Enter Hyland’s Halloween and Fall Celebration Photo Contest!


To celebrate the change of seasons Hyland’s is hosting a fun photo contest October 30 through November 6 where you can submit a captivating photo that celebrates Halloween and/or the fall season!

I’m pretty sure you got lots of awesome photos of you and/or your kids having so much fun during Halloween so might as well submit it for a chance to win! Ideas for photos include a photo of your kids in Halloween costumes, of something unique to fall in an artistic way, or of a fun activity like pumpkin carving.

Feel free to get creative with your photos! However, if you choose to include people/children in your photo, you must be their legal guardian. HEAD OVER TO HYLAND’s FACEBOOK PAGE TO PARTICIPATE! 

Hyland’s will choose 3 winners!

It will be based on creativity and allure of the photo, adherence to the fall/Halloween theme and creating a fun and descriptive caption. Hyland’s will feature a variety of the photos on the Hyland’s Community Page to celebrate the season. Each winner will receive a $50 VISA Gift Card and a mixed basket of products:

  • Hyland’s Baby Vitamin C Tablets
  • Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablets
  • Hyland’s Baby Cough Syrup
  • Hyland’s 4 Kids Cold ‘n Cough
  • Hyland’s 4 Kids Sniffles ‘n Sneezes
  • Hyland’s 4 Kids Calm ‘n Restful
  • Hyland’s PMS
  • Hyland’s Skin Therapy Ointment
  • Hyland’s Complete Flu Care

Each prize is worth more than $130 dollars! ENTER NOW!


Disclosure: I am a Hyland’s Homeopathy Ambassador and receive various products and gift cards from Hyland’s and promotional partners at no cost to me. All views and opinions expressed on this blog post and corresponding social network mentions are my own and are not to be interpreted as medical advice.

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