Galileo Summer Camps Keep Kids Learning

Thanks to Galileo for sponsoring today’s discussion.

Every parent faces the challenge of keeping kids engaged and learning over summer break. There are so many things we can do to help our kids continue learning. I remember my mom making sure we attend some sort of summer workshop or camp every year and I plan to do the same thing for my son.

Whether I plan to teach my son how to swim, or complete simple activity sheets and crafts, enrolling kids in a Galileo camp is the perfect way to complement our summer activities.

Galileo Camp 1

Galileo camps teach pre-K – 8th graders to be innovators who explore, create and fail without fear. Galileo is a summer camp experience kids love, that has a deep and lasting educational impact parents appreciate. Something powerful happens at Galileo that doesn’t happen at other camps. Kids have fun, but amidst the frenzy, they also learn something with the potential to change them — and the world — profoundly. They learn how to fail. Not in a humiliating or dispiriting way. But in a self-assured way, that helps turn them into hardy, risk-taking creators and problem-solvers.

In pre-K, campers may build a crude xylophone or design a lion mask. By 8th grade, they may program their own video game, design their own fashion line, or breathe life into some creation entirely of their own invention. The products are cool. But the by-products—supreme confidence and a boldness of vision worthy of our camp’s patron saint—are what will eventually rock our world.

Galileo Camp 2

Galileo introduces new themes to inspire budding innovators. Each theme combines art, science and outdoor activities around a whimsical week-long narrative that’s crafted to keep kids giggling and engaged. This year features 4 fresh themes, each adapted for 3 different age groups. The themes are created together with Galileo’s fabulous curriculum partners at Klutz, The de Young Museum, The Tech Museum of Innovation and The Chabot Space & Science Center.

• Adventures Down Under: Art & Science of Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea
• Galileo Road Trip: Art & Engineering along Route 66
• The Incredible Human Body: Art & Science of Being Human
• Leonardo’s Apprentice: Inventions & Art of the Renaissance

*You can find more information on each theme and activities by age range on the Galileo site.

Sign up for Galileo camps by May 31 and save!

Use the code 2014INNOVATION to receive $30 off per camper! Limit one per camper, Camp Galileo and Galileo Summer Quest. Expires May 31, 2014. Enter the code at sign up by clicking on the purple “sign up” button on the right-hand side of the page.

Galileo has 18 Summer Quest locations in the Bay Area so it’s more likely that there’s one convenient to you.

Peninsula Camps
• Hillsborough: Crystal Springs Uplands School
• Los Altos: Santa Rita Elementary School
• Palo Alto: Palo Alto High School
• San Carlos: Arundel Elementary School

East Bay Camps
• Berkeley: Cragmont Elementary School
• Fremont: Gomes Elementary School
• Lafayette: Stanley Middle School
• Oakland: Claremont Middle School

South Bay Camps
• San Jose Almaden: Los Alamitos Elementary School
• San Jose Evergreen: James F. Smith Elementary
• Saratoga: Sacred Heart School
• Sunnyvale: Resurrection Catholic School

San Francisco & Marin Camps
• San Francisco: Brandeis Hillel Day School
• Tiburon: Bel Aire School


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Galileo Camp 3

Thanks to Galileo for sponsoring today’s discussion.


Galileo Summer Camps Keep Kids Learning — 17 Comments

  1. How nice to have this and what fun for the kids. I know with my grandchildren, after they are home for a week or two when school ends, they are bored. This sounds like an awesome camp for the kids. Wonder what anyone has like this in Florida?

  2. As much as kids look forward to summer vacation the tend to get bored quickly. Summer camp is a great way for them to learn and make new friends.

  3. My kids are too little for these camps, but they sound great! I especially like the Leonardo’s Apprentice themed camp!

  4. Galileo Summer Camp sounds like a great summer activity for kids. When I was younger I always went to summer school in the summer. Whether it’s summer school or summer camp I think it’s important to keep kids occupied and involved in the learning process. Thank you for sharing this post.

  5. These sound great for kids. so important that kids learn to be creative and try new things without the fear. Learning is about failing and trying again!

  6. Awesome! I wish there was one close by. My kids would really enjoy this!

  7. (Galileo Summer Camps Keep Kids Learning)What a great way for kid’s to learn a little bit of everything, I think this kind of summer camp is awesome.

  8. So wonderful to have a camp where they can learn a lot of
    interesting things.If I would have grand-children I would want
    them to go to a camp like this.

  9. I never got to go to summer camp. When my kids were young they were in Indian princess and Indian guide groups. They had a camp which they enjoyed.

  10. These camps look amazing for kids. I would have loved to go to camp when I was a child. At least I had to woods to play in and explore.

  11. These camps look amazing! Both my kids are big into sports so going to a different style of camp would be of interest to them. I wish they had camps similar in my area.