Naturepedic 2-in-1 Organic Crib Mattress Review

I received a 2-in-1 Organic Crib Mattress from Naturepedic for evaluation purposes. No other compensation was received. Thoughts are my own.

We recently bought a car bed for my 2 year old. My husband and I were so excited about it because we’ve always wanted that kind of bed for our little one. Thinking that all crib mattresses are the same no matter what the brand, we opted for a cheap one at the store. We had just bought a new queen size mattress for ourselves so we didn’t want to spend even more on a mattress! After we assembled the bed, we took the crib mattress out of its plastic, put the sheets on it and took pictures of our finished work. We were so excited and happy about our purchase.

Until I tried to lay on the bed. The crib mattress felt weird. Like when I put my weight on one side, the other side puffed up. It was weird because I didn’t feel like it was supporting the weight all that well. So I’m just really thankful to Naturepedic for giving me the opportunity to try their 2-in-1 Organic Crib Mattress.

Because unlike our cheap crib mattress, Naturepedic’s crib mattress felt very consistent in supporting one’s weight.

Naturepedic provides concerned parents with non-toxic and organic mattresses and bedding products, changing pads, mattress pads, and other bedding accessories that are designed to eliminate harmful chemicals and provide a healthy sleep environment. I think it’s amazing that their products are natural and non-toxic. Not only am I making sure that my son sleeps on a mattress that feels very comfortable, I am also making sure that he’s safe from any harmful chemicals.

The one I received — the 2-in-1 Organic Crib Mattress — gives you the best of both worlds. It has a waterproof side for kids who may not be potty trained yet and a quilted side for kids who no longer have “accidents” at night.

Naturepedic 2-in-1 Organic Crib Mattress 1

On the images above is the waterproof side. And the images below are of the quilted non-waterproof side.

Naturepedic 2-in-1 Organic Crib Mattress 2

I decided to use the waterproof side for now because my son isn’t fully potty trained yet. As you can see in the photos below, the 2-in-1 Organic Crib Mattress fits perfectly in the fitted sheets that we bought at the store. This means you don’t have to worry about purchasing another set of beddings.

Naturepedic 2-in-1 Organic Crib Mattress 4

Unlike the cheap crib mattress we bought before, Naturepedic’s crib mattress looks and feels a hundred times better. It’s something I know will last a long time and is therefore worth every penny for anyone who buys it.


BUY IT! The 2-in-1 Organic Crib Mattress is available for purchase at

This specific crib mattress retails for $399. Naturepedic’s crib mattresses range from $259 to $399 depending on the material and style. They also have mattresses and beddings for bigger kids and adults.


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Naturepedic 2-in-1 Organic Crib Mattress 3

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Naturepedic 2-in-1 Organic Crib Mattress Review — 60 Comments

  1. What a great product for babies, especially newborns. There’s nothing better than natural, and it sounds like it’s spot on with construction. Thanks for the review!

  2. This mattress looks amazing, I am starting to shop around for a “big girl bed” for my two year old. I like that their mattresses are organic.

  3. I read that up to 10% of miscarriages are due to everyday toxins we use and breathe. Thats a pretty high percentage! I have started going green and replacing everything, I havent been able to buy a organic mattress tho, I really wish I had the funds for that! For now Ill have a organic topper until I can afford the mattress! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Knowing all the health risks what goes into a mattress its pretty frightening. Thinking about little kids and what they breath, i would love to have organic mattress to our new addition to the family =)

  5. These crib mattress’s look amazing. I’m expecting a baby baby early next year, and even though we have the crib ordered, we having ordered the mattress yet. This is something to really consider. I thank you for introducing me to this product, and having this super awesome giveaway.

  6. I would love to win this for my baby girl who is due in Feb. I love how the mattresses are non-toxic and organic. I find it so sad that we have to worry about so many toxins in our food, beauty products, and even in our babies’ mattresses. Great review! Thanks!

  7. I love that these are great for people with allergies too. No harmful materials means safe sleep. You don’t really think of things like this all the time and it’s nice to go to a blog and see a review of a product you would love to get.

  8. I love that this mattress is organic! I also like how it supports body weight evenly.. baby will stay right where we put her!! Like your babies matress.. ours is also cheaply made and air puffs up one side when we lay her down on the other. BTW, i really love your child’s room.. super cute ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. i am so glad this is all natural mzttress im expecting my first grandbaby next year which we cant wait and this would be a wonderful crib mattress thsnks for your reveiw

  10. I think it’s a great feature to have a waterproof side for infants and a quilted side for potty-trained toddlers. Very practical. And the fact that the mattress is organic is a must for any mattress…especially for my new baby. Thanks!

  11. Absolutely love this giveaway. This looks like a quality mattress that would be perfect for this transition time as our 17 month old son just went from crib to toddler bed.

  12. Wish they had these when my boys were babies! They now have babies of their own! ๐Ÿ™ But I would love to have one for my new great niece who just turned a year old!

  13. I know there are a LOT of chemicals that outgas from mattresses and so important to get a natural and safe mattress. Babies spend SO much time sleeping the first year. After reading about these I’d put child safety “gear” like this right up there with safe car seats!

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