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Welcome to the Kinsights $150 Amazon gift card Giveaway! Sponsored by Kinsights. Hosted by Bonkers4coupons. We have partnered with Kinsights to bring you an opportunity to win a $150 Amazon Gift Card.

Kinsights is a social network that is made just for parents like us! It’s designed to have your children’s health information or records sent to a ER or out of town doctor within minutes. Kinsights is an online Pediatric Personal Healthcare Record Keeper for parents. Those days of being on vacation or out of town and not having that personal documents or health records on hand are a thing of the past. You can organize your children’s growth, milestones, developments, medications, immunizations, allergies and more!

This online tool is amazing and is a blessing for parents to have. Kinsights also offers a community where parents can ask a question, safely seek and share answers to parents questions. You can ask anything and Kinsights will find the right community member who can provide the guidance or answers that are needed.

Kinsights also offers groups with similar interests to their own pages which includes single parents, grandparents, groups of safety, fashion, potty training and many more. Kinsights makes finding the best answers easy. When the community members answer, the best content rises to the top. It’s convenient, easy to manage and an excellent resource for all parents. Take a moment and check out this very informative website!

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$150 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway — 99 Comments

  1. I prepare for vacation by scoping out local hangouts, shops and restaurants. I love to dine like a local. I also put together a “first aide/emergency” kit that coordinates with the type of vacation I am taking.

  2. I find making lists in advance an extremely helpful way of making sure I have packed all that is needed. I also research things in advance on sites like Trip Advisor.

  3. I print out all our reservations, tickets, etc. and put them in order of use in a large manilla envelope. It makes it easy to find what we need when the time comes.

  4. We don’t take trips often but when we do, I make a list and check it…a lot. And still I always forget something! I also like to plan ahead as far as snacks and events.

  5. I research the best deals,I give my relatives my itinerary and contact numbers,and i have the post office hold my mail until I get back,I make sure all my ducks are in a row.

  6. Like everyone else, I’m a firm believer in LIST making. Just the act of writing things down helps you organize and remember things. So list making is essential because I HATE forgetting things, down to the tiniest detail. I love to travel ~ but when it come to planning and packing parts ~ it really brings out the “control freak” in me. I can’t really start to relax till I get to my destination!

  7. Without a list, nothing gets done. I use them as reminders, and to weigh out what takes priority, especially when packing luggage. Good way to keep things in order and on track.

  8. I get on the bookings done, the packing done and make sure my house is looked after while we are gone.

  9. I like to stay at a hotel that’s close to shopping and public transportation. We once on vacation and the closest store was quite far. We had to walk an hour there and back in the winter. I was ticked!

  10. I prepare for trips by making a list of weather-appropriate clothes, then making everyone go through the closet to ensure they have said items, that they fit, and are in good condition. If not, then a-shopping we go!

  11. I try to plan outfits ahead of time and make sure we have extra clothes for accidents. I also try not to stress too much as that makes things go crazy.
    Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  12. I can’t go anywhere with anyone unless I have my lists of to do’s. I have one for what to do, what to pack, etc. I love knowing I have everything done by checking if off my list.

  13. To get the kids excited, we have them help with the planning. That way, they don’t feel like they’re being dragged around to things they don’t want to do.

  14. This sounds like a great resource for parents! I like the ability to have all medical records available to access now, instead of having to wait for them to be transferred. It would sure make switching doctors easier!

  15. I make sure I have planned out my route, take a cell phone with GPS, take extra money and have coupons for the places I have to visit. I take extra snacks and water.

  16. I always make sure to put a hold on the mail and newspaper and make sure we have enough cash. I don’t like being in an unfamiliar place taking out cash.

  17. I just discovered this awesome website. It’s roadtrippers.com/ and it is so much fun. This is what I will be using to plan my next getaway. Plus lots of lists!

  18. We start a vacation jar by letting the kids decorate a jar or box and then we put our spare change in there or a portion of allowance money. It really gets them excited and helps them take ownership of the trip.

  19. I save up money to go on the trip and pack sandwiches and snacks the night before and even freeze ice for the cooler to save money.

  20. Prep is done WAY ahead. We have to budget so we hit clothing sales at the end of seasons for the next years vacay if we can afford. Checking flights or rental vehicles is a pain but do daily. Packing done..well, the week before and then AGAIN the day before…usually taking out half of what is packed. Books, Ipods, all important papers copied into folder, someone to watch the dog is taken care of about 6 months before. We are SO disorganized with life but for vacations, we have to be on the ball to save money, time, and be prepared. With 6 kids over a large time span, we have not had a vacation without kids for 4 years and before that it was in 1993.

  21. I always make sure to bring my personal care items. Also, clothes that won’t wrinkle, basically my skinny jeans and comfortable shoes and tops.

  22. We have never taken a vacation as a family, or as a married couple for that matter but I’m hoping to do that very soon. I’m thinking we will start little like a weekend getaway. Niagra falls is only about a 2 hour drive from where we live!

  23. I am a planner so I plan out all of our transportation on Google maps whether we’re driving, walking or using public transit.

  24. We prepare EITHer way by asking for input from friends and family. Word of mouth is the best for finding great restaurants, shopping, and outings.

  25. I run an animal rescue & haven’t been able to get away for over a day in years. Last year I did spend 2 days in the hospital but checked out ama because I was so worried about the “farm”. For me, a vacation is a day in town at the vet’s office.

  26. With young children it’s important to have a list of phone numbers. Pediatrician and any emergency numbers that you may need.

  27. Since my husband and I have never taken a vacation or went on a honeymoon, I would like us to get Passports and visit Canada. He would love the hunting and I would love the shopping and sight seeing!

  28. I have to prepare myself with realistic expectations – we just can’t do and see everything when the kids are along but we’ll still have a great time together!

  29. I always always make a list and literally cross things out as they’re being packed. And still I always manage to forget something. lol

  30. Do some research on the hotel you’ll be staying at. If flying, get there early and make sure all of your toiletries are in the proper sized containers.

  31. WWe plan accordingly to the kids aswell! We make sure the places we go are gonna be fun ,educational & something we can do as a family & all of us have fun! If its a ling trip we usually bring Ipads,dvd player & ipods to help keep them distracted on the ride to & from!!

  32. We pack early so that everything is ready on time, discuss where we are going and what we will be doing with our kids so that they are mentally prepared and wont ask a zillion questions and pack each person a fun backpack for travel.


  33. I make a list and pack everything nice and neatly (except on the way back from the trip – then everything is packed messily, lol.)

  34. I like to travel by car you can see lot’s of places on the way to where your going.do pack maybe way to much like to have clothing for all weather types.

  35. We usually start planning about 6 months in advance. We do research on Trip Advisor, hotels.com, etc. Talk to friends and family who have been where we are going.

  36. I make a whole lot of lists! 🙂 And I always make sure to pack extra clothes, even for me and the hubby, you never know when a mess will strike!

  37. We haven’t had a real vacation ever. We’re thinking about a weekend get away to go crabbing. Just pack an overnight bag and take off for a couple of days.

  38. I am a total planner. So when my family is going on vacation I make a list of items I want to bring. I usually start this list 2 weeks early and as I use items throughout the day, I am reminded to write it on the list. I then plan out outfits for my husband and I. I let him pack one time for a trip to Dallas in the summer. He didn’t have shorts, or a tshirt in his bag. Had to go to the mall and buy him outfits since it was 100+ degrees and he didn’t have shorts!!!

  39. Make a list of things to bring, check weather, check hotel prices, book hotel, hope I didn’t forget anything 😉

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