Buy 3 Get 1 FREE On Select Ice Cream Boxes At Target + Giveaway

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Don’t wait for the truck! Park summer fun in your freezer!

This summer, there’s no need to wait for the ice cream truck! Target is helping you stock up and park summer fun in your freezer with a Buy 3 Get One Free offer on select ice cream boxes. Starting 8/1 until 8/30, head into your local Target to prep for your next party and to save big on participating Klondike, Magnum and Fruttare boxes!

This is an awesome deal for me because my family just loves Magnum ice cream!Β Β And that Strawberry and Milk Fruttare? That’s my son’s favorite! We always have ice cream in our freezer so this is one deal I’m glad Target is offering! And maybe it’s time for us to try some of that Klondike ice cream since I’ve been seeing positive reviews on it!

Do you need to stock up for a summer gathering you’re planning? Tell me how you would take advantage of this Target offer in the comments below, to be entered to win a one-of-a-kind customized Target soft cooler – perfect for keeping your summer treats cold.

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$100 Target Gift Card Giveaway

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*Sponsored post by Lunchbox, all opinions are 100% my own.


Buy 3 Get 1 FREE On Select Ice Cream Boxes At Target + Giveaway — 352 Comments

  1. This is the perfect offer for us because I love Frutare bars, my husband loves Magnum and the kids love Klondike bars. We’ll all be happy!

  2. Mind reader, Wife took advantage of the Klondike deal Brought us a bunch.

  3. My kids are nuts about ice cream. They would love these and I’d definitely take advantage of the Target offer.

  4. Thank you for the heads up, I will be filling my freezer. We are ice-cream fanatics in this house I even have some coupons which will help.

  5. We LOVE ice cream…and we will be doing a sort of last get together of Summer on Labor Day:)

  6. I’ll take advantage of this offer because I have two grandsons that love desserts!

  7. My kids are ice cream fiends! I think I would get some awesome stuff to make sundaes for a sundae party!

  8. Our family loves ice cream to the extreme! I am going to have to tell the husband about it!

  9. We are a household full of ice cream lovers – plus, we always need to have extra on hand for last-minute guests!

  10. I would use these to buy food for our summer bbq! We love ice cream, but can’t afford to buy enough to treat ourselves every single night!!

  11. Personally, I have a sweet tooth and love ice cream but I’m having a get together and this would be a great treat.

  12. We have been wanting to try the Magnum bars but have not bought them yet. We love ice cream all flavors and types!! Ice cream makes everything better!!!

  13. This would be perfect for the kiddie get together we do during Labor Day weekend because we have a cookout and go to the parade near our house.

  14. Ice cream is a must in our household. We could get so many different flavors with this GC!!

  15. I have a lot of birthday parties coming up and these yummy Ice Cream Cream Bars would be great to serve! We love the Magnum Bars a lot!

  16. I have 3 boys so this would be offer would work for general stock up. Goodness knows they go through food like crazy.

  17. i love ice cream and so do many of my friends. i like to share the wealth with my friends and family.

  18. I would take advantage of this Target offer by stocking up my deep freezer. My family LOVES ice cream! We’re always having company over during the summer and the kids always have their friends over to play in the pool, so it would be nice to have ice cream on hand!

  19. My goodness we love ice cream. My grandparents had a dairy that made ice cream, I can still taste it 50+ years later.

  20. Honestly, the ice creams would just be for me. But I would share if I had a visitor. πŸ™‚

  21. I’m not planning a get together, but with the way that my household goes through ice cream, the buy 3 get one free deal would be great just to keep the freezer stocked for a few weeks, and I love the Magnum bars!

  22. My daughter’s bday is in Early September so we’d stock up with the treats for that! the Magnums are aMAZing! thank you!

  23. We are having a birthday party in a couple of weeks, these would be a fun addition to the birthday cupcakes, we can get different boxes for everyone’s taste.

  24. My family does love ice cream and this is a great promotion. However I most likely will not take advantage of the offer since my husband can no longer eat sweets like this and I don’t want them in the house.

  25. I like ice cream. I’m really entering because I could use the gift card right now.

  26. I would buy an ice cream truck and distribute to all of my Grands friends in our neighborhood.

  27. we love ice cream and its been too hot. Would love to stock up on some of this good ice cream.

  28. The whole family loves ice cream, we eat it year round. πŸ˜‰ Coupons and deals are always helpful!

  29. My husband told me last night when he dies to bury him with ice cream so he’d have some for later. Yeah, the guy loves ice cream!

  30. This would be awesome for our family BBQs. It’s nice to have a sweet treat after eating, especially one I don’t have to make!

  31. This deal will really come in handy because my family loves ice cream and we love to get together with our neighbors and friends outside.

  32. I would combine the offer with manufacturer’s coupons! We might have a party around labor day weekend.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  33. i would take advantage of it and buy a ton of it for the family to enjoy for dessert

  34. My granddaughter is almost 2 years old. She only has a small pool in the backyard, so I would love to get her something she could enjoy outside. I am not sure what I want to get her, but the gift card could certainly help!

  35. I would probably use it for my family. My family loves ice cream and it has become quite the staple item in our house this summer.

  36. My family is obsessed with ice cream! We would love to get lots of Klondike ice cream bars!

  37. my mom and i love ice cream.we’ve never tried any of these yet but would love to

  38. THANKS for informing me of this GREAT deal! Our ice cream is gone, because my birthday was July 31st and everyone ate it all. I LOVE it!!

  39. My family loves ice cream. We go through a lot especially in the summer. I love these premium brands.

  40. As much as we enjoy icecream, we would never eat that much so I won’t be taking advantage of that offer.

  41. Our family loves Klondike. I haven’t had a chance to try Magnum but would love to do so. We’re having a summer party for my nephew and this would be perfect to make his day really special!

  42. I would stock up on ice cream bars for my little grandson. He always looks in the freezer for ice cream at Grandma’s!

  43. My family loves Ice Cream. But I would buy them for our Labor Day camping tip to the lake cabin.

  44. Our family loves ice cream and we often serve it to our guests when we entertain.

  45. i would use this for a family get together. me and my siblings and our significant others and kids like to get together for a dinner around once a month. ice cream would make a great august family dinner desert

  46. I like to stock up on ice cream bars because my grandchildren love them. (So do my husband and I)

  47. The whole family eats ice cream regularly and we are currently planning a back to school pool party for my senior nursing class since it’s our last semester together so I would stock up on frozen goodies for the family and the party :)!

  48. Yes, we already had a family get together in July. We are a big ice cream family. We like to make homemade ice cream

  49. Having lots of summer get togethers and we all love ice cream!!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  50. We are having a family get together that this would be great for,
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  51. My mother’s moving across the country, but LOVES ice cream – so this would be for a great going-away party!

  52. We would take advantage of the Target offer by stocking up our extra freezer. We love ice cream! Thanks for the giveaway!

  53. I’m the ice cream lover of the family! I believe that my daughter is made from 50% chocolate ice cream. That was my insane craving when I was pregnant with her.

  54. We all love ice cream all year round! This deal would be nice for my nephew’s sixth birthday party later this month!

  55. We all love ice cream so much that it would probably be 100% of our diet if it wasn’t unhealthy!

  56. We love stocking the freezer with ice cream and goodies.. especially when its hot outside πŸ™‚

  57. my kiddos love ice cream. they would eat it all day long if they could. we would definitely stock up on it.

  58. I’m sure I would buy some ice cream, but I would probably mostly stock up on those boring necessities like laundry detergent, cat litter, etc.

  59. We love ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato, smoothies, etc. We’d probably put this toward my daugher’s upcoming bday party.

  60. I do love ice cream, but I would probably use this giftcard for boring stuff, like toilet paper. Because I’d rather run out of ice cream than toilet paper. πŸ™‚

  61. I would use it to buy ice cream for a back to school party for kids and their friends

  62. We go through sooo much ice cream! So we would probably use some of it for that at least.

  63. Hubby and I love ice cream and eat it frequently for dessert, when my granddaughters come over they eat ice cream after dinner every time and we all love the Klondike and Magnum bars

  64. my birthday is just around the corner and we love to serve ice cream so this would save a lot of money getting a box for free for every 3 I buy its a great deal.

  65. My husband loves ice cream I go thru it like water and we all love magnum so this offer is great for us I am going to go get some

  66. This is awesome! I’m pregnant, and food is kind of my obsession right now. LOL!

  67. My family loves ice cream! We have a big freezer in our basement to stock up too.

  68. We do really love ice cream, but we’ll probably serve them at a get together with family!

  69. we simply love ice cream,as family of 5,our 3 kids have always sleepover this would be great treat for them,if i am lucky they might leave one for me;-)

  70. This is great for when the grandkids come over…I try to stay away, but like the skinny cow

  71. I would go ahead and start my Christmas shopping with this. Never to early to start!!

  72. We just love ice cream all around. πŸ™‚ Thank you. Klondike ice cream is the best!

  73. It’s REALLY hot here in the South so there’s not much to do during your free time in the summer except swim and eat ice cream! πŸ™‚

  74. We are having a surprise birthday party for my husband later this month and in Florida all parties must include ice cream, it is the law!

  75. We love ice cream, especially klondike bars but until recently we wouldn’t have had enough space to store 4 boxes at once. Since we just got a freezer I’d love to save the money and stock up!

  76. We do love frozen treats. This deal would be great for having frozen treats for dessert!

  77. This would be great. My husband and kids go through so much ice cream. I am always picking up ice cream bars at least 4 boxes at a time and they are gone in no time.

  78. So you know, the FB, twitter and pinterst likes are allowing everyone to do this everytime…I been doing these for years and this is the first year I have seen ALL the Giveaway Tools forms allowing multiple entries. Every giveaway that has these forms.

  79. I am almost 6 months pregnant and I have been craving ice cream a lot this summer and would definitely take advantage of this deal!

  80. i’d take advantage of it, so I could have my fav bars, and keep the kid’s hands off of them! LOL

  81. I would use this for my daughters Christmas gifts this year because they always have the best deals and I normally shop mostly at Target for Christmas πŸ™‚

  82. We always enjoy eating ice cream treats and watching our favorite TV programs or a movie in the evening after dinner! A great way to spend time together, and cool off from the hot summer days!

  83. My son and me love ice cream. I use the target card gift card for some junk food and other things.

  84. Ice Cream treats are loved all year long by this family! Maybe we’d have a sundae party with friends!

  85. The kids would love to have more ice cream this summer and this a great offer from target.

  86. We are an ice cream household! We get pretty nervous when the stock is low in the freezer, and no one likes a late-night trip to the grocery store for emergency ice cream.

  87. I haven’t tried Magnums or Fruttare but I love Klondike bars so I would mix and match so I could try the new ones and still have the standby favorites. One just needs ice cream, any time of the year but mainly in the summer.

  88. It’s soooo hot in FL, and while be for several more months, so this is a fantastic deal to stock up with!!! YAY!!

  89. Budget’s tight and we have a 3 year birthday for our twins coming up, so I would totally buy party supplies!

  90. I would buy icecream for my nephews and bring it down to our next family event! They would love it. This is the perfect promotion Target could offer for summertime!

  91. We’re a family of ice cream lovers. My dad used to eat ice cream every night and while I’m not quite that obsessed, I do indulge QUITE FREQUENTLY.

  92. Hi!
    I would love this giftcard because my family is going through a hard time financially.
    This would really help with groceries, clothes, bath and body products.

  93. I love ice cream! And being pregnant, I can use this as an excuse to get ice cream and pickles πŸ™‚

  94. We had most of our get togethers so far this summer but summer does mean ice cream. Can’t stay way from it

  95. i would take advantage of this offer because my son loves ice cream!!! who am i kidding? i love klondike bars, so this would be a win-win situation

  96. We go through ice cream quickly around here! I eat more than my share of it. πŸ˜‰

  97. We love ice cream and during these hot summer days, use it for yummy dessert so that I don’t have to bake.

  98. I would just keep it on hand. That way when family & friends visit, I can offer them some ice cream. That’s if I don’t eat it all.

  99. this will be perfect for a trip to the some stuff..and of course some ice cream..yummy

  100. My family just loves Ice cream. I would invite some of the childrens friends over to enjoy this with us.

  101. we love ice cream! It is one of the few things my almost 81 year old mother can eat that helps her not lose any more weight. So this would be great!

  102. My family loves ice cream more than people should. It’s almost a nightly staple in our home.

  103. We love ice cream so much that we will have it for dinner sometimes. Our kids know that if they see “liver and onions” on the menu, they are in for a special treat. That is our code for ice cream for dinner and we go all out with the toppings.

  104. Not only do we LOVE ice cream and treats in this hot summer weather, we entertain family all the time! We constantly host summer parties and with football season approaching, this trend will not change.

  105. Nothing tastes better during the hot summer months than ice cream, especially the Magnum bars. I love shopping at Target where I always find great deals to help me stay on budget.

  106. My son and I love icecream!!! Would definitely use the card for icecream and groceries!

  107. Well I love ice cream and with a very limited budget for food I often have to pass it up so I would be able to stock up on that and other things I need as well if I win.

  108. My daughter has a Birthday coming up so the Target deals would be perfect for picking up some icecream for her party.

  109. I would grow my hidey stash of stress-time Magnum bars for Magnum stress produced by screaming children.

  110. My Husband is a pure ice cream aholic and I can tell you he would indulge in all of the ice cream before I had a chance to try but this would be a great way to get it and save on it. Thank you

  111. Unfortunately ice cream and novelty frozen desserts are simply not in my budget very often, I would take advantage and stock up. I personally love the klondike bars the best.

  112. This would be perfect for stocking our freezer with every ones favorite ice cream for our end of summer cookout.


  113. i would load up the freezer and invite a few people over to share because if we could live on ice cream everyday in our house we would

  114. I’d stock up on Snickers Ice Cream bars for an evening snack for the family. They are our guilty pleasure and can make a bad day end on a good note.

  115. My kids love ice cream. We go through it like crazy, always picking up more–every weekend it seems! (Even in winter!)

  116. Umm I would love to take advantage of this offer by buying all this ice cream and eating it all!

  117. We love ice cream here and it is the perfect treat for these hot Florida summer days and nights.
    Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  118. My sons and husband would love to have this much ice cream in the house, so I would take advantage of the offer for them.

  119. I would take advantage of this Target offer because our family loves ice cream and we have one more summer cookout planned.

  120. my family would take advantage of this offer just by using the ice cream as a treat since it has been really hot and humid here

  121. This would be so helpful! My family and I would take advantage of this by using it to buy a bunch of snacks and other groceries for the house.

  122. I would take advantage and get some ice cream that I have been craving and my husband

  123. We love ice cream and could use this deal to stock up and have an icecream social.

  124. My daughter and husband LOVE ice cream. It is their favorite dessert and favorite special treat. This would be right up their alley.

  125. We are having an end of the summer bash & going away party for my sister, so this would be perfect!

  126. We love ice cream – especially during the summer months we go through loads of it and enjoy sampling all the new flavors
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  127. I would use this deal because it’s nice to have a cool enough treat for the entire family, and for those late-night sneaks!

  128. I definitely will take advantage of this offer. We always have kids here in the summer, and this would be perfect. For the kids … and the adults.

  129. My girls love ice cream. They ask for it every time we go to the store. Thank you!!

  130. My family are addicted to ice cream. They would be happy with a giftcard that could be spent on it!

  131. I would take advantage of it by stocking up the freezer, the kiddos around here love ice cream.

  132. My 4 kids love ice cream and it really helps on hot summer days to cool you down.Our ac went out this weekend and with 100 degree temps we have eaten lots of ice cream lol.

  133. I would use this deal to stock up my freezer with ice cream for my kids as well as their friends that stop by.

  134. I would use this deal just to save some $$. We like to eat ice cream, but try not to eat it everyday, so this would last for at least a couple of weeks lol.

  135. We love ice cream so much! And who doesn’t love Target? It is my favorite place to shop. I think I would get ice cream and some school supplies for the kids πŸ™‚

  136. Would use it to replace the clothing that our 2 boys destroy. Nothing lasts more than a couple months with them

  137. I love icecream! I wouldn’t spend all of the gift card on it though, probably stuck up on other household items

  138. We love ice cream. As a matter of fact, I bought some cookies and cream ice cream today.

  139. I sure would like to fill my freezer with those Klondike bars and I love shopping at Target, my happy place. Thanks for having this contest.

  140. My family loves ice cream. I have to get on to them sometimes because they want to eat it at all times and skip the meal!

  141. Thanks for the giveaway…perfect for our Labor Day BBQ, everyone likes Klondike Bars !!!