Walking With Dinosaurs 101: Dino Facts & Activity Sheets

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Walking With Dinosaurs The Movie releases tomorrow on Blu-ray & DVD!

Walking With Dinosaurs cover

Walking With Dinosaurs is known for it’s explosive visual achievements in bringing dinosaurs back to life! The gigantic voice talents of Justin Long (Alvin and the Chipmunks franchise) and John Leguizamo (Ice Age franchise) take you on a thrilling prehistoric journey the whole family will enjoy!

In a time when dinosaurs rule the Earth, the smallest of the pack — a playful Pachyrhinosaurus named Patchi — embarks on the biggest adventure of his life. As he tries to find his place in a spectacular world filled with fun-loving friends and a few dangerous foes, Patchi will discover the courage he needs to become the leader of the herd…and a hero for the ages.

Now here are some fun dinosaur facts!

Did you know that:
– A stegosaurus was twice as heavy as a car, but had a brain only as big as a kitten?
– Dinosaurs were not alone? Alphadons were small mammals, similar to possums, that roamed the earth with dinos!
– Some believe that the Tyrannosaurus rex might have had feathers?
– Pachyrhinosaurus (the kind of dinosaur Patchi was) means “thick nose reptile”, probably named for the pad of bone it had on its face instead of horns or a brow?
– Carnivores are believed to have lived about 30 years, while herbivores lived longer?

Hmm… I didn’t know that!


Check out these activity sheets!

You can learn more facts like these when you watch Walking With Dinosaurs! Are your children learning about dinosaurs in school? Want to teach them more? You can use these activity sheets to test your knowledge and play some fun games!

Viewing Party
Egg Hunt & Excavation
Party Recipes
Dino Costume
Door Hanger
Find Patchi
Find the Herd
Follow the Tracks
Match That Dino
Meet the Dinosaurs
Patchi’s Journey
Spot the Pair
Word Search
Dino Fun
Team Dino
Dino Cards
Color by Number
Coloring Page A
Coloring Page B
Coloring Page C
Coloring Page D



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  1. Awesome ! Thanks for sharing this. My youngest Grandson BJ loves Dinosaurs so I will be printing these for him and will be checking out the DVD soon Hopefully!