Quick And Easy Meals Thanks To Fresh And Easy

Thanks to Fresh & Easy for sponsoring this post and keeping my meals quick and healthy!

Okay, I have a confession to make. Although I know my way around the kitchen and can come up with quite a few meals by myself, I must admit that I am by no means a cooking expert. And it sometimes takes me a long time to plan, prepare and cook a delicious but healthy meal for my family. It’s just a good thing there are stores like Fresh & Easy that can make things easier for moms like me.

Fresh & Easy Store San Jose

The Fresh & Easy store on N 1st San Jose, CA

Fresh & Easy thinks that fresh, wholesome food should be accessible and affordable to everyone. They offer a range of their own brand products and freshly prepared meals, in addition to other favorite top name brands. Among many other things, Fresh & Easy offers:

  • Fresh bread, fresh meat, fresh fish / Daily deliveries
  • Meal solutions for the time-starved or those who don’t know how or don’t like to cook (Ready to Cook & Kitchen To Go)
  • Wild Oats Organics – the first and only USDA certified organic to-go salads and sandwiches!

If it has the Fresh & Easy name on it, it’s guaranteed to be free from artificial colors and flavors, transfats, high-fructose corn syrup or any other hidden nasties that are out there.

Fresh And Easy Pasta and Sandwiches.jpgAs I was going around the store, I found some ready-to-go meals — different pastas, salads and sandwiches — which makes it very convenient for anyone who may not have that much time to prep a full meal. They also have a bakery area with lots of cakes and pastries. I swear I was so tempted to get one of each flavor there! And that’s why you should never go to a store when you’re hungry.

Fresh And Easy Bakery AreaFresh And Easy stores are smarter and smaller. They have everything you need without any of the stuff you don’t. I love that they have self-checkouts that help me get out quickly. And if I ever need any help while shopping or checking out, I can easily ask any of the friendly Fresh & Easy staff in the checkout area.

Fresh And Easy Mandarin Orange ChickenAfter my Fresh And Easy shopping spree, I started preparing our quick and easy Mandarin Orange Chicken dinner. Our meal was done within just 15 minutes! All I had to do was fry the chicken for about 8-10 minutes, pour in the sauce, cook for about 3 more minutes and voila!

I consider Fresh & Easy one of the best stores I’ve shopped at so far. We just visited it last Sunday but hubby and I are already planning our next visit (and we’ll be sure to get more of their store-brand rocky road ice cream — one of the best we’ve ever had)!

Be sure to check if you have a Fresh & Easy store near you! There are 2 stores on my side of the Bay Area and hopefully there’s one near you too! You won’t regret visiting one!



Quick And Easy Meals Thanks To Fresh And Easy — 36 Comments

  1. I went to the website and there are several Fresh & Easy stores where we live. I have never been to a Fresh & Easy store but it looks like they have some really great products there. I can’t wait to visit the nearest Fresh & Easy store, thank you for sharing this review.

  2. these look awesome. we don’t have this store where i am but i would love it if we did, perfect for a busy mama!!!

  3. WOW! What a great store. I could use that to help me with my meal prep and keep my family on track eating well. Unfortunately, there are none in my area but hope there may be some in the future.

  4. I wish there were some Fresh & Easy stores near where I live! (Michigan is pretty far! lol) I love the concept and the food looks delicious!

  5. I am sorry that we don’t have any Fresh & Easy stores in our neighborhood. It sounds like a great store. It seems to be a combination of Whole Foods store with a regular supermarket.

  6. Ready to cook and go is perfect for me.My husband doesn’t let me cook for the most part. That’s fine with me because I cant cook and have never enjoyed it.

  7. The food looks delicious! I like Quick and easy meals that are fresh and healthy. I would like to get the Mandarin orange chicken!

  8. We dont have this store n our area but boy it sure looks like a nice place. I like how big of a selection there is for a smaller type store.

  9. Our one and only Fresh and Easy closed down a few months ago. I loved shopping in there for just myself. They seem to cater to the couple.

  10. Feature Wild Oats Organics sounds like a great option when you don’t have time to prepare a meal hopefully our local store will start carrying it soon

  11. Hearing about wild oats being organic is nice because my family always tries to buy organic. I love that more and more mainstream stores are providing more organic options

  12. I love Fresh and Easy! There are a lot of them in my area, and I really like their products. Their meat and produce is always so fresh and delicious! I also love their bakery.

  13. We were in San Jose a few months ago, there was one pretty close to our hotel. I wish they had a store near us!

  14. I wish I had a Fresh & Easy store near me. I would love to be able to pick up dinner on my way home from work. It would be nice to have something fresh and easy.

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