How To Enjoy Cotton Candy At Home

Disclosure: I received a Waring Pro Cotton Candy Maker for evaluation purposes. Thoughts are my own.

Can you still remember the times you and your family or friends went to fairs or carnivals when you were younger? I definitely can! And I remember loving how there’s such a huge variety of snacks that are available around. But of all the different types of food there, two are my favorite — cotton candy and shawarma.

Now whenever I’m craving for it, I just turn on my Waring Pro Cotton Candy Maker and spin myself some threads of colorful cotton candy.

Waring Pro Cotton Candy Maker

The Waring Pro Cotton Candy Maker package includes a motor base, a bowl, a floss head (where you put the sugar), a BPA-free translucent splashguard, and the cone holders on the side. It also comes with 2 BPA-free reusable cones and 6 paper cones.

You can actually just use regular sugar and food color, but since I wanted to feel like it really came from a carnival, I bought some cotton candy powder on So I made my cotton candy by simply doing the following:

1. Turn on the Waring Pro Cotton Candy Maker and just let it heat up for about 10-15 minutes, then turn it off.

2. Pour 1 tablespoon of cotton candy powder (or sugar) into the floss head and power the unit on again.

3. Tada! Use the cone to gather all the cotton candy forming on the bowl.

4. Enjoy!

Waring Pro Cotton Candy Maker 2

The only thing that took a long time was the heating of the unit, but everything else just took a couple of seconds! And one tablespoon of cotton candy powder can already produce a lot!

As you can see in the first photo above, some sugar will form on the upper part of the bowl. No need to worry though because the bowl detaches very easily from the motor unit so you can clean it.

Overall, I think this is an awesome product to own. Adults and kids alike will love that they can enjoy some cotton candy at home even when there isn’t any fair around.

BUY IT! The Waring Pro Cotton Candy Maker may be purchased at their online store for only $49.95. It’s also available on and several online and gourmet retail stores.


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How To Enjoy Cotton Candy At Home — 15 Comments

  1. I think the best thing about Carnivals and Fairs was the food :0.I can’t get over how vibrant the pink looks in your pictures. Awesome. My daughter always wanted the cotton candy whenever we hit these carnivals or fairs. Now her and my grandkids can have their own. 🙂 Thanks for the post.
    Carol L

  2. I have actually made cotton candy before. A friend of mine wanted to make cotton candy for a party she was throwing so she rented a machine just like a Waring Pro Cotton Candy Maker that you have pictured above. We made a lot of candy and we ate a lot of candy, and we had a great time doing it. Thank you for sharing this review.