Get Suave® Professionals For A $3 Everyday Value!

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Want to save money on your personal care products? Here’s a great deal on Suave Professionals products!

Walgreens Suave

Purchase Suave® Professionals at Walgreens and save on your favorite personal care products!

You can get Suave® Professionals for a $3 everyday value – including the New Suave Professionals Body Wash, infused with spa-inspired ingredients for beautiful skin. Suave® Body washes have bright, clean scents that leave your skin feeling fresh and delightfully fragrant! That’s quite some savings given that spa products can be so expensive!

Suave Walgreens

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For additional savings through the week of 7/27 – 8/1, earn 2,000 Balance Rewards Points when you buy $6 worth of Suave® Professional products. Offer valid on Suave® Professionals Body Wash and Suave Professionals Lotion Products sold at Walgreens.

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Get Suave® Professionals For A $3 Everyday Value! — 118 Comments

  1. I have tried suave and love it! It is great and a great price all! Love the shampoo, conditioner and body lotion.

  2. i’ve tried their hair products because they were recommended by a hair care professional. seemed to work well.

  3. I have used this Suave Professionals and really like it because it leaves my hair very soft and the shampoo does not cost a lot! I have not tried the Body Wash.

  4. I Love Suave Products & I always have! I Love how Gentle their Products are & they Really have a Great Selection too! I Like their Skin Care Products, they work wonders on my Really dry Skin! I don’t see the Point in Paying a lot of Money on a Product when you can get one just as good for a lot less Money! I Just don’t have the Money to Spend on Really Expensive Luxuries this days! I know Many people are probably in the same Situation as I am! I believe if a Product Gives you Great Results, Smells Good, Gives you a Great Amount of Product, & is Inexpensive than why would you want anything else? Great Post & Have a Blessed Day! Jana

  5. I love Suave. I am currently using the almond and shea shampoo and conditioner and I tried a sample of Natural Infusion Awapuhi Anti-Breakage Shampoo & Conditioner and liked that more so I will get that next time.

  6. I haven’t tried Suave yet, but I think that I will. Sounds like good products.

  7. I have tried Suave shampoo and conditioner before.It works and is usually the least expensive brand.

  8. I use Suave Professional Dry Shampoo, the gold container with keratin. It’s one of the best products I’ve used and the price is awesome!

  9. Yes, I am using a Suave Shampoo right now. I’m not at home to check the bottle and don’t remember the exact name, but it’s one of the newer ones in a gold colored bottle. It is really good stuff!

  10. No, I’ve never tried Suave before, but I would love too!
    Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  11. We have and do use Suave products. They work for my family and the fit into our budget.

  12. I haven’t tried their new lines, like the infusion lines, but i just got some at the store and will use when my current shampoo/conditioner runs out.

  13. I have used and currently use Suave products. Suave makes a great line of products that I really like.

  14. I tried it along time ago when Suave was probably a step down from other products. Now I love the hair products and feel like they are top of hair care.

  15. Thanks for sharing! Suave is all my husband and I buy! I’ve found it’s actually very gentle on my hair compared to other brands of shampoo/conditioner!

  16. I absolutely LOVE Suave products! I use Suave Shampoo, Conditioner and the body wash! It is inexpensive, and it works awesome. I also love the different scents they have.

  17. When I was little, my whole family used Suave shampoo. I’ll never forget that smell.

  18. We actually use Suave products all the time. Love their professional rosemary mint shampoo and conditioner.

  19. I love the Suave Professional products and they used to have a heat protectant spray that I LOVED.

  20. i use suave products all the time and really like them. my kids love using the kiddie body washes and i really enjoy using the suave professionals shampoo 🙂

  21. Yes I use Suave a lot and I love their products! Besides being easy on the wallet I have never had one problem with them 🙂

  22. My daughter was one of those who thought name brand was best and the more something costs the better it must be. However, she kept coming back to my Suave products…wasted a lot of money finding out what i had been telling her for years….smilz..Suave rocks.

  23. Yes I have tried Suave products! I am in love with the new Professionals GOLD shampoo and conditioner. I have color treated hair and when this product came out I requested a sample first and loved it so now I have been watching for coupons to purchase a stock of the shampoo and conditioner!

  24. I have been using Suave for years, and still will, the price compared to others with similar ingredients is the best!

  25. I have used Suave products for many years. Most of them I have liked and purchased more than once.

  26. Been using them for us and kids for as long as we can remember! Love the light scent of the products and of course the price.

  27. Yes I have tried Suave products before and I like them as they smell great and are affordable.

  28. Yes, we use Suave Professionals shampoo and conditioner in our home and love them both.


  29. Yes, used Suave products before, works better than some of the more expensive brands!

  30. I’ve tried the Suave Professionals line in the gold bottle. It’s good. It says that it is equivelent to pureology on the bottle and it smells great.

  31. Yes I have and do buy and we use Suave Professionals ~ especially their wonderful and convenient “2 in 1 Plus” (Also shampoo & Conditioner as well as Body Wash.)

    These excellent products are a mainstay in our house .Whatever is in them provide excellent results ~ while saving a lot of money!

  32. Thanks for the giveaway… we have used Suave shampoos in the past; good products.

  33. i’ve used suave in the past, but haven’t tried any of the new line. i can’t wait to try it though – i’ve heard some good things.

  34. I use the Suave Professional Shampoo line on a regular basis. Love it and love that they make on with lower sulfates since I have highlighted hair.

  35. I’ve tried the Suave Mint and Rosemary shampoo and conditioner and loved them both – both how they smelled and how soft they made my hair feel. Awesome!

  36. I Absolutely Love Suave Products & I Really Love the Price! I Love how they have a Vast Selection of Products from Beauty & Skin Care to Hair Products & Bath/Body Products! I Love the Quality of the Products and the Amount of Product they Give You! I Have Some Suave Shampoo & Conditioner and they Smell Amazing, plus they Keep my Hair Soft & Silky! My Family & I have Always used Suave Products & We Will Continue to Use them as Long as they Make Them! Thanks & Have a Blessed Day! Jana

  37. I’ve been using Suave products for over 20 yrs and I love it! I’m using the Suave Professionals shampoo and it makes my hair so soft.I’ve tried some expensive shampoos but I always go back to Suave.Thank you for the awesome giveaway 🙂

  38. Yes, and they are every bit as good as more expensive brands.
    Thanks for the contest.

  39. I have tried several of the Suave Products and I really like the Professional hair care line. Great quality for an amazing price.

  40. My husband uses the shampoo and lotion, I use the body wash. Yes we like it, repeat customers.
    pedidentalasst at yahoo dot com

  41. Yes I have tried Suave products and I think they are very comparable to the more expensive brands.