I See Me! Personalized Growth Chart Review

I received a personalized growth chart from I See Me! for purposes of evaluation. Thoughts are my own.

People always tell me to appreciate and enjoy the sweetness and affection of my son while he’s still young because there will come a time when he won’t be as expressive of his love for me. They also say that I should document how he is developing and growing through the years. So I thought about getting a growth chart for him so we can track his “height progress” as he gets bigger and taller.

Now there are lots of growth charts both in store and online but I wanted a personalized one. Enter I See Me!

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I See Me! offers personalized products such as books, stickers, growth charts, puzzles, placemats and even lunch boxes! Their growth charts are 12″ x 42″ and are personalized with your child’s first name. These beautifully illustrated, high quality charts are produced with artist grade canvas and have 4 grommets for easy hanging. When the parent has finished using it, it can be rolled up and kept forever! Each growth chart comes packaged in a special I See Me! gift box for the perfect added touch! Illustrated by PinkLight Design. Made in the USA.

I chose the “Kick, Score, Run” Personalized Growth Chart for my review because my son loves playing sports (aside from acting like he’s one of the Avengers).

I See Me Personalized Growth Chart Review - Bay Area Mommy

The growth chart arrived rolled up in a box to ensure that the canvas won’t get folded during shipping. It was very easy to hang because of the grommets, but I had to make sure that I placed it at the right height. I just needed to make sure that the 24-inch mark is actually 24 inches above the floor. I just started recording my son’s height so there’s just one marking on the growth chart as of writing. It’s exciting to think that in just a couple of years, this growth chart will have multiple marks and we will see how big he has gotten since the very first marking.

I also love that I See Me! added a little bonus for my son — a page of personalized stickers! The ones we received were the pirate-themed stickers. If you’re interested, they also have personalized stickers with the following themes: fairy tale, easter, love, and animals. These personalized stickers are available for only $5.95!

I See Me Personalized Stickers

I’m pretty impressed with the quality of the items I received from I See Me! Both the growth chart and the stickers look well-made, so if you’re looking for personalized items for your little one, I recommend heading over to ISeeMe.com to see all your options!



The “Kick, Score, Run” Personalized Growth Chart is available at ISeeMe.com for $39.95. There are 10 different designs to choose from — all at the same price point. Get free shipping by using code SPRING (valid until today only) or code KARE11 (valid until April 15).


I See Me! Personalized Growth Chart Review — 33 Comments

  1. It’s fun to chart their growth. It seems like they grow like weeds when they’re young. It’s kind of sad too, they grow up so quickly!

  2. Way back when mine were little I loved checking to see how much they had grown and having their own charts would be wonderful. I knew a few people who would make little pencil marks on the wall measuring their kids just to see how they had grown. Love this!

  3. i like the designs on the chart. better than tracing a line on the wall like we used to 😉

  4. These are great. A personalized growth chart is much better than making marks on the wall. And you can also get personalized stickers and lunchboxes, wonderful. Thank you for sharing this review.

  5. These are so adorable and a fun way to keep track of growth (kids grow too fast)! I really like that you can get personalized stickers which makes it more fun for the kids.

  6. Fun way to add some color to the walls-I love the growth charts! Every kids room should have one!

  7. We have an older home. I see, somewhere along the line people that lived here used the wall instead of a chart.

  8. My sister and I had a growth chart too. I plan to get one for my son!

  9. These are super cute. I already have an I See Me addiction. I have gotten my daughter two of their books and have been begging my husband to let me order a growth chart!!! I like that you can take it with you, we rent so drawing lines on the wall is no good for use should we decide to move.

  10. We just marked on the door frame when I was a kid. Kids have it made these days 😉

  11. I really love the grow charts! It really is so cute and great for little ones to see their progress over the years.

  12. This is adorable! and ironically the one in the pic says Mason, my sons name is rockets and hes obsessed with space! I have a growth chart, nothing like this! but I can’t seem to find it since I moved! makes me sad.

  13. This reminds me! I need to get a growth chart for my son! I love the fun prints of these and the stickers make it a fun feature! It’s cool you can personalize too! 🙂

  14. These are so cute, I am kind of sad that I haven’t gotten a growth chart and my daughter is almost two and half. I guess it’s not too late!

  15. These are so cute! Will have to see about getting one for my daughter’s room.

  16. These growth charts are so cute and I gave one as a gift last Christmas for my nieces little baby girl. Love to keep track of the kids growth these designs are great.

  17. Thanks so very much for the Terrific Review on I See Me! Personalized Growth Chart Review! I love the idea of Growth Charts for kids! My oldest daughter made 2 growth charts for each of my grandchildren! She’s been measuring my Grandson for a while now! They both get so excited when their mommy says “let’s go see how much you’ve grown”! My Grandson just turned 4 in November and he’s such a tall, thin little boy! I call him my “little man”! His Daddy is very tall, I think he’s like 6’3″! My granddaughter is pretty big for her age as well! It’s amazing how fast they grow and grow up! My advice to you is the same. Enjoy the loving you get from your son now, because it’s true, there will come a day when he’ll be too “manly” or embarrassed to show you. Goodnight kisses will stop too! I’ve been there and it kind of tugs at your heart strings, however, you know that they love you! They always will come to you when they need you! Thanks again for sharing your terrific review and all the information on the I See Me Personalized Growth Chart with all of us! I honestly do appreciate it! Thanks again! Michele 🙂
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  18. I love these, I need to see about getting one for my daughter since she is growing so fast.

  19. These growth charts are great, I purchased one about 8 years ago and had forgotten about it. My new grandson is due in April and I need to get one for his room. The quality of these are perfect, they hold up well even when moving to new room or in the same room. It’s a nice keepsake for any child.