Get A Better Pharmacy Experience At Target Pharmacy #TargetSponsored

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Did you know that J.D. Power ranked Target Pharmacy, “Highest in customer satisfaction among mass merchandiser pharmacies?” I’m not surprised. Target is one of the retailers that I trust the most because they seem to always have what I need. And one such need is for prescription refills and vaccinations.

The very first time I had my son’s prescriptions refilled at a Target Pharmacy, I was impressed. I was a bit hesitant at first because I’ve never gone to another pharmacy aside from the one at the clinic where I get my check ups. And to my delight, the person on the other side of the counter was very friendly and helpful. She made it very easy for me to Flip the Script and transfer our prescriptions. This can actually be done in-store, online or on a mobile device.

Target Pharmacy

I think having a pharmacy at a place I frequent is very convenient. I used to make 2 separate trips for when I need to shop and when I need to pick up some prescription or get vaccinated. But with Target Pharmacy, I can refill those prescriptions (or get a vaccine) and shop in one place. This saves me about 20-30 minutes of driving!

I also found out at that time that Target Pharmacy can send me a Text Alert for when my prescriptions are ready for pick up. Being the unbelievably forgetful person that I am, I really need that reminder, especially if when my mind is already engrossed in grocery shopping!

Target Pharmacy definitely gives us a better pharmacy experience by making life easier and more efficient — with the great prices you can always expect from Target! Feel free to check out the brochure to learn more about their services:



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Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Target.


Get A Better Pharmacy Experience At Target Pharmacy #TargetSponsored — 187 Comments

  1. I think it’s great. Drop off your order and pick it up when you finish your shopping!

  2. Target is building a new Super Center store closer to where I live and I will be able to get prescriptions at their pharmacy, and what I like about it is that they have great low prices and it will be so great to have a pharmacy inside the store! I can shop and then get my prescriptions filled! Awesome!

  3. I like how convenient it is since I love shopping there anyway and the rewards program looks great!

  4. I love Target Pharmacy! We do the majority of our non-grocery shopping, and even some of the grocery shopping, at Target – so it only makes sense to get our prescriptions filled while we’re there. And, since between my husband and I we do utilize 5+ prescriptions per month, we often receive the 5% Pharmacy Rewards coupon to use towards a day’s purchases.
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  5. I love the convenience! I am at Target all the time to that will eliminate an extra stop when I need something at the Pharmacy

  6. I wasn’t even aware that they had a pharmacy. I hope that they are better than a major competitor (which will be unnamed) I’ll have to try them.

  7. I like them having a pharmacy inside the store because I already shop there so often that it makes it convenient for me to pick up my prescriptions.

  8. I like that you can shop while waiting for your prescriptions. plus the rewards program is great.

  9. I just moved here so will talk with my sister about this one. Never used it before but like it since she goes to Target often

  10. While I don’t fill there, it is nice to have the option to get some shopping done while you wait for your meds to be ready.

  11. Honestly, I don’t shop at Target often. I do think it is convenient and I like their pharmacy bottles.

  12. I like that its so convenient to use and you can pick up other things you may need

  13. i shop at target all the time. it’d save my time when i need to pick up my prescription

  14. I’ve never tried Target’s pharmacy but if I did need one it would be very convenient. I shop at Target all the time.

  15. It’s nice to see that. I haven’t used their pharmacy as of yet. I’ll have to check it out. I love target. They have everything you need under one roof.

  16. its very convenient, i can shop while i wait for medicines to be ready. i don’t have to make a trip to another store.

  17. Target is my favorite place to shop and having a pharmacy there is so convenient.

  18. I like that Target has a pharmacy because I shop there all the time. I can get prescriptions filled while I do other shopping.

  19. I think the Target pharmacy is great and convenient:)

    jmatek AT wi DOT rr DOT com

  20. I like them having a pharmacy because I do A LOT of my shopping at Target so it’s super convenient for me!

  21. Thanks for your post on Target Pharmacy. I used to go to Target to get on my prescriptions, but moved them to a pharmacy closer to my office. Now that I am out on disability, and after reading your positive article on Target, I think ill transfer all my medications back to Target.

  22. Target has such good customer service their pharmacy would reflect that same high standard, its also nice that while i’m doing my target shopping I can quickly get my prescriptions.

  23. It is extremely convenient to drop off the prescription, do your shopping and on the way out, grab your prescription- no time lost!

  24. Pharmacies in Target would be very convenient, obviously you can tackle your shopping list while waiting for the prescription. I wonder if the prices are compatible and what the hours are?

  25. Having a pharmacy inside the Target would make it so convenient for everyone. I would not have to go to another store to get my prescription filled when I am shopping at Target.

  26. I think it will be very convenient!! I think being able to use your mobile phone, too is great!

  27. I think it is convenient. Love when I only have to make 1 trip to get everything I need

  28. I’ve never used Targets pharmacy but it sounds like it would be really convenient.

  29. I think it makes life easier to have a pharmacy in a store where people come to shop anyway. You can have prescriptions filled while doing your normal shopping and you don’t have to go to another place. 🙂

  30. i like target having a pharmacy because it makes it a more one shop store. i would rather pay more at target than have to go to walmart.

  31. I like the convenience of being able to shop in one place for all my needs. 🙂 Thank you.

  32. Since I’m constantly there, it makes it easier to get my prescriptions
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  33. I like that it’s so very convenient. I can do my shopping and pick up my scripts all in one place!

  34. Hi! My favorite thing about Target having it’s pharmacy inside the store is that I can shop, shop, and shop some more while I’m waiting for a script to be filled. Awesome!

  35. I love the convenience of having great shopping while they fill the medication!

  36. I love the fact that I can shop for clothes or anything else my family needs while going to the pharmacy in all one place!

  37. I think its great because I could drop off my prescriptions and walk around shopping or my store has a Starbucks in it and I could enjoy one of my favorite drinks while I wait.

  38. I hear good things about the Target Pharmacy. I have a health provider that has it’s own pharmacy so I can’t use the Target one, but I love shopping the Target store.

  39. I like that it’s so convenient and also like that they give color coated prescriptions for each member of the family.

  40. Love it is an option because CVS is not doing well with my scripts. Thinking about switching
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  41. I love the convenience of being able to pick up my prescriptions while shopping because I am always at Target.

  42. It definitely makes it more convenient to pick up prescriptions.
    Target is pretty much my one stop shop these days, they even have groceries now !

  43. I think it’s a great idea to be able to shop at Target while your prescription is being filled.

  44. I love to shop at Target for many other things so it is convenient to have a pharmacy there.

  45. The pharmacy is so convenient-when I pick up a prescription, I can also pick up the latest movie releases, and popcorn, too!

  46. I’ve never used their pharmacy. It would be nice to be able to pick up some meds while I’m there shopping anyway. Thank you!!

  47. I like target pharmacy I have used it before and even though target is a big store the pharmacist always remembers me. I really like that about their pharmacy it has a hometown feel to it.

  48. How convenient to be able to get your shopping done while getting prescriptions filled, no down time/waiting!

  49. What I like about Target having its own pharmacy inside its stores is that there will be knowledgeable staff and a pharmacist there to answer questions about medications.

  50. I like the convenience of having the pharmacy inside Target so that I can shop while waiting for prescriptions to be filled. One stop shopping.

  51. I like that I can leave my prescription for Target pharmacy to be filled while I shop. It’s great to have it all in one spot. Saves a stop.

  52. I love that this saves me alot of time. I also love the app and discounts they do.

  53. It’s a one stop shopping place. I can get everything I need without having to run all over town!

  54. I love that I can get all my grocery shopping done while I wait for my Rx to be ready or go to pick it up. It’s nice not to have to stop at multiple places.

  55. I like it because I shop there often and the pharmacy would be such a nice convenience.

  56. I love that I now do not have to make two trips I can do my shopping and pick up my scripts at the same time.

  57. I like that I can shop for other items while waiting for a prescription to be filled, I just wish my insurance would work with the. Still for prescriptions that are cheaper then my co-pay, I go there.

  58. I like the convenience, so I can shop while waiting for my order to be filled.

  59. I like that it makes it more convenient for my family. We don’t have to make an extra stop at another location.

  60. I love that I can shop at the store I love and get my prescrips filled all at the same time its great!!

  61. I am a one stop shopper. Target makes it easy for me to get everything in one trip. Picking up my prescriptions while I am shopping for food, clothes and household items is wonderful!

  62. I really like that I can do my household shopping while waiting for my prescriptions to be filled. Thank you for another super giveaway opportunity. Please continue with the terrific blogging.

  63. I never knew about the pharmacy. BUt im a one stop shopper so this makes it soo much easier

  64. I love the convenience of one stop shopping-I don’t always have time for an additional pharmacy stop.

  65. I did not know they had a pharmacy, I just moved here and they have a Target.

  66. I like the convenience of having a pharmacy at Target. It’s a one stop shop and that’s easy for me.

  67. One stop shopping is the way to go! Drop off your prescriptions and do the grocery shopping while you wait without ever leaving the building.

  68. I don’t use the pharmacy there,but it is convenient to shop while you wait for your meds.

  69. It’s convenient to drop off a prescription, walk around the store and check out all their awesome goodies and come back and pick it up within 30 minutes! Can’t get better then that! 🙂

  70. Having the pharmacy inside the store is convenient. You can drop your prescription off and go shop a bit, or have a bite to eat in the snack bar while you wait.

  71. I like that I can shop then pick up my prescription so there’s no waiting around!

  72. I love that I can do all of my shopping in one place, including pharmecy.

  73. I like the way Target pharmacies will put different color rings on prescription bottles so you can color code medicine for various family members.

  74. I like that you can shop while you’re waiting and they also fill pet prescriptions.

  75. I like that you can pick up your medicine at the same time as your groceries.

  76. One stop shopping with the pharmacy is great when you have 3 kids in tow.

  77. I like that you can drop a scrip off, do some shopping, and return to pick it up when your done. 🙂 Thanks.

  78. Target’s pharmacy is fast and affordable, and most of the time I’m already in there so it’s so easy to just swing by the pharmacy while shopping.

  79. I think that it is great! You can drop off your prescriptions and do some shopping and then it is ready for pick up.

  80. I like that I can go grocery shopping and pick my scripts up at the same location. It’s convenient.

  81. It sounds great we don’t have a target nearby but I do love shopping on their website 🙂

  82. I love that it’s basically a one stop can get everything done in one store!

  83. I think it’s great that Target has a pharmacy, you never know when you’re going to need an rx filled while shopping.

  84. I have to be honest. I didn’t even know they didn’t have pharmacies before. It gives a person more choices.

  85. The Target pharmacy is convenient. Text alerts are wonderful because you will be informed the moment your prescriptions are ready for pick up.

  86. I like shopping at Target and can get my prescriptions filled at the same time. I also like that rx caps are color coded for each family member.

  87. I love shopping at Target, the one near me has a starbucks in it and I enjoy getting a coffee and then getting my shopping done.

  88. its convenient because I can shop for everything in one place and its a bonus because Target is 1 block from my house.

  89. I think it’s incredibly handy to have the pharmacy in the store where you can get everything you need in one stop.

  90. It’s convenient to have the pharmacy inside the Target which is very close to house, thanks!

  91. I think its great. I can pick up my Prescription and shop at the same time.

  92. I really like it. Can almost get all my errands done in one place now.

  93. I haven’t used their pharmacy yet but its a good idea for a store like that to offer pharmacy services since the other stores like Walmart & Kmart have that

  94. I like the convenience of dropping off your prescription, having it filled while you do your weekly shopping.

  95. I like the convenience of dropping off your prescription, having it filled while you do your weekly shopping!

  96. Thanks for the giveaway…we like the Target Pharmacy’s competitive prices on generic Rx’s !

  97. I think it’s a great idea. I like buying everything I need at one store. Thanks for the contest.

  98. I like that it is a convenient way to do my grocery shopping and pickup my prescriptions at the same time. I also think they have great values.

  99. I like the convenience. I can drop off my prescription while doing my Target shopping.

  100. I think it is great to get your shopping done while waiting for a prescription.

  101. It’s convenient, you can call or drop off you prescriptions and shop and when you are done you can pick them up.

  102. I didn’t know that they had a pharmacy. I’m very displeased with my current pharmacy. I’ll have to check them out.