How Do You Handle Bugs At Home?

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As a stay-at-home mom, it’s very important for me to make sure that our house is (almost) always clean. I put things back where they should be. I sanitize whatever needs to be sanitized (think kitchen and bathroom). I vacuum our carpets at least every other day. I do the laundry twice a week. If I see any pests whatsoever, I call a Fremont Exterminator to come and deal with the issues as soon as I see it. And that’s not everything. If you’re a mom, I think you get my point. And you probably can think of a lot of other things we do at home.

Now the main reason why I do all these? To keep my family protected against germs and bugs that might feel at home in OUR home if I don’t regularly clean and do all these things.

Bug-free with Hot Shot® Insecticides

He took a broom after seeing some bugs inside the coupe.

How do you handle bugs at home?

I should admit that we were not very good at keeping our house pest-free. We tried to get rid of bugs by vacuuming them out of the corners of the house. We also used those electric bug/fly swatters that look like tennis rackets. Some take good care of controlling pests inside their houses, but most forget about how having a pest outbreak can effect your garden! If you’ve noticed your garden is under attack you may want to hire the services of Virginia Trugreen (don’t worry if you’re not in Virginia, they offer their services to most states!) or other garden care providers.

And guess what, it’s not exactly very easy to catch pests using that! It becomes a total workout for me and it can get very frustrating when you’re all tired yet the bugs are still flying around!

So I’m glad I got to try Hot Shot® Insecticides. Hot Shot® Insecticides takes pride in providing homeowners with solutions that help to keep their homes free of pests.

Bug-free with Hot Shot® Insecticides

Looking for ants

Now with Hot Shot® Insecticides, all I need to do is spray spray spray! I don’t need to make sure I got a perfect aim. And the best thing about it? It doesn’t smell like most insecticides! While it still doesn’t smell like perfume, it’s still good to know that a company has thought about creating an insecticide with floral scent.

In the days that we have been using Hot Shot® Insecticides in our home, it seems to be working well. I haven’t been seeing a lot of bugs around here. Awesome!

Don’t let bugs feel at home! Use Hot Shot® Insecticides!

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Hot Shot® Insecticides July Sweepstakes

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hot Shot® Insecticides.


How Do You Handle Bugs At Home? — 22 Comments

  1. I put out ant traps, but I have not had a lot of bugs in my house this year. I have used Hot Shot products in the past and they really work. I can not stand bugs in the house.

  2. I use Hot Shot products. They work well and cost less than other name brand bug sprays.

  3. I have a service come once every two months. It’s expensive so maybe I’ll try Hot Shot. Thanks for the info!

  4. We use a pest control service and use Hotshot for the ones that get through.

  5. We try to use natural repellents like cedar wood essential oil. It works really well!

  6. This sounds like a great product, I think it’s wonderful that it doesn’t smell the way you would expect an insecticide to smell. I would love to try the Hot Shot® Naturals because it’s safe for use around children, I don’t want to use something that will kill the bugs and me as well. Thank you for sharing this review.

  7. I put ant traps and vacuum . I don’t like to use insecticides a lot because my husband is asthmatic. I may try Hotshot once I read all the ingredients.

  8. We put out roach traps. We’ve also started using fly strips lately, because the gnats are out of control!

  9. We use the Hot Shot for the wasps that try to build a hive under out deck. They drive me crazy!

  10. I recently had a problem with pesky gnats. I do foster for the shelter & had a house full of puppies & kittens so didn’t want to use any poisons. I got rid of them with apple cider vinegar.

  11. I have a couple big gallon jugs of bug spray with handy sprayers on them and I spray around the doors and all the windows once a month and I don’t seem to have any bug problems

  12. When I see a bug I spray it, step on it, sometimes run from it (bees and wasps) Whatever it takes!

  13. I’m going to have to give this stuff a try! Summer is bringing out all the bugs!

  14. I usually tell him to find something to do. Kidding, I have been trying natural products that are safer.

  15. I hate opening a door and having a fly follow me in. I have a can of bug spray in just about every room. My biggest problem is with spiders and in the fall crickets get in.

  16. I do not like bugs at home or outside!! My oldest son is usually my hero when it comes to getting rid of any bugs that may get into the house