Muppets Most Wanted Recipes + Secret Identity Sheet

Have a Muppet-tastic weekend! Check out the fun activities below!

Change your identity with the change of a mole and a mustache then indulge in Miss Piggy’s mini carrot cupcakes and Constantine’s potato and onion pierogies!

Muppets Most Wanted in now available on Blu-ray Combo Pack!

Download Muppets Most Wanted Recipes & Secret Identity


Muppets Most Wanted Recipes + Secret Identity Sheet — 31 Comments

  1. WOW who would have guessed that the Muppet Movie would have recipes! Can’t wait to try Them! They sound delicious! Thanks, Michele 🙂

  2. I love the muppets! I’m so glad they’ve come back for another generation. I do miss their Muppet variety show though:)

  3. I didn’t click on the link yet so I’m not sure what it is. A movie or recipes. I’ll check it out later.

  4. Who would ever believe that the Muppets have their own recipes! Amazing! My family has always loved the Muppets (my favorite though is ANIMAL!) I had totally forgotten about this movie which came out this summer on DVD. It would make a great Christmas Gift for my Grandkids! Thanks for all the information and sharing! Michele 🙂
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