Scotties Like No Other Mom Promo + Care Package Giveaway

I received a Scotties Care Pack which contains a month’s supply of facial tissues and a gift card. Thoughts are my own.

Scotties Facial Tissue

The moment I received the Scotties Care Package full of facial tissues, I immediately opened one up because my son had colds that time. I can’t even express how excited I got when I opened up the package and neatly placed some in different areas of the house and the rest in our storage closet.

I guess the excitement comes from the fact that my family just loves how Scotties feels against the skin. Plus, both my husband and son were not feeling too well and we were already running out of facial tissues.

Did you know that Scotties is passionate about the environment as well? Scotties plants 3 trees for every one they use! They’re linked with the Renewable Forest Project, and JD Irving Ltd, Scotties’ parent company, has already planted over 800 million trees in the last 50 years. Awesome huh?

Now Scotties thinks your mom is “Like No Other” and has even created a Facebook contest so that you can tell everyone why –- and possibly win $10,000!

YES! There is a $10,000 grand prize! There are also 10 weekly prizes (worth $500) and 100 instant prizes! The grand prize winner will be announced on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 11th!

Scotties Like No Other Mom Promo.jpg

Need specific reasons to try and give it a shot? Here’s the list of weekly prizes that you can win!

Week 1: $500 cash (awarded in the form of a check)
Week 2: $500 in gas cards (retailer to be determined)
Week 3: One $250 TicketMaster gift card and one $250 Marriott gift card. ARV: $500
Week 4: Two $250 SpaFinder gift cards. ARV: $500
Week 5: One Vizio 32″ Class LED TV, two $100 iTunes gift cards and one $50 iTunes gift card. ARV: $500
Week 6: One $300 MerryMaid Cleaning Service Certificate and one $200 Bed Bath Beyond gift card. ARV: $500
Week 7: One Tablet computer (make/model to be determined and Sponsor’s sole discretion). ARV: $500
Week 8: One Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 16GB and $120 Amazon gift card. ARV: $500
Week 9: One Canon EOS Rebel T3 with memory card. ARV: $500
Week 10: $500 cash (awarded in the form of a check)

As of writing, the promo is already on its 4th week and they’ll be drawing the winner around April 1st!

To enter the contest, head over to and then simply tell them why your mom is unique! You can submit a story (and even a photo if you’d like) about your mom and what makes her one of a kind. Visit the site everyday for more chances to win the grand prize or instant-win prizes! But you will only have to enter your story one time!


Scotties Care Package

Scotties Care Package Giveaway for Bay Area Mommy readers!

Great news! Scotties is also giving away a prize package for my readers! One lucky Bay Area Mommy reader will receive the Scotties Care Package which includes a 1-month supply of facial tissues and a $25 Target Gift Card! Giveaway ends April 14, 2014 at 11:59pm EST. Must be at least 18 years old to be eligible. Open to US residents only. Void where prohibited by law. No Purchase Necessary. To enter, use the GiveawayTools below. Good luck!


Scotties Like No Other Mom Promo + Care Package Giveaway — 112 Comments

  1. My mom is unique because she is the only Mom for me, no one is the same as my mom! My mom is one- of- a- kind! She is very unique because of her personality, and just how she is.

  2. My Mom is special because she was a very good mother to 5 of my brothers and sisters. Even when things got tough, she made sure to keep us happy and showed so much love!

  3. My mom is unique, because at the age of 85, she still works hard to take care of my disabled brother. I love you, Mom!

  4. My mom is unique because she is the one who loves me unconditionally and taught me to be generous.

  5. my mom has always been there for me plus he had too deal with my brother illness for over 4 years before he died. She strong indeed

  6. My mom always see the good things in people and never has anything negative to say about anyone. She always makes a bad situation seem not so bad.

  7. My mom is no longer with us but she was unique because although she was heartbroken, she stayed strong after the loss of my 2 brothers and sister.

  8. I would have to say , my mom is unique and special because she is herself, she does from the heart, she loves all God creatures.. My mom is the type of person who a stranger who had wholes in there sneaker would make me take off mine to give to them, yes she was that special 😉

  9. My mom raised us by herself. She was a great roll model hard worker taught us to be respectful and honest

  10. My mom was unique because she owned her own bottle labeling business back in the 70s and was the hardest worker. She showed a lot of strength and determination.

  11. My mom raised four children, then went back to school to earn her masters in nursing.

  12. My Mom is unique because not only was she a great Mom to us kids but she has also taken care of children and adults with mental handicaps. She has loved them and cared for them as though they were her own! I love my Mom!

  13. My Mom is unique because she raised twelve children on very little and they all turned out to be good honest citizens.

  14. My mom risked our relationship to save my life at 12 years old. She has survived colon cancer and has run 2 marathons as well.

  15. My mom is unique b/c she’s Korean and moved here, learned American-English, took care of her mom until the day she passed.. takes care of my father.. takes care of the grandkids from my sister who lives over 100 miles away.. and still has her looks and lots of energy!!
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  16. My mom is unique because she has 7 children and 19 grandchildren and makes everyone one of us feel special.
    Thank you!

  17. My mom was unique because she always loved to talk to me, when i lived 3000 miles away she wrote me a letter every day I was gone (8 months), she was so thoughtful.

  18. My Mom was a special woman because she never complain or got mad, she was a very special to me.

  19. she will do ANYTHING for me at any hour of the day with not one complaint, if i need her

  20. My mom is different because although there is 5 of us in our family at times it feels like there’s just the 2 of us. I’m an only child but I’m 1 of 3 sisters. She makes me feel like there’s just me, like I’m THE most important person in the world! she taught me to love people as I love myself. I love my mom more than anything!

  21. Hi! My mom is unique because at the age of 35 she went to college & received a degree in Criminal Justice & Political Science. Pretty cool! Thank-you!

  22. My mom is unique just for being her. She is the kindest,most selfless person I know

  23. My mom was an Army wife who took care of raising me and my sister on her own. Learned German when we were stationed there!

  24. My mom is unique because she worked as a full-time teacher when me and my three siblings were little. She didn’t have a lot of help because my dad was always out with his friends drinking. She loved us dearly and I love her a lot.

  25. My mom is unique because even though she is Grandma to 7, she raises one of the grandchildren as her own! He is only 3 and he’s a handful but she keeps up with him and gives him a run for his money… nobody would ever guess she’s a gramma 🙂

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  26. I think my my is unique because she’s in her 80′s and still goes to the gym 3-4 days a week. She’s not there walking slow on the treadmill; she’s taking high intensity fitness classes. She, also, still does her own yard work, bowls, and is my best friend.

  27. Because she relentlessly pursues things she wants in life and refuses to take no for an answer

  28. my mom is unique because she puts her family first. Most people don’t do that anymore

  29. I lost my mom nearly 17 years ago. She raised me to be a loving,caring person and to pay it forward everyday. I miss her so much..

  30. I don’t know what makes my mom unique but I sure do love her an awful lot and am so thankful that she beat cancer.

  31. My mom has passed and she was so special and wonderful and she taught me to see the world as it is and love one another unconditionally, I hope that my boys can say the same about me in the future.

  32. My mom was unique because, at a time when mothers stayed home with their children, my mom went to work.

  33. My mom was unique because even though we didn’t have much money when I was growing up she made sure we had plenty of food to eat and and good clothes to wear.

  34. My mom is unique in that when my parents divorced, she swallowed her pride and begged for a job. She never went on welfare or food stamps and refused money from my grandparents. Despite this, my brother and I never felt like we lacked anything.

  35. My mom is unique for many reasons, she always tries to please others before herself. She gets so much happiness from others joy and she has been challenged by having me as a daughter but I think it was good for her, we are polar opposites and I have helped her be more free spirited and less worrysom. She’s perfect!

  36. My mother was wonderful, loving and supportive and always made me feel very special.

  37. My mom is unique because she is really funny and she does what she wants without worrying about what other people think.

  38. My mom is unique because she has been a vegetarian for most of her adult life and is very involved in being an advocate for health and wellnes. She even has her own blog where she posts all of her vegan and vegetarian recipes

  39. My mom is unique because she is hysterical and always goes out of her way to help others.

  40. My Mom is unique because she is a very caring person. She has always put others before herself. She has always been there for her husband and children.

  41. My mom is my best friend! We don’t go a day without talking or getting together! I love knowing I can always go to her for advice, laughs, cries, a shoulder or just a coffee date! She is never too busy for any of us and is the most caring and giving person I have ever met!

  42. Never tried Scotts before. Always been a Kleenex. So this would be a great way to try it out!

  43. My mom: a good listener, a hard worker, a crossword puzzle genius, and a baker of superb cupcakes and pies!

  44. My mom is unique because she was an amazing woman who would do anything for anybody

  45. My mother managed to raise three boys in spite of some severe health problems of her own.

  46. My Mum is very unique. She is more than a Mother, she is my best friend. I can confide in her about anything. She offers advice only when I ask her. She is an incredible person and I love her very much. Thank you for another super giveaway opportunity. Please continue with the terrific blogging.

  47. My mom is unique because she is very honest and loves unconditionally. That’s hard to find these days.

  48. My mom raised 7 kids, has buried 2 out of the 7, my mom had a kidney transplant in Sept. 2000, my niece gave her a kidney, she has already beat the odds that they gave her, they told her she would be lucky to make it for 10 years, this sept. it will be 14.

  49. My Mother is unique because she is entirely selfless and has dedicated her life to others.

  50. My mother only gave birth to myself and my brother. And no one else. That makes her unique ; )

  51. My mom is unique because she has overcome so many bumps in lifes road and she is wonderful to me and my sister.

  52. My mom would always try new things. She was never afraid of looking silly doing crazy things with us kids. We always had fun with her.

  53. My Mom is unique because she is a very caring person and has always put her family first.

  54. My mom is not only unique but she is the best i could ever ask for she understands me she listens just completely great all the way around.

  55. My Mom is unique because she is the perfect combination of love and discipline, laughter and strength, loyal and guarded as well as funny and passionate.

  56. my mom was unique because when ever we needed to talk about anything, she was always there to listen and be very understanding.

  57. Because she is a step mom that has always treated me like I was her own.

  58. My mom has a unique sense of humor. She used to show up to pick us up from school on Halloween dressed as a “biker witch”.

  59. My mother was unique because she was a great home cook, a skilled gardener, and she did beautiful needlework!

  60. My mom is kind and friendly to everyone she meets, she sees good in everyone! 🙂

  61. My mom is unique as she (along with others) have stepped into a “parent” role with my kids. As a single mom to 6, who works full time, I’m not around my house much during the week. I would be lost without her help!

  62. My mom is unique because she is the most generous and helpful person I have ever known. Anytime anyone needs anything – small or big – she is the first to step up and offer her time and effort. I love her for that and for so much more!

  63. My Mom is actually my Stepmom, but she has never treated me any differently than her own kids. She has always loved me and now my child just like she loves her own. I love her for that.

  64. Because after all these years and 7 kids in 9 years she’s hanging tough and has been thru a lot and still going strong She’s 88 yrs old

  65. My mom is like many other moms. She is kind and giving. She would take from herself to give to her kids so that they do not go without. She would fight to the end for us just as many other moms would do. She has her own uniqueness though as she is MY mom. She is my brother and my sisters’ mom. She is unique because she is the one that raised me, the one that comforted me when I was sick or sad, the one that supports me in my endeavors.

  66. Thanks for the giveaway… an Army Nurse who served in both WWII & Korea, my Mom was smart & selfless to her family & friends.

  67. She is unique because she has a ton of different interests and loves to try new things!

  68. My mom is unique because she is the most patient person I know. I wish that I had an ounce of her patience.