Get Kids Even More Excited For A Vacation With Character Luggages!

Kids usually get very excited when they know the family’s going on a vacation — especially when it’s a place they love like Disneyland or Disney World. And just before our family had a quick 4-day Disneyland getaway last month, we packed our son’s stuff in a fun character luggage from! And boy did he get even more excited! is a one-stop shop for character-themed merchandise and they were generous enough to send me a Heys Marvel Avengers Kids Luggage. It. Was. Awesome.

Marvel Avengers Luggage

It’s awesome because my son had such a HUGE smile on his face the moment I took it out of the box. It’s awesome because it looked like it was made from quality materials. And it’s awesome because it’s small enough for my 3-year old to push/pull around but big enough to fit in all his clothes, diapers and shoes for 4 days.

Avengers Luggage

The image features Captain America, Iron Man and Hulk and I would’ve preferred if they had all the Avengers (the 3 mentioned plus Thor, Black Widow and Hawkeye). But perhaps the space isn’t enough to fit all of them in so it’s fine. It’s just sad though if your kid’s favorite Avenger is Thor. But that wasn’t much of a problem with my son because his favorite Avengers are Captain America and Iron Man anyway.

Marvel Avengers Kids Luggage 1

I’m proud to say that my son managed to pull his luggage from the parking lot of the Disneyland Hotel to the lobby without much effort — mainly because he loves the fact that his bag was an Avengers bag!

Marvel Avengers luggage w Sam

Yes, you can take a vacation and use a regular plain luggage bag. But your kids (and perhaps you too) will get more excited about it if you’re using one with your favorite character’s image. Just one thing to make your vacation a notch more memorable! 🙂

BUY IT! These character luggages are available at!

They also have Disney Princesses, Fairies, Minnie Mouse, Cars, Sofia the First, Monsters University, Spider-Man, Angry Birds, Barbie, Bubble Guppies, Dora the Explorer, Elmo, Hello Kitty, Hot Wheels, Monster High, Sesame Street, Skylanders, Tinker Bell, and Winx Club luggage bags. Prices range from $29.99 to $149.99! also offers other types of bags, toys, apparel, birthday supplies, and home decors. Be sure to visit their website, like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and Pinterest.


Get Kids Even More Excited For A Vacation With Character Luggages! — 93 Comments

  1. Your son is adorable! I love the luggage for children. They will actually help out with the packing. Of course, mom may have to redo it but it’s a start.

  2. My niece would love any of the Hello kitty ones or Disney Princess. And I’m loving the Marilyn Monroe one. Thanks.

  3. I went to the KimmyShop website and they have such a huge selection!! You can definitely find something for every child. Thank you for sharing this review.

  4. It’s always helpful when a kid can help bring his own stuff so the parents don’t have to stuff it into their luggage. Cute, too.

  5. Your son is a doll! I love the looks on his face, so happy, and then one so business like 🙂

  6. Forget the kiddies – I want character luggage! My rollie just crapped out on me after 7 years of tons of travel, so I am considering the Rachel Hale pink Cats case!

  7. Your son is a cutie pie. I love all of the different characters there are and sizes of luggage.

  8. SO cute! My daughter loves super heroes, too, so she would be all over this luggage.

  9. Super cute and kids can carry or pull it themselves which makes them feel more involved

  10. Thank you for your review,special items like this,I find get the kids more involved and responibility

  11. oh wow, love it.. its great to know theres a company out there that can think of something like this and why not , little ones are very important 🙂 thanks for share

  12. That is adorable. My nephew would love to own that one. Thanks for the info!

  13. I really like these and the way they are made. With the wheels on the kids can pull their own instead of struggling with a back pack which mom usually ends up carrying . thanks

  14. these little ‘suitcases’ are not only adorable, they are durable as well. i bought 2 for my granddaughters, 3 & 4, and they play w/ them and they still look like new.

  15. I would love to get one of these but for a girl. My granddaughter loves when she has her own luggage when they go on vacation and they are going to Disneyland this year. A princess one would be perfect for her. Thank you for this review. Gives me a great idea what to get her for her upcoming birthday..

  16. These look perfect for the little ones that want to pull their own suitcase. And durable enough to survive it!

  17. As a child, I loved my character luggage. I had Care Bears and then a Beauty and the Beast one. It definitely made me more excited for trips.

  18. My kids love character luggage, even when they are just going to grandmas for the night.

  19. I like the idea of my son having his own bag that he won’t complain about carrying himself! It looks like it holds a lot, too!

  20. I remember as a kid how important it was that I had my own bag for traveling, being an Army brat. It made me feel special. I love the idea of having themed luggage for kids when you travel. That’s even better than my choice back in the day.

  21. Its interesting how Hollywood maximizes their revenue by infiltrating into avenues like these.

  22. Fabulous insight! It is so important for our children to experience their independance, I just love this little travel companion!

  23. I can see why kids would love these luggage bags. The also are an incentive for the kid to do his/her own packing and clean up/

  24. That’s so cute. I like that it has a handle and wheels so they can carry their own luggage.

  25. What a great piece of luggage for kids! I know I get excited when I get new luggage with flowers or some kind of cool pattern on it! LOL – and I love the fact that your son was able to pull it himself! Great review! Thanks! 🙂

  26. I have not yet seen these. These are super cute and fun for kids gosh I wish I would have had one of these when I was a kid.

  27. omg how cute!!! i havent seen these before but they are totally adorable

  28. Aww, it looks like so much fun. It’s also a really nice size too! The little ones would just love having their own luggage!

  29. So adorable!! My daughter could really use some character luggage to make her feel big!! She has a pink suitcase but a character would be more fun!!

  30. Looking to get the grandkids luggage for part of their Christmas present and paying for their passports as the rest

  31. Oh my goodness,this boy it too sweet…love the smile. The luggage is very nice,my grandkids would love this

  32. These are so adorable and I checked out the Kimmy shop and saw a Bubble Guppies luggage that my niece would love> Thanks for sharing I hope to get it for her for birthday present. Thanks for sharing!

  33. These are really nice and I love all of the different characters that are available, thank you for your review.

  34. I like this luggage for the kids. Makes them feel like they are truly packing their own bags for the trip

  35. I love this luggage! I know my nephew would love wheeling this bag around….the Avengers design and the fact that he can bring it around with him by himself would be a great thing for him. I especially love the way the inside is designed! Thanks for sharing!

  36. I have never heard of this shop before! I love these little luggage’s! These are the perfect size for kids and the prints so likeable-I know my son would just love one!!

  37. I promised my grandson that I would buy him a suitcase for his next visit to my house. I know he would love a character suitcase! Spiderman is his favorite.

  38. Looks like these luggage case’s will fit a lot (for kids) of clothes! A great way for the kids to like packing and unpacking I think with their own suitcase!

  39. That luggage is adorable! My grandsons would be so excited to put their belongings in it!

  40. There are so many cute – luggage options these days- varied sizes. My kids don’t travel too often. But, they love ANY hotel. Thanks for sharing some of these design options.

  41. Luggage is cute and kids do feel more invested when traveling with their own luggage.

  42. My grandson has a Spiderman bag on his Christmas list. i appreciate the review and will be investigating further…

  43. These would be awesome for our trips out West to visit Grandma! My Son would love this. They got some great ones I just seen. I’d have to choose Monster High, Frozen and Spiderman for my kids.

  44. My one grandson would go crazy for the Spiderman luggage, like the handsome little boy in the picture! He would wear his Spiderman clothes to match his bag & be already to start the day. I know he would use it for more than travelling!

  45. I love this bag. I love that it secures the clothing inside with straps and that it can easily be pulled. My grandkids would love this. Thank you for sharing

  46. My grandkids love this each time I show it to them. I will have to get each of them one. Thank you so much for sharing this

  47. This luggage is so cute. It would be great for my grandchildren when they go to visit their mother. Thank you so much for sharing

  48. I love these! They are so cute and look so sturdy. I think it would be a great ‘clue’ when letting the kids know where we’re going!