Don’t Let Bugs Feel At Home With Hot Shot® Insecticides

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hot Shot® Insecticides.Tracking Pixel

Don't let bugs feel at home with Hot Shot® Insecticides

Do you sometimes think that pests and bugs in general feel like they’ve found a home in YOUR home? I do! There was one day a few weeks ago that my son accidentally dropped candy on the floor and I didn’t notice it. After a while I just noticed some bugs in our patio. Sometimes, these issues can be widespread within your home, and at a certain point you may have to find some professional termite control to help deal with this issue.

And that’s when I discovered the candy. I don’t even know how long it took for the bugs to discover it, but thankfully I had the Hot Shot® Insecticides Ant & Roach Plus Germ Killer.

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Hot Shot® Insecticides takes pride in providing homeowners with solutions that help to keep their homes free of pests. And because I had the one with the floral scent, I didn’t have to worry about the horrid smell most other insecticides have.

I also really like the fact that Hot Shot® Insecticides kills on contact, kills for up to 12 weeks, and reduces 99.9% of the germs bugs leave behind. Because who knows where those bugs have been before they started walking around (or flying around) our houses, right?

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In the past weeks that I’ve been using Hot Shot® Insecticides, I’m satisfied with the results I see. While I can’t 100% completely eliminate pests from our house especially the patio because it’s right beside our apartment complex’s greenery, I can say that our home is pretty much pest-free. I don’t see random bugs in our rooms which for us parents is a big thing because we don’t want insects crawling ON us while we’re sleeping.

Have you tried Hot Shot® Insecticides before? Did you have the same satisfactory results as I had? Let me know in the comments below!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hot Shot® Insecticides.


Don’t Let Bugs Feel At Home With Hot Shot® Insecticides — 39 Comments

  1. You couldn’t have written this post at a better time! I found a cockroach by the front door this morning!! YUCK! And since I don’t have any spray….I just covered it with a cup! I like that Hot Shot kills germs too 🙂

  2. I haven’t tried Hot Shot before as I am not sure if it is safe to use around dogs and cats. I’d hate for one of my pets to ingest a bug poisoned with a pesticide and then get sick. If it’s pet-safe, I’d be willing to try it.

  3. I will have to try this stuff, first time I have heard of it. Thank you very much for your post, it was very informative!

  4. I have heard about these insecticides that have a flower scent instead of the usual “insecticide” scent. I haven’t tried these new fresh scent insecticides but I would love to try them. Thank you for sharing this review.

  5. I’ve been lucky with not having bugs around except spiders and I don’t bother them and they don’t bother me.

  6. I had a spider the other night on my porch light I posted on FB it was HUGE and scared it was poisonous. I sprayed it,. Watched it. Nothing. Sprayed again. nothing. Then I got gutsy and took a broom…and brushed it down and smashed it to smithers. I swear it had a stinger of some sort. Then looked around and saw it was one of MAnY. Cant keep the screens clean of webs. This year is bad. Tried to go natural but this is not working this year. Tonight I open a cabinet and have GREESE ANTS! The worst part is they are so tiny I only saw them on our counter. NOW realize they might have been in our food…nuts and brown sugar. Uggh. So, I am ready to a HOT Shot. This place is getting hit hard this weekend or I am MOVING OUT! Bleccchh!

  7. I have used Hot Shot products and they really get rid of the bugs that I seem to have trouble with in the Summer. Great prices also!

  8. I have used Hot Shot spray for quite a while. Initially, I picked it up because it cost less than the other brands. I continue to use it because it works.

  9. I can’t stand ants and roaches. It seems like once you see one, they are everywhere! I bet this stuff would be handy to keep around. It’s really nice that they have a floral scent instead of nasty strong bug killer smell.

  10. I try to spray around the window sills and doors…the pesky bugs seem to like my house.

  11. This sounds like a great product. I like that it kills germs and has a good smell to it. Thank you for sharing this information

  12. We have had ants so bad lately. I bought some of the Hot Shot ant spray and it works great. Plus I liked it because the house didn’t stink!

  13. thankfully this we havent had any little ants crawling all over our countertops this year.but if they come back i will try HotShot.glad they came out with a floral scent instead of the awful smell of most insectisides

  14. I hate bugs and this sounds like a solution. Hubby works odd hours and it’s up to me to save the teen from little insects…eeww!

  15. I’ve heard of HOT SHOT, but never used it. I have been spraying Raid along the molding for our ant problem. It works, but I don’t think it has germ killer in it – this fact alone makes me want to use it! Thanks for the interview!!

  16. Curious as to what is on this insecticide and how safe it is for little children. I hate bugs so always looking for good, safe products.

  17. My husband and I have struggled with insects in our home ever since the weather warmed up! We get spiders often and a variety of other creepy crawlies. We would love to use a product like this, but we have 2 cats and are afraid of harming them. Any suggestions?

  18. When the weather gets cool outside we get centipedes and crickets in the house. Crickets are hard to kill with spray. I’ve tried every brand. I wonder if there’s a spray specifically made to get rid of them?

  19. I have only tried the Hot Shot Wasp and Hornet spray I have never tried any other bug sprays of theirs and I nevknew it killed germs too great idea to kill germs afterwards. Thanks for sharing!!!

  20. Ugh I hate bugs and I like you did not realize how fast the bugs get to things on the porch, when my grandchildren come over, they drop food on the porch and if I don’t spray it down after all leave with hose then the next day we find ants out there I love to also spray Hot Shot around our window sills and outside joints where base meet siding, I don’t know if it really helps but it makes me feel better and I rarely find crawling bugs in the house, thank you for reminding me of Hot Shot

  21. I definitely need some of this spray! The bugs have been ridiculous lately inside and outside of our home!

  22. I am suddenly finding lots of spiders in the house — YUCK! I use Hot Shot for ants and I am going to go to the store and find something for spiders today.

  23. This sounds great. I am surprised it lasts up to twelve weeks. I also love that it comes in a floral scent. I will be giving this a try at my house. Thank you so much

  24. I just bought some hot shot for wasps today. I am counting on it working well as we have some wasps around the pool area and my grandson got stung. Thank you again for sharing