Fellowes P-12C Shredder Review #IDSafetySeason

I received a Fellowes P-12C for purposes of evaluation. Some information and photos have been provided by Fellowes. Opinions expressed are solely my own.

Fellowes P-12CI never want to ever become a victim of fraud. I’ve heard of several horror stories from people who have been victims in the past and one thing most of them would advise is to keep your personally identifiable information safe from prying eyes. According to Javelin Strategy & Research, there was one incident of ID fraud every three seconds in 2012. In fact, when a major retailer announced last month that their system was hacked, I got really nervous because we regularly shop there. Good thing we weren’t one of the people that were affected by that incident and I’m glad they offered free credit monitoring to those that were.

Sometimes, people that steal other people’s information can do so by hacking or by other means that we can’t control. But I think there are simple ways for us to make our information a bit more challenging to collect — like maybe changing our online passwords regularly and making sure it’s a secure one, and by shredding paper that contains any information that these bad guys can use.

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Now, Fellowes, the leader in shredders, offers an extensive range of shredders for anyone with any bit of information that needs to be protected. And I received the Fellowes P-12C Shredder so I can try it out for myself. It’s perfect for finance-savvy moms and paper-ridden college students because of the P-12C’s slim profile design and innovative technologies. It’s a great choice for at-home and dorm room use.

With the Fellowes P-12C, you can shred regular paper as well as credit cards, paper clips, staples and junk mail. It has a SafeSense® technology which automatically disables the shredder when hands touch the paper opening.

Now as I used this shredder, I found that the SafeSense can both be a pro and a con. I love that it keeps my son’s fingers safe because it stops when it senses skin, but it can sometimes be too sensitive that it stops for too long when I load another set of papers to shred. Still, I think it’s better to be safe even if it would take a longer time to shred a stack of papers.

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The Fellowes P-12C also has Cross-Cut blades that destroy 12 sheets of paper into approximately 309 particles per sheet, making it extremely difficult to reassemble. You can probably even use it if you need some confetti for a party or something!

All in all I think the Fellowes P-12C Shredder is a pretty decent machine. It’s enough for home or dorm use. We also have a Fellowes heavy-duty shredder and I love that too so I guess Fellowes really does manufacture quality shredders.

BUY IT! The P-12C can be purchased at Walmart Stores nationwide and at Walmart.com for a suggested retail price of $99.97.


How do you keep your information safe? Have you been a victim of fraud?


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Fellowes P-12C Shredder Review #IDSafetySeason — 19 Comments

  1. WE use a Fellowes shredder at work each day . It always works each time I need it. A real workhorse.

  2. Brilliant idea, I am always shredding papers by hand before putting them in the recycling.This would save a lot of time and trouble.Thank you 🙂

  3. I would be lost without our paper shredder. I use the shredded paper on the vegetable garden as a mulch. After I spread it over top I give it a good watering and it stays put and keeps the weeds down.

  4. We used a cross cut shredder with safety features at the hospital. I have a cross cut shredder at home now. Happy New Year from Oklahoma, USA. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  5. Very good review!!! I love the feature that it stops when it senses skin!!! The safety is very important!!!

  6. I have an Aurora shredder and it is pretty good. Based on your review I would purchase this one when mine dies, I like the safety feature on it.

  7. I’ve been wanting to get one of these for awhile. Tearing mail into 6 or 8 squares does’t help much if the personal info is still in tact in one of the squares! Thanks for the review

  8. OOOOH! We need a new shredder so bad due to our other one conking out on us! This one seems perfect cause of it’s size and great review!

  9. Thanks for your review I have been looking for a new paper shredder, mine is broken and my papers are piling up.

  10. I think all homes and business should have a shredder, We have a fellowes shredder here cross cuts and I shred a lot of information in it with our name and address, Fellowes makes wonderful products. I like that it fits in the corner of our den and is easily accessible. Thank you for sharing this review

  11. Everybody should have a shredder. We had a neighbor that worked in security. She said anything with a bar code on it should be shredded.

  12. I would love to get a shredder. We are starting to clean out our home of old papers and it would be helpful to just be able to shred them! Thanks for the review.