Skora FIT Training Shoes Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. Thoughts are my own.

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The Skora FIT is a lightweight training shoe that offers balanced cushioning ideal for the road or gym. The FIT features innovative 3D printing over a seamless, stretchy airmesh upper for a flexible, breathable, customized fit with structural stability. Applied with SKORA’s zero drop platform and a balanced 16 millimeters of cushioning, the FIT is a lightweight, versatile trainer that easily moves between running and training.

The Skora FIT (8.2oz Men’s / 6.6oz Women’s) features a seamless stretchy airmesh upper designed for comfort and durability. The 3D printing and internal arch-band provide structural support, while the asymmetrical lacing offers better fit and increased comfort across the top of the foot. With a fully-curved, zero-drop outsole made of high abrasion rubber, CM EVA midsole, and total stack height of 16mm the FIT offers cushioning without sacrificing natural running benefits. Reflectivity for visibility.

The first thing you will notice about the Skora FIT is its look. The color I chose for my review was “light yellow, silver and white” — the color combinations alone makes it a standout. You’ll also notice the asymmetrical lacing that according to Skora gives better structural support.

The first time I tried the Skora FIT on, it felt really good! I used it as I moved around the house doing chores because I just loved how it hugged and cushioned my feet. I also used it for my daily workout. I loved the traction it gives me, how natural it felt and how light it was!

I do think however, that this is not meant for when you think you’ll be doing a lot of walking and standing in line. I used these shoes one morning during our Disneyland vacation and it didn’t feel too comfortable. I felt like it was hugging my feet a little too tightly. To be fair, I know that not a lot of footwear will be comfortable on a Disneyland vacation and perhaps these would be better than other types of shoes. So maybe the Skora FIT really is meant mainly for running or for the gym.

All in all, I’d say these are nice shoes for a workout. The Skora FIT looks unique, hugs your feet and feels light, but it’s a lot better for use in the gym or for a quick run.

BUY IT! The Skora FIT is available at with a retail price of $94.95.

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Skora FIT Training Shoes Review — 94 Comments

  1. They aren’t the most attractive shoes I’ve ever seen. But, for me comfort is more important. I don’t work out. If I did, I would wear them.

  2. It is so important to have good shoes. These sound like they would work very well. Thank you for sharing

  3. These are very interesting shoes, they look like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I think I like the silver shoes. Thank you for sharing this review.

  4. Great review and from what I am reading and the look of them from the website , they do look like great work-out shoes.. thanks for share @tisonlyme143

  5. I’ve been looking for a shoe for the gym. A second pair to keep in my gym bag. I need extra support on the outside of my right foot because I tend to stand on it more. these look like something I need to try.

  6. Never heard of Skora Shoes before the post but I like the pink and red shoes. Very colorful. They look really comfortable but are a bit to
    pricey for me right now. Think I will wait to purchase them when they on sale.

  7. Saying that they weigh only pretty light.The shoes have
    come a long way since the heavy athletic shoes that I use
    to wear when walking.

  8. These shoes look comfy. I wonder how they would do with rock climbing? A tight hugging shoe is good for that.

  9. They do look like great shoes for a shorter wearing, but what kills me with so many of these great shoes that I have come across is that they don’t come in wider widths for women. I hate it, but as I have gotten older my feet have gotten wider…thanks to age and ugh..bunions.

  10. I have to wear shoes to know if they are comfortable. There is some that you can wear right away you know they are right. Every foot is so different and some shoes seem to be meant for a thin foot like nike. I have a small wider foot. Nice review.

  11. Those sound perfect. I wear shoes or slippers 24-7. I’m always looking for something comfortable.

  12. They are definitely weird looking shoes but I am sure they are comfortable and good for the foot. Most people think that name brand shoes are the best but that is not the truth there are brands that are better for your feet. My son is just now starting to listen to me after getting blisters from a popular name brand shoe.

  13. comfort and support are the main thing. The style is really not me, but I guess I wouldn’t care if I was using them for working out.

  14. Until people get used to seeing these, they’re going to attract a lot of attention and questions. They almost make your feet look deformed, but if moving the laces makes for a more comfortable fit, I’d wear them. I especially like how lightweight they are, and the pink and purple ones are cute as a button.

  15. Great review,i have never heard of them but after reading they seem to be a very good product.

  16. My feet are very fussy and I have a hard time with “traditional” sneaks. Maybe something different like these Skora shoes would be perfect for me – I’ll give ’em a try!

  17. I am looking for good running/walking shoes but these shoes are not the more attractive. I could sacrifice style for comfort though.

  18. As light and well-shaped as they might be, I just don’t know if I could get past the crazy way they lace up lol.

  19. I’m always looking for newer, better shoes that help support activity. My daughter and I both have “issues” with shoes, we’ll try them out at the store and they seem fine, but get home and wear them for a few hours and discover they weren’t a good fit for us. I’ll have to check these out.

  20. Being lightweight is so important while training. And from your review, it sounds ideal for long hours of training.

  21. As long as they give the proper support and your feet feel good after a run then to heck with what they look like. The lightweight really helps ya keep moving.

  22. I like that these sneakers are lightweight and arre well cushioned and have the air mesh

  23. They look really weird / cool. I have a problem with shoes squashing my feet. I hate it when I feel like my toes can’t breathe. I don’t know if these would be a good fit for me. I would have to try them.

  24. These are incredible! I am not a runner but I walk a lot and have yet to find shoes that really fit and feel good. Shoes are so important so I will have to look around for these. Thanks for the review!

  25. What funny looking shoes! I don’t demand a lot from my sneakers so they’re probably not what I need at the moment, but I certainly will be able to remember them should I start running. Thanks for sharing!

  26. These look great and since they are light with balanced cushioning they would be ideal for exercise or training. Thanks for the review.

  27. Interesting, I’ve never noticed these shoes before! My kids usually advise me of all the awesome shoes there ever were! I’ll mention these to my daughter, see what she thinks!

  28. These sound like great shoes. I will have to get some when I need new ones.

  29. Thank you for the review! These shoes are really cool looking. I love the colors. I am going to go check them out on their website.

  30. It sounds like they would be great for an indoor workout or treadmill run. I also like the look of the shoes – they have are creative. Thank you for the informative review.

  31. These look so comfy and the design is not only beautiful but it looks SO comfy!

  32. I wanted to tell you that I bought some of these shoes and they are great! At first, I didn’t love the look but they feel so good. Thanks for the review.

  33. Great review on these shoes. I have never heard of them before this. They are definitely different. Thank you for sharing

  34. I really like the concept, it certainly makes sense. I hate getting a pair of shoes that are supposed to be really great and then they end up making your feet and legs ache after wearing them for a while.

  35. I don’t think I would purchase these since they don’t seem to hold up with comfort. I have terrible feet from diabetes so comfort is important. Plus the style isn’t very interesting. Thanks for your honest review.

  36. These shoes have an extremely unique design that is sure to turn heads….they look extremely comfortable and I get that they are not intended for walking long distances or sore feet. I do think these would be perfect for working out though! My current workout shoes are a little rigid and don’t provide me enough support or balance….these look like they could provide both of those things.

  37. I like lite weight sneakers. Can’t stand anything heavy on my feet like some of those I call Frankenstein shoes…LOL, Thanks for the post,very informitable.

  38. Comfort is the Number One thing I look for when Choosing New Shoes! I have a lot of Aches & Pains as it is So I Need something that will Support My Ankles, be Breathable, and that’s not Too Tight! I have Never heard of these Shoes before now but I will definitely Try a Pair on Next Time I am Out & See if they are a Right Fit for me! Thanks & God Bless! Jana

  39. Been seeing advertisements for the Skora and was wondering about them. Thanks for letting me know that they’re probably just meant to be used for a gym class.

  40. These look really comfy. I would love a pair for the treadmill because I usually walk barefoot and it is tearing up my feet.

  41. Those asymmetrical shoe laces seem so weird. . It definitely makes the shoes stand out though! Plus, if it really does make them fit better and more comfortably, I could get used to them. They do sound like they’d be a great choice for running and working out!

  42. The asymmetrical lacing is really interesting! I like the ombre color print styles, I just want a pair for everyday comfort now.

  43. I would love these shoes because they look so lightweight! They’d be perfect for my light workouts or just running errands! I love the fun colors too!

  44. I Have Never heard of Skora before I read this blog! It is so Strange, I used to have such Narrow Feet when I was little & Now My Feet are much Wider Now! Why does Everything have to Spread Out when you age? It’s So not Fair! I might try these shoes out next time I buy some Shoes! Thanks & God Bless!~ Jana

  45. Great review and i have never heard of them i am big on shoes, so will have to check into them thank you

  46. I am not very fashion forward. So the look of things do not really make a big whoop to me. Lightweight now that is important. Great value, I am all over it! Thanks for the honest review.

  47. At first glance I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me but if these shoes are comfy thats all that matters and I bet if I had a pair of these shoes I would definately turn heads and get noticed. Thanks for sharing since I never heard of these shoes or brand of shoes before now.

  48. These are interesting, the of center laces seem strange, but I will try just about anything to find a comfortable workout shoe!

  49. The Skora shoe is really innovative! I like that they’re not afraid to be out of the box in their design!

  50. I just took a close look at the shoes. They look pigeon-toed. Either that, or the laces are off center.

  51. I am always on the look out for a good pair of workout shoes they are very hard to find. thanks for sharing.

  52. I have hit that age where comfort overrules looks. Plus I like things a little different. I would love to see these shoes up close and personal. The price is a tad high and I have not seen them in stores and that wasn’t mentioned, just their website. But something this new and innovative I would have a hard time buying on the web, I would have to touch them.

  53. These shoes come in a lot of fun colors. They sound very comfortable, unless of course, your feet start to swell. Then the tighter fit may be a problem.

  54. Great review all people have different feet with different problems so this are what I want to check out for my daughter who is hard to fit. You never know when you find the right shoes from word of mouth. So thank you for the review love the bright colors.

  55. At first glance these shoes look silly but they do look pretty comfortable and the bright colors are great.

  56. I enjoyed reading your review on the Skora FIT Training shoes. At first glance, I thought to myself, uh, they are crooked! They are weird looking sneakers! Hey, but if they work, they work! I’m with you, I don’t think any shoes are actually comfortable enough to wear ALL day at Disney Land!! Between the walking and standing, I know my feet would be swollen and tired! I’m glad that when you wear these sneakers that they do feel good on your feet. I guess these type of sneakers aren’t meant to be worn all the time, but, for workouts and for running! I almost had a Heart Attack when I saw the pricing on these Skora FIT Training shoes! WOW, that’s quite a lot to spend on a pair of sneakers! I do thank you so very much for the great review, your personal impressions, and about the company! I honestly do appreciate it! Thanks again, Michele πŸ™‚
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  57. I’m intrigued by the design of these shoes! I recently joined a gym after almost 10 years away from regular workouts, so I need new workout shoes. I’ll definitely be investigating the Skora Fit shoes!

  58. If the shoe is comfortable I’d wear it. The problem I have, is that they look odd. It seems like the shoes either have the laces off center or they are pigeon toed.

  59. I love the unique look of these shoes – and the fact that they are so lightweight. I may give them a try!

  60. I don’t really like the color scheme of the shoes, BUTwhat matters most to me in exercise shoes is comfort. I need my feet well-supported when I am running or doing other high impact moves. Thank you for the review!! πŸ™‚