Hapari Swimwear Review

I received a Hapari gift card to purchase and evaluate their swimwear. No other compensation was received. Thoughts are my own.

It’s almost summertime! Are you ready for some beach or pool time yet? Now I know that some people would deem the term “beach-ready” (or pool-ready for that matter) as having the perfect body shape. But not really. I’d like to think of “beach-ready” as having the right swimwear for your body type. And Hapari has a wide range of swimwear for any body shape!

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Hapari Swimwear

Trellis Tankini, Black Boy Shorts and Shells Tummy Tuk Bottom

I chose the Trellis Twist Tankini, Black Boy Shorts and the Shells Tummy Tuk Bottom for my review. The Trellis Tankini features bright red flowers on a black and white lattice background. While the Black Boy Shorts is just a plain bottom, and the Shells Tummy Tuk is a high-cut bottom that features small white shells on a brown background.

Trellis Twist

I must admit that I had such a hard time choosing the print and the cut for my tankini because they have so many options! Hapari has about 20 different prints and 7 different cuts (V-Neck, S.O.S. Underwire, Sport, Twist, Drawstring, Scoop and Bandeau) for their tankinis. But I finally settled on the Trellis print and the twist cut.

Black Boy Shorts Shells Tummy Tuk

Now for the bottoms, I got one of the boy shorts because I wanted one that would hide my stretch marks. I also got one of the Tummy Tuk bottoms because I wanted to see if it would actually mask my tummy bulge — and it was on sale for just $12! And when I tried it on, I just loved how I didn’t have any visible muffin top. Now I just hope they’d offer a Tummy Tuk Boy Short too because I’ll definitely buy one.

I wore the Trellis Tankini and the Black Boy Shorts when my son and I had some pool playtime at the Disneyland Hotel the other week. And I must say that I was very comfortable in my swimwear. I may not be as sexy as the other ladies at the pool that time, but hey, I was there to have fun with my son and it’s not like anybody there cared about any of my imperfections. I’m just glad that I now have a set of swimwear that flatters my body no matter how “beach-unready” I may actually be!

BUY IT! Hapari swimwear is available at Hapari.com.

Aside from tankinis and bottoms, Hapari also has one-piece swimsuits, bikinis, as well as cover-ups and swim skirts. And be sure to check out the Sale section so you can save money on your purchase!


Hapari Swimwear Review — 58 Comments

  1. I visited the Hapari website and they have some very nice prints and styles. Thank you for sharing this review.

  2. Love the styles Hapari has. The tankini and higher waisted bottom are so cute.

  3. I have one of their Tankini suits. I really like it. They have a nice selection of bathing suits for everybody.

  4. I have checked out the swim suits,and like their selection.
    I really like the ones that you picked,and they certainly arre priced right.

  5. I love Hapari, they have so many cute swimsuits, Tankini’s and wraps and they even come in my size! So happy their plus sizes choices are cute because cute swimsuits for larger ladies are hard to find at most stores.

  6. I would love to try the tummy tuck swim suit bottoms.
    The higher waisted bottoms are cute too.
    I think with the warm weather coming I
    will break down and buy one.

  7. I have been checking out Hapari swimsuits for a while now. I really need a new one and I think the red and white polka dot vneck tankini top with a pair of the tummy Tuk bottoms is going to work for me.

  8. Cute swimwear. I visited the site and I like how they have so many different options in terms of coverage. I like the Mikado V-neck Tankini top on the site.

  9. Hapari has the cutest suit. I like you can pick the top and they have different styles for the bottoms as well. I would pick a one piece for myself so cute great patterns.

  10. Hapari makes such cute stylish suits. The bottoms and tops patterns are nice. I like the one piece for myself to wear this summer.

  11. I need a pair of their longer shorts to go with a tankini top I have. I don’t like the standard bottom that came with it because I prefer more coverage so I don’t have to worry about my bikini line.

  12. love the styles and colors they have to choose, and believe me I still have to go shopping for a suit for me yet lol.. thanks for share 🙂

  13. I have been looking for quite sometime and Hapari swimsuits look fantastic and I will definitely be considering ordering one from them. Thanks for your great review!

  14. Thank you for the review!! I had my baby 10 weeks ago and have been really down on myself lately. Even though I only weigh 7 pounds more now at 111 than I did before, I still have a pooch and horrible stretch marks. Hopefully one of these suits will give me the confidence to go out in public!

  15. I love the style and cuts of Hapari’s swimwear,thre so many designs to choose from and great color variation patterns.

  16. I love the tankini suit. I have never been a bikini wearer, although they do have some cute two piece suits.

  17. I love the top you chose. I would have to get a tankini and I have seen some really cute ones from Hapari

  18. I love the tankini top pattern you chose from Hapari and you can wear either of the bottoms with it.

  19. I love the print you chose! the suits are all so cute! thanks for sharing! glad summertime finally got here

  20. Hapari does have a lot of pretty items to choose from. I like the ones that you picked out.

  21. I love all of the different bathing suits and colors/patterns available with this company.

  22. These swimsuits are adorable! I love that they offer a descent fit for just about every body type. I’m usually self-conscious when showing any skin, but I think in one of these I would feel a little more secure and sexier. I also love that these have a vintage feel to them, one that is classically beautiful. You don’t have to show off a lot of skin to be beautiful!

  23. Such cute swimwear choices! I like that they aren’t TOO matronly, but they aren’t super skank.

  24. Never heard of this company before! Love the floral print and I especially like that the bottoms cover the midsection! Perfect for my post-baby body!

  25. I am a huge fan of Hapari swimwear, perfect for mommies like me. I love the suit you chose. I always go with the tankini

  26. I love this top for at the beach. Not sure which bottoms I would choose. Thanks for the review. I saw someone with this top in MA, and I loved it.

  27. went to the site. love the selection & how these are built for real women not skinny model wannabees!

  28. I love all of the different styles. Something for everyone. Thank you for your review.

  29. I love that their suits come in different styles and levels of modesty without being frumpy!

  30. I am going on a cruise in a month and I was looking for some swimwear to buy since both my swimsuits are a little faded from the summer. These really look very nice.

  31. Well, it’s not like we need it now, but, I loved your Review on Hapari Swimwear! I love the Suit that you picked out for yourself! It’s really cute! This company sounds fantastic! It sounds like they sure have an awful lot of bathing suits to fit all shapes and sizes! That’s what I like, a Company that can realize that all women do not come in one size. That’s the type of places that I like to shop! Thanks for the Terrific Review, the pictures, and all the information on the bathing suit and the Company which you provided! I really do appreciate it! Thanks again, Michele 🙂
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  32. It’s hard to believe that it’s almost swim suit weather time. Most of us on the East coast have had a brutal winter. I need to get a new suit so I’ll be shopping Hapari. They have some very cute, flattering suits to choose from.

  33. I like these! I appreciate the review. I lost a lot of weight in 2013 over 90 pounds, but I am still not comfortable in bathing suits. I like the tankini option!