Conquer Spring Allergies with Hyland’s! #HylandsAllergyQuiz

Don’t you just hate it when allergies strike your family? We always have make sure our humidifier is powered on and that we have a huge stock of facial tissues! But that doesn’t really take away allergy symptoms. If you think that you have allergies but aren’t too sure then it might be a good idea to get yourself checked over by a doctor. You might just have hay fever or you might have a food allergy but it’s always good to just make sure. You could easily check out someone like this new york allergy company to help you out. It’s better to know then stay in the dark.

That’s why we also use Hyland’s allergy products. It helps my family with allergy symptoms and is really effective in helping us feel better. And Hyland’s is giving you a chance to try out its allergy products!

Hyland’s Facebook Promotion

Each day from April 21 to 25, there will be a different question that people can answer to enter to win Hyland’s products! There are 10 winners a day for 5 days! Questions may include the following:

True or false? You will outgrow your allergies.
Which symptoms develop faster, allergy or cold symptoms?
How can you tell the difference between cold and allergy symptoms?

Visit Hyland’s Facebook at to participate today!

Conquer Spring Allergies with Hyland’s. Take the quiz to enter to win!


Conquer Spring Allergies with Hyland’s! #HylandsAllergyQuiz — 22 Comments

  1. I have bad allergies when it gets to be fall here in Southern CA.
    You never outgrow allergies,and I always have earaches

  2. I have a grandson that was born with many allergy issues but I didn’t know they had this for the ears. We need to pick him one of these up. He has had many ear issues, even had tubes but gets a lot of pain in one ear still. Glad you posted this.

  3. I should check that out. Right now everything outside is covered with a coating of green pollen. I have to stay in until we get some rain to wash it out.

  4. Thanks for letting us know about this! I am going to take the quiz even though it’s the last day of the promotion!

  5. I was so stuffed up yesterday but today is better. I resisted taking anything, even though I have meds from Puritan’s Pride I just received. Must try Hyland’s too.

  6. Alot of us here have allergies. I didnt know that Hyland had such a nice line of products. I especially like the ones for children. thanks so much for all this information

  7. I suffer from allergies and have earaches all the time.
    I remember earaches when I was little,and I do not
    believe you grow out of your alleregies

  8. I have allergies to the extreme. They get worse every year. I’ll give some of these products a try.

  9. I suffer from allergies, I have taken the shots for ages now, but still get some symptoms all the time. I will look into these products to help me with my troubles.

  10. The older I get the more issues I am having with allergies (as I just took a pill for them)I have not tried their allergy meds yet but have used many of their products before. Next, I will definitely give these a try, thanks for reviewing

  11. Ah! I missed the promo/contest. But, I would like to say we use and love Hyland’s brand. The best stuff.

  12. I think that the older you get the more symptoms start.
    I do not believe that your allergies ever go away,I also do not believe
    the shots are worth it~not for me anyway.

  13. I haven’t tried this product yet. I like that it’s natural. Most allergy tablets make me drowsy or spaced out.

  14. Luckily I do not suffer from seasonal allergies, but this looks like a great product. Thank you for sharing this post.

  15. Too bad I missed their Facebook giveaway. I have allergies but don’t think I’ve tried their products before.