Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Super Adventure DVD Review

I received a copy of the “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Super Adventure” DVD for purposes of evaluation. Thoughts are my own.

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Zoom! Wow! It’s Super Mickey, Wonder Minnie, Super-Power Pup, Super Goof, Dynamo Duck and Upsy-Daisy to the rescue! In an exciting adventure straight out of a comic book, Power-Pants Pete swoops down and starts shrinking everything insight down to teeny-tiny size!

To save the day, Professor Von Drake transforms the Clubhouse Gang into super heroes with incredible powers. But Pete’s merely a sidekick; a wily villain named Megamort is the true mastermind behind theshrinky-dinky caper. Can our heroes outsmart the bad guys? Only by working together, with help from YOU… and the right Mouseketools!

Packed with action, surprises and nearly two hours of fun – including three additional episodes – this Super Adventure celebrates the unstoppable power of teamwork and friendship.

I remember the first time my son danced — not just the usual bending of the knees but one that involves some hand movements too. It was to the tune of the Hotdog song. My son loved the Hotdog song so much that I saved the mp3 and video file on my phone so we can play it whenever he’s not in a good mood. Mickey Mouse and his friends somehow has that positive effect on my son so it isn’t a surprise he’s such a fan of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and bugged me to watch the DVD even though it was already late (9pm!!!!).

In Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Super Adventure, Mickey and the gang are transformed into superheroes with super powers that help them save their town(?) from getting shrunk by Megamort’s weapons. The Sensational Six find that they can only really defeat Megamort by working together as their powers complement each other.


BUY IT! Look out for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Super Adventure DVDs at your nearest retailer! It’s also available on Amazon.com.

Aside from the “Super Adventure” Full-Length Feature, the DVD also includes bonus episodes (Aye, Aye, Captain Mickey!, Mickey’s Mousekersize!, and Mickey’s Little Parade). The DVD also  includes free exclusive, collectible Mickey and Friends trading cards with one lenticular card!

And don’t forget! You can download and print out these Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Super Adventure Activity Sheets!

Mickey Mouse

We love Mickey Mouse!


Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Super Adventure DVD Review — 44 Comments

  1. My twins love everything Micky Mouse, so I will be looking out for this dvd to give to them. I really love that its super heroes.

  2. My son would love this movie! He adores Mickey Mouse! Thanks for the review! Happy Holidays! 🙂

  3. My grandson does not yet understand Disney, but we will be taking him to WDW once he turns 4. This owuld be a great introduction for him!

  4. My kiddo loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I have this episode in my DVR and have no plans to buy it. It was cute enough, but I’ve think they’re done better special episodes. I don’t know how Disney can charge so much for just one 1-hour episode.

  5. While my kids are too old now… my nephew LOVES mickey mouse clubhouse! You may have just inspired a last minute gift for me to pick up for him… granted he doesn’t already have it or his mommy didn’t already get it 😉

  6. Thanks for sharing this. I have a 2 year old Grandson that absolutely loves Mickey Mouse!

  7. We were in Orlando this year but did not take my daughter because my husband said she was too young and there would be nothing for her to do.

  8. Thank you for your review. My son would love to watch this movie. He loves Mickey Mouse.

  9. This brings back memories. We used to watch the Mickey mouse club back when Annette Funacello was a mousecateer Yes, I know I’m getting old. LOL

  10. We live Mickey Mouse, I’m glad they continue to make such entertaining Disney shows 🙂

  11. My daughter LOVES this show! This DVD seems like it does not disappoint the little ones. She loves the hotdog song as well, and the “Oh Tootles!”, since we have a dog that I call “doodles”, she thinks it’s adorable. I usually am not a fan of watching the cartoons with my kids, but the first time I watched this show, it’s just so cute! I love how it can be interactive as well. Thank you for the link to the activity sheet! Printing now! 🙂

  12. My kids love Mickey Mouse! This looks like a really cute dvd. It would make a great birthday gift for my son 🙂

  13. i want to have this for my niece. mickey mouse cartoon is very adorable and cute

  14. This is really cute. I have never heard of this. We are major superhero fans and Mickey fans so this is perfect for our little guy! Can’t wait to check this out!

  15. My great niece has this on every morning, she loves it. Thanks for the review

  16. This has always been a favorite with the kids I babysit and we could sing the Hot Dog song all day. Whomever came up with that is a genius

  17. Thanks so very much for the Terrific Review on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Super Adventure DVD Review! My Grand Kids Absolutely love to watch Mickey on TV! My Grandson loved the Hot Dog Song as well! And, he always liked called Oh TOOOOODLES! I’m sure that both of the kids would love this movie! Mickey Mouse has been a favorite of kids what seems like forever! I know that they would love this movie because I know that my Grandson is really into Super Heroes these days and seeing Mickey, Minnie and the others as Super Heroes, he will be thrilled! Thanks so very much for the terrific review and the information on the DVD which you shared with all of us! I really honestly do appreciate it! Thanks again! Michele 🙂
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