I Am Fox Home Ent Insiders’ Blogger Of The Month!


Yes you read that right! Fox Home Entertainment Insiders has just chosen me as Blogger of the Month for July and I’m ecstatic! I never thought I would ever be chosen for any type of distinction so, while this may be a small thing to others, it’s a big thing for me. đŸ™‚

As part of the Fox Home Ent Insiders program, I publish announcements, movie reviews, giveaways, activity sheets and other information on the latest DVD releases. The last 2 posts I published were for Rio 2 and can be found here and here.

Check out their announcement on the Fox Home Ent Insiders blog!

And feel free to retweet these tweets! This might be the only blogger of the month/year type of award I’ll ever get so I figured I might as well ask for retweets. LOL!




I Am Fox Home Ent Insiders’ Blogger Of The Month! — 40 Comments

  1. Congrats on Your New Position as Blogger of the Month! That’s Quite an Achievement and I bet your Family & Friends are just Thrilled for you! If I was you I wouldn’t be the Least bit Nervous b/c I have Read Your Blogs and they are Definitely Interesting & Helpful and So Worth Reading! Just be Excited and think about how they Chose you Out of Who Knows How Many Other Bloggers! It’s a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity and You Have Earned it, So Enjoy Every Minute of it! I wish I had Something that Great to Look Forward to! Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor! Have a Wonderful Day & God Bless! Jana

  2. Congratulations on being chosen blogger of the month by Fox Home Entertainment Insiders. You definitely deserve this award, you have a great blog here filled with interesting, entertaining, and informative posts, keep up the great work.

  3. Congratulations! That sounds like a real honor to me! I loved Rio & Rio 2, so they make some great movies for you to review!

  4. Congratulations on earning this. It was well=deserved. I have to tell you I love reading your movie reviews.

  5. congrats on the accolade. you deserve it. i love all ur blog posts and the giveaways you do. keep it up.

  6. WOW!! CONGRATULATIONS!! That is wonderful!! You SO deserve it!! WAHOO!! đŸ˜€

  7. Congratulations! You should feel very proud, indeed! That is quite a distinction for you. I can only imagine the work that went into achieving this accomplishment!

  8. Congratulations! I don’t know all your awards, but if I had gotten this one, I would certainly feel like I had fully ‘arrived’.

  9. What an honor it is for you to have been selected by the Fox Home Entertainment Insiders! I look forward to keeping up with your reviews of upcoming movies, as I’m an avid DVD collector! đŸ™‚ Congrats!

  10. Congratulations. You absolutely deserve it, you have a great blog and your readers appreciate what you do.

  11. Congratulations! That is wonderful and I hope you enjoy being blogger of the month. It is always nice when they do something to show how they appreciate all the hard work you do for them.

  12. Congratulations on this, an honor for you i am sure. I am looking forward to the benefits you will be able hand down to your readers now

  13. WOW! Congratulations on the Award! It’s a terrific thing to win! You shouldn’t ever feel like you will NEVER win another one! I think your website/blog is terrific! You have great giveaways! The only thing I would very much love to see is more reviews and recipes on your site/blog. We are always sent to your site for giveaways and as much as I love poking around your site, I need to find new things to comment on. Other than that, It’s absolutely fantastic! I read your informational pieces and I’ve read all your recipes. Even tried a few and really enjoyed them! Keep up the terrific work and you WILL win another award in the future! Thanks for the terrific news and congratulations again. Michele đŸ™‚
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