We Took The Febreze Noseblind Test!

This review and giveaway was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Febreze. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.

FebrezeEver since I saw the Febreze Noseblind Test commercials on TV. I’ve been very curious about it. Although I’ve used Febreze in the past and actually loved it, it’s been a long time since the last time I bought a can.

What does it mean to be noseblind? It’s the gradual acclimation to the smells of one’s home, car, or belongings, in which the affected does not notice them (even though their guests do). Being noseblind simply means that your nose or olfactory sense has gotten so used to the odor around you that you can’t sense it anymore. I think I can say that it simply means you have been desensitized by the odor.

I usually notice this if I go outside the house for a while (sometimes a couple of minutes, sometimes a few hours) then come back. I immediately smell the foul odor from whatever it was that I cooked earlier that day. But then I become noseblind again after a few minutes.



A few days ago, I invited 2 of my friends for a quick movie date at home. Aside from actually watching the movie, I asked them to take a couple of surveys about the smell of my home.

Because we had popcorn, it was that smell that was really dominant. But after I sprayed the Febreze Air Effects Meadow & Rain, everyone agreed that there’s not even a trace of the popcorn smell just a few minutes earlier!

But hey, I’m not surprised! I’ve used Febreze before and I know that it does work well! And it’s not like other air fresheners that just blends with the existing smell. With Febreze, you really don’t sense the previous one anymore. The room just smells so fresh!



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This review and giveaway was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Febreze. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.


We Took The Febreze Noseblind Test! — 107 Comments

  1. My kids spray it daily after we clean the litter box from their 2 cats. It works great! We use the air effects in Hawaiian Aloha

  2. This Febreze Noseblind test was pretty clever! It makes so much sense though. If you spend very long in a place, your nose definitely gets less sensitive to the smells there. I really like how Febreze actually eliminates the odors, instead of just covering them up. Thanks for sharing your Noseblind findings!

  3. I have tried some of their products. I like it, so far the scents have smelled really good and work well

  4. I’ve tried febreeze air fresheners before and I love them, nice clean scent but one that isn’t overhwhelming. I think it does the job well!

  5. I have used the Febreze spray and the candles. The spray has a nice, light fragrance. Very pleasant but not overpowering.

  6. I have used the Febreze Air Effects and they really are good in making my house smell so good.

  7. I like Febreeze. It’s not overpowering and we can use it on things we can’t wash like the sofa.

  8. I have tried the Febreze fabric refresher and love it! It works great on the upholstery on my furniture.

  9. I use Febreze almost daily in my car and home. I really like the clean scents. They just smell like cotton and clean laundry – not too flowery.

  10. I really like the new Febreze scents. Also, I love how the sprays actually break down the odor instead of just covering it up. It’s great to have around to spray when people are coming over, because like you said, they are not “noseblind” to whatever my house smells like.

  11. I love their air effect products. They are great to spray just before guests come over.

  12. I have tried Febreze before and I think it worked very well at getting rid of odors. We tried it on a couch and other areas with great success.

  13. I always use Febreze~ but just because I seen it on TV~ I never really put it to the test. Having company in this past month, I found out how great it really works. Right before everyone arrived I cleaned the house with items that seemed to be so strong smelling & began to worry. My husband sprayed Febreze~ & everything was great. Thanks ♥

  14. I have used the Febreeze fabric refresher and like it very much. I would like to try their other products.

  15. I have not used Febreeze before. I have heard that unlike traditional air room sprays that Febreeze really helps rid the room of odor versus just masking it with perfume.

  16. I have bought it before and love it, but it has been ages since I have thought of buying a can, it’s time to do so now!

  17. I have used Febreze before and yes it works! I have sports kids and lots of critters and it was a big help riding the house and their equipment of nasty odors.

  18. I love and use Fabreze all the time especially on the sofa where my husband sits and watches TV. It really freshens it up.

  19. With 2 humans, 2 dogs & 1 cat in the house, I use Fabreeze on a daily basis and am more than happy with the results. Thank you Fabreeze.

  20. I have used Febreze Fabric refresher and it is effective in getting rid of odors.

  21. i have tried a couple different kinds of febreze, i really like the one for sheets and bedding, its supposed to be calming. i really like the way that one smells

  22. Ok, I have to say Yes I have used Fabreeze because a mouse had crawled it’s way into the engine of our car and actually died and every time we would start the car we could smell that odor and we were on our way to WVa a six hour trip..so Yes we used a lot of fabreeze at the time..that I couldn’t stand the smell but now I would definitely try it again.
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  23. I have tried Febreze but it has been awhile so would like to give it a try again

  24. I have tried Febreeze before and I love how well it eliminates odors and the variety of different smells available.

  25. I have and it is one of the cleaning staples in our house. It is good for everything from freshening up our furnitures to garbage cans.

  26. I have tried a few Febreze products, and I definitely like them! I have two dogs and trash smells that constantly need to go away!

  27. I love Febreze – I have tried all their scents and I also love the pet odor spray! Never been disappointed in them yet 🙂 They work well and don’t just cover up the odors – I spray my couch and chairs with it all the time!

  28. Yes I agree – I love Febreze and think it is just an awesome product 🙂 It really does get rid of smells and it is amazing!

  29. yes i’ve tried febreze fabric refresher on my couches for doggie odors.seemed to work quite well

  30. I first tried febreeze when it first came out..to help freshen carpets when my kids were toddlers and spitting up. I worked great. Now I am chemically sensitive so I can only use a bit and use for the entrance where kids leave their sport shoes and socks from baseball/softball, etc. It makes a HUGE difference.

  31. I have used Febreze on and off for several years. I love how it freshens the room and affects my mood.

  32. I love Febreze! It’s nice to spray it in the bedroom in the morning when I make the beds. We can still smell it at bedtime but it’s not overwhelming.

  33. I have tried and use it more in winter when the dogs get wet fur when they go outside

  34. I have tried and use several Fabreze products. I like the pet odors spray freshener and I have bought several of their candles. I like the product and use it regularly.

  35. What can I say about Febreeze? Well I can say Hello my name is April & I AM A Febreeze addict! I spritz it around several times a day all over the house. There is a night time one that I spray all over my bed and pillow just before laying down.

  36. Yes I’ve tried their products and I’ve always been a fan of their candles

  37. i love febreeze. I love the fabric refresher. Love the way it makes my furniture smell.

  38. I share my home with several pets. Febreze is the most effective that I have found at getting rid of critter odors. I love the Thai Dragonfruit scent!

  39. Thanks for the Fantastic Review on We Took The Febreze Noseblind Test! I see those commercials on TV all the time! I know that I’m nose blind to several odors in my home! When you leave the house for a while and come back home, you can smell those odors and then all of a sudden, they are gone! I’ve had Febreze before and I should get some now too! Thanks for sharing your fantastic review and your personal and professional opinions on We Took The Febreze Noseblind Test with all of us! You know that I always appreciate your reviews!!!!! Thanks again! Michele 🙂
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