How To Set Up Your Family’s Social Network With Hapimomi

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They say a mother’s work is never done, and I agree. I feel like I never run out of things to do especially with a kid who loves throwing his toys around the house. And even though I only do the laundry for 2 and a half people (me, my husband and the 2 year old), I still find myself needing to hang out with the washer and dryer every few days. With all these household chores coupled with the task of taking care of a toddler and blogging responsibilities, I am in such need of something to help me organize and manage everything.

Then I found out about Hapimomi. To be honest, I don’t really like having so many apps on my phone and I initially felt like Hapimomi may be “just another app”. I was so wrong.

Hapimomi is an all-in-one free app which keeps your family running, giving you everyday peace of mind. How exactly?

Hapimomi 2

Hapimomi has so many features including a calendar, a to-do list, a shopping list organized by store, a diary, a contact list and a “wall”. Of these things, I think I can use the to-do list, calendar and the shopping list the most! And it even has a feature that lets you build your own social network within the family so that you can share and remind each other of tasks that need to be done.


How to set up your own family’s social network

Hapimomi is all about mom (or dad), as the Head of Household, setting up family members.

Step 1: Download the Hapimomi app and fill out the info. You can download the app on iTunes. Unfortunately, it isn’t available on the Google Play Store yet.

Step 2: Invite family members using the handy “Hapi” navigation wheel. Just tap to Settings>Members>+ button. If you include email addresses in the family member profiles, then an email and password will be sent to that member. No email address is needed for younger kids that don’t have their own smartphone yet.

Step 3: Ask each family member to download and log in using the credentials in the email sent to them. Now you and your family members are automatically connected! Everything can be shared with family or one-on-one.

I love Hapimomi! Isn’t it nice when we discover things that make our lives so much easier?

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  1. This is awesome!! I jave been wanting to know how to do this. Thanks for sharing, It was very helpful!!!

  2. It’s seems to be awesome! Unfortunately, I’m the only one gadged-tech addicted in my family, and, no matter how many times I’ve tried to help (and force) them use, they don’t pay attention =(

  3. Thanks for the Fantastic Review of How To Set Up Your Family’s Social Network With Hapimomi! This App sounds like a really great one to have! It seems to do an awful lot of things! It’s great when all you need is your phone to be able to access your grocery list, to do list, contact personal friends and family via phone or email, etc. Thanks for the fantastic review and all the information on Hapimomi App that you have shared with all of us! I honestly do appreciate it! Thanks again, Michele 🙂
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