Ramblings: Finding Weight Loss Inspiration In Old Photos

Last month I resolved to lose weight for real.

I say “for real” because although I’ve always said I wanted to lose weight, I never really did anything to actually help me shed some pounds. But last month I decided to really make an effort to lose weight. And going through my old photos on Facebook, I saw the difference between how I looked 5 years ago and how I look in the past 2 to 3 years.

Here are some of my photos from 5-10 years ago (the first 3 photos are from 2009).


My “before” collage of photos

For reference, here are some of my photos from the past 2 years.


My “current” collage of photos

Yes I know I’m not overweight, but my body mass index is in the upper limit of the “normal” range. I’d like it to fall in the middle of “normal”.  I don’t want to wait until I’m officially overweight before I do something about my health, especially because my family has a history of conditions like diabetes.

So I had to think about how and why I gained weight in just a few years.

If you look at the first 3 photos on my “before” collage and compare it to the photos on my “current” collage, you’ll see how much weight I gained in just a span of 3-4 years. I wonder if the fact that I wasn’t single anymore contributed to it. You know, like I don’t have to always look good anymore because I was officially out of the dating market.

Another factor perhaps is that my body changed a lot after I got pregnant. My mom says the women in our family have the tendency to gain a lot of weight after pregnancy. Or maybe that’s just an excuse. Maybe the real reason was that I couldn’t and didn’t want to stop eating. Staying at home while I was pregnant and after giving birth gave me so much free time that I probably just turned to snacking and eating so I won’t get bored. And now it’s a bad habit that I need to stop.

I know losing weight, eating healthier, and becoming more active will take discipline and self-control.

And maybe I will fall at times and give in to my cravings. But I know that I can do this. I can lose weight if I set my mind on it. I think looking at my pictures from then and now will help me push and motivate myself. But ultimately, I know I should know why I’m doing this or who I’m doing it for.

It’s for myself and for my family. And I hope I never lose sight of that so I can keep myself motivated.


Ramblings: Finding Weight Loss Inspiration In Old Photos — 18 Comments

  1. You don’t look like you need to lose any weight.That’s like me. I always feel larger than I am.

  2. I understand exactly how you feel and I think it’s great that you have that attitude. Up until about 3 years ago I was supers tiny and skinny but I always thought I was large. We moved out to the country where most food is full of grease and even tho I dont eat a lot of it. I have gained at least 20lbs. in 3 years. The problem is now I am 49 and have spent so much of my life trying to be a size I thought I should be that now my ambition and caring has just left. I have been married for 20 years and I think I also have fell into the trap of thinking he will love me just the way I am. I would give anything to have that motivation back but word of advice after 40 it is SUPER hard to lose weight. You look beautiful and more than anything I wish you good health and good luck on your journey

  3. this is a wonderful idea and i had thought about it but since i don’t have any older pics well i have one but it was when i was 13 so i don’t think i can really use it loll i have changed soo much since then hehe thanks for share @tisonlyme143 great photo’s by the way 🙂

  4. I can SOO relate to this post. But I have to say you look beautiful in both collages, you have it right, no matter what has changed and what the reasons are, you ultimately do have to do it for yourself.

  5. Wow…I’m sure so many women can relate! I certainly can. I am the biggest I have ever been! I used to be so healthy! I played sports, and was so active. In the past 2-3 years I can’t even do much without being completely exhausted or my knees hurting. It really makes me sick, but I can’t seem to get myself motivated! I’m very excited for you! Good luck and don’t be too hard on yourself if you fall back. It’s not if you will fall, it is how you pick yourself back up after you fall! God bless!

  6. I completely agree with your post. It is really motivating once you make the decision to start to keep your motivation going strong by checking out the size you want to get back too!

  7. You look just beautiful! Really! See, the difference now is that you look like a housewife and mother. Where as before you looked like a free and single girl. I don’t see where you need to lose any weight, but you have to do what’s comfortable for you. Good Luck!

  8. You look great. When I look at my pics from a few years ago, I feel the same way though. Being a stay at home mother does not help in my weight loss. I need to pull out the photos and hang them up for my motivation!!

  9. First off you look great either way. Secondly what an inspiring post! I should look at my old photos and use that as motivation like you did. Way to go!

  10. It’s so nice to know that other women feel the same way that I do! Thanks for this post. Always makes me feel better to know I am not alone!

  11. I think you look beautiful in all the photos. I loved the post. It is so hard sometimes to keep your mind set on losing weight, but once you do, it is a great feeling!

  12. What a great idea for inspiring positive change! I just had a look at a few pics of me a few years ago and realized I have really let my self go in terms of hair and dress – I have gotten so sloppy about it all. I have ot get back on track!

  13. You look great in all those photos. I think we all have this problem when it comes to losing weight. How did we get that way? Its not difficult if you are not active. I have gained weight myself and am trying to lose but its not the easiest thing to do. Easy to put it on but hard to take if off. Easy does it and one day at a time. I have lost a few pounds since I started but have more to go yet. I think having a photo around of what you want to look like and a weight loss goal to meet, it helps. Good luck in reaching your goal.

  14. Looking at old photos of oneself to find inspiration or motivation to loss weight is a great idea. Thank you for sharing this post.

  15. It’s odd looking at old photos.I weigh less now than I ever have. The thing that gets me is the gray hair and aging skin.