  2. Our two little grand daughters, age 2 and 3 LOVE Sofia the First. We are getting QUITE the education on the new characters and movies out there now. Well, we also have a 2 year old grandson and I think he actually likes this too. Thanks for the heads up on a new dvd. Wonder if the kids can hold out til the Holidays to get as a gift…that would be an easy gift idea!

  3. We just bought the Sophia the First Mermaid DVD for my daughter and she loved it. i think she would love this one also. Thanks for the review.

  4. Thank you for the review — I’ve been looking for a new movie to order for my granddaughter and this one sounds perfect.

  5. My nieces love Sophia the first! MAybe I’ll get the dvd for their birthdays or Christmas. All coming up towards the end of this year.

  6. I love the meaning that you mentioned that this DVD is about. I know all three of my nieces would love this! Great Review, as usual girl!

  7. My kidlet has outgrown the Sofia craze, but I have a beautiful niece that would love her!!

  8. Very cute! My house is full of Disney Junior fans and I like Sofia the First because of the good messages in each episode.

  9. It sounds like a cute video. I’m sure my grand daughter would love it. She’s just the right age.

  10. This Sophia the First sounds wonderful and it shows how friends (Snow White) can help each other get what they need and how Snow White helps Sophia get her amulet back, very important lesson for children to learn about helping others and they will help you.

  11. My nieces both love princess movies and I think they would really love to watch this one. It looks so cute and the characters are so pretty.

  12. I love your review on Sofia The First: The Enchanted Feast! Sounds like another movie I’m going to have to Purchase! Disney always comes out with movies that the kids absolutely Love! I really haven’t heard much of it, however, I have heard something mentioned by the kids! Now I Know! Thanks for the great review! Michele
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  13. My young granddaughter loves Sofia The First and this DVD would be a perfect gift for her birthday

  14. sophia is cute. I’ve caught my 7 year old son watching this program once or twice. It is catchy.

  15. Sofia the First is one of my 4 year olds favorite cartoons! We love Disney Jr and I love the message that Sofia the First sends to my daughter! I didn’t even know that episodes were on DVD yet, but that’s awesome and will make a great Christmas gift for her!

  16. Thanks for the review of Sofia The First:The Enchanted Feast! I have so many Disney VHS movies here that way back when I purchased for my oldest daughter that aren’t even out of the packaging! My other 2 kids aren’t overly excited with Disney right now. There is so many different shows and movies out right now for them that we really haven’t even used our DVD player! I use it to exercise “Richard Simons Sweatin’ to the Oldies” and that’s about it. I have so many DVD’s and VHS movies here, I think when I put an awful low away I had something like 3 or 4 Big boxfuls! I do appreciate your review and loved seeing the pictures and hearing about the movie! If my kids were more into Disney, I would purchase it in a heart beat! Thanks again, Michele 🙂

  17. I have never seen sofia the first, but I am pretty sure my niece would love this. She loves princesses, so I can’t wait to show her this

  18. I have never seen this, but I think my niece would love it. Especially with the princesses!

  19. We love Sophia the First, my daughter has a ton of her dolls and toys, and we always record it when it comes on. Great show for kids.

  20. My granddaughter really likes Sophia. She loves watching these and then pretending she is a princess. Thank you so much for sharing

  21. my grandson, who is one, loves to watch sofia. i think some of it is the music, but this is a great cartoon show, with lessons on life for the little ones.

  22. This is one of my daughter’s favorite shows. I have seen it a few times and I think it is a really cute show.

  23. Oh I just love that it involves some other disney princesses too!! I have never seen Sophia but she sounds just fabulous 😉

  24. My great grand daughter love Sofia. She watches it all the time on TV. This would be a good on to get for her birthday. thanks

  25. This is a video my Luci will love !!! So happy they have these videos that are fit for little ones