Audible Lets You Catch Up On Your Reading Without Reading

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Do you love reading but just couldn’t find the time for it? Why not try Audible!

Audible is home to the widest selection of digital audiobooks, including best sellers, new releases, exclusives and much more. Listen anytime, anywhere on your tablet, mobile or desktop with the Audible free app.

By listening to audio books, you can get a dose of your favorite books or genres even while you’re driving, jogging or doing household chores.


Just a few months ago, I resolved to read at least 2 books every month. I know that 2 books in one month is not a lot. But with the amount of stuff I do at home, at church and on the blog, it’s actually been a long time since I actually finished reading a book — until I made that decision.

I realized lately that I can make my time more productive when I listen to audiobooks during times when I’m busy doing something but my mind is free — like when I’m folding clothes. So instead of watching TV while doing it, I just listen to audiobooks. It’s actually more beneficial for me because reading stimulates one’s imagination.


Audible has over 150,000 titles in its repository so I’m sure you’ll find whatever’s in your to-read list in there!

It might take you a few minutes to get used to the fact that your ears — not your eyes — are the ones doing the “reading”. But as it was in my case, I eventually appreciated the talent of the narrators in bringing the words to life with their voices.

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I was compensated for this post. Thoughts are my own.


Audible Lets You Catch Up On Your Reading Without Reading — 53 Comments

  1. My husband has been a audible subscriber for some time now and I think it is a great idea! I wish I had the time to read more often….Audible is way more convenient and allows you to read more often!

  2. Audible Really Sounds Amazing! I Will Always Enjoy Reading My Good Old Library Books but this Would be a Great Option for Someone who is Always on the go or for Really Long Road Trips! I would Love to have something like this and I would also Like to Maybe get a Kindle but there is No Way I could Afford Either Right Now! Thanks for the Great Informative Blog & God Bless! Jana

  3. this sounds like just what i need. i dont have the patience to sit and read altho i do love books. This would help me greatly. i can sit and relax and listen to the book instead of reading. Very kewl.

  4. This sounds great but sometimes I like the feel of a paperback or hardbound book. I am trying to read at least 20 mins a day sometimes more but sometimes life gets in the way.

  5. I love listening to books. I sometimes get them from the library to listen to when I go for my walks. I need to try this.

  6. If I exercised this would help pass the time. I’ve never tried this before. I enjoy reading but don’t always have the time. I may try this.

  7. I used to love listening to the audio book segments they had on NPR, I can’t wait to give these audio books a listen. Thank you for sharing this review.

  8. I think this sounds like a fantastic idea. I use the “text to speech” function of my Kindle Fire. It’s in the settings and it will read the book to you but it’s in a robotic, digital woman’s voice and it doesn’t distinguish between live and live or St (Street or Saint) and etc. It can be rather annoying! I drive A LOT so audible sounds perfect for me!

  9. I listened to my first audio book, The Fault in Our Stars, and I loved it! Will definitely be coming back for more!

  10. I really enjoy audio books. I didn’t used to be much of a fan but I got converted when I downloaded the Harry Potter books as read by Stephen Fry and realized how a good narrator can really make the story come alive. Now I prefer to listen to those HP audio books than to read the books myself. I also discovered how handy audio books can be when I moved cross-country this summer and had to drive myself long hours without falling asleep. I’d never taken a long road trip solo before and I was glad I had some audio books on my iPod to cue up on the radio speakers for the drive.

  11. This is awesome. I buy a lot of books on tape and then after I listen to them they just sit in my car. This would be perfect.

  12. I love to read, but sometimes my eyesight is bad because of my Diabetes. Plus many a day, my house is noisy because of my grandkids coming over. This would really be a nice way to relax and enjoy the stories at the same time! I have seen ebooks & audio cheaper than regular paper books. Good idea.

  13. I love audiobooks. I’ve been able to “read” tons of books on my booklist because of them. They enable me to multitask.

  14. I definitely start listening to more audio books. I love to read, but I am so busy that it would be nice to be read to while I do other things!

  15. I wish I had this I would love not having to read for once and have it read to me. I love it I wish I had this. I can put it on my wish list and hope for the best.

  16. I think I am going to try Audible at bedtime in lieu of the television. I don’t sleep well in dead silence, so I keep the TV on. However, the light from the TV sometimes wakes me up. This seem like a great solution!

  17. Wow! This sounds like a great way to get the kids reading more! The kids can use this on Summer vacation and during school. Maybe I will get a chance to read again,love this Idea! Much thanks for this share! 🙂

  18. I would love to start reading again and this sounds perfect for me. Whenever I try to read a book my eyes just get too tired and I fall asleep. It would be great just to listen to a book being read and not falling asleep so fast.

  19. Thanks for the info. I am one of those people who when wearing headsets tend to sing at the top of my lungs and before I know it the family is rolling around laughing at me. With audible books I could easily find time to listen to the book and would really bring me peace as I work on my flowers and other things

  20. I love listening to “books on tape”. I have very fond memories of riding in the car with my father while he listened to several different Stephen King books on tape. There was something so different about listening to King’s horror novels being read aloud versus reading them to yourself. Thanks for sharing! I might just start listening to some books in the car like my father used to 🙂

  21. I love to read!! I will checking into this. I use my headphones on my computer to jam to my favorites bands, so why not get into some reading to 🙂

  22. I have never tried this before but I would love to try it it reminds me of the books that came with the audio that when it was done reading the page and dinged you turned the page to keep up with it and so you could read along with it.

  23. It has been a while since I have used audible books. I used to listen to them on my commute to and from work. My ride home took an hour. The ride to work only took 20 minutes, I got a lot of reading done weekly. I also used to listen to them when I was crocheting and sewing. These really are worth checking out! Happy reading, I mean listening!

  24. I’m a fan of good old fashioned paper media and will always prefer that. I read my first ebook this summer b/c an author offered me her book via Amazon for review. I enjoyed reading via my Kindle app more than I expected and it was a pleasant surprise. I took it further an registered with 3M Cloud Library(free thru my library system) and checked out an ebook I’ve been wanting to read for a while.

    Hubby listens to non-fiction audiobooks during his commute to work. Sometimes, when we’re in the car together, he’ll put one on. Again, I found I enjoyed listening to them. So, maybe someday soon I’ll give a fiction title a try. The Harry Potter series may be a good place to start. My daughter recently finished reading the series and we’ve seen all the film adaptations. Hubby read the series a few years ago. I haven’t read it yet. On our next road trip, we might try the audiobook version. It’ll be interesting to have the story be narrated to us, complete with different voices.

  25. we love audio books for listening to on road trips but i think they’re too expensive so we use ones we check out from the library

  26. I travel by car quite a bit between visiting my parents and in-laws and I appreciate this because it will help entertain me while driving and let me catch up on my reading list.

  27. I drive quite a bit between my family and in-laws and I love to listen to books and keeping my attention while driving.

  28. this is what i need when i am lying in bed at night and can’t sleep…Listening to books with Audible would be prefect…i will have to check this out later…thank you

  29. This sounds great to me. These would be great to listen to while traveling in the car too. I will be checking out this site. Thank you so much for sharing

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